Destruction dream meanings

In general:

It depends on the circumstances in the dream, whether the destruction points to major changes in the life of the dreamer or a trauma that he has self-inflicted. If the dreamer destroyed somehow himself in dream, then this dream means, that he must control himself. If the dreamer sees destruction of another person in a dream, then perhaps the dreamer feels powerless in the face of change.


It is possible that the dreamer is aware that he builds emotional energy with which he can deal only if he destroys the old settings and attitudes.


In the dream can be expressed destructive fanaticism and anarchy (the need to destroy an old order).


– To destroy something in dream: it is a very unfavorable omen and depend on value of destroyed thing.

– To see destruction in dream: you will find a new happiness.

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  1. A ghost was chasing after me to kill me and all I could do was continue to try and commit suicide before this ghost got a hold of me and did worse. And the word annihilate kept popping up in the dream.