Devour dream meanings

General Meanings:

Fear and passion When you dream of food or you eat something, then you deal with the fear of losing your identity. The dreamer devours the food with a passion, then he has overwhelming feelings and desires, that he can not control in his real life.

Psychological Meanings:

Satisfaction of needs When the dreamer devours something, then the dreamer has to think about how he can better to ensure the satisfaction of his needs in the future.

Spiritual Meanings:

On a spiritual level, devour in the dream is interpreted as a process in which evil clarifies or transforms into good will. Kali, the most terrifying goddess, wife of Shiva. She is typically depicted as black, naked, old, and hideous creature. She is a guardian of the cemetery and this symbolizes the other devouring divinity – to be devoured by eating. Devour is the way to come back to the origin.

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