Diadem dream meanings

General Meanings:

Diadem may represent exaggerated pursuit for recognition, distinction and honor which make you ridiculous. Sometimes diadem shows up as a symbol of consciousness and mind, the importance can be explain only from the individual life circumstances. The diadem is a recognition of the power of the female and shows the ability to use mental or intellectual ability to get a dominant position.

Psychological Meanings:

Magic and influence The diadem brings you a magical feeling or something wonderful, and this may represent something magic and unknown in your life. In the dream you wear diadem proudly then this dream confirms that a strong self-awareness and self-confidence may gives you an ability to influence other people.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual level is the diadem symbolizes the Queen of Heaven and through its circular shape represents the greater whole.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Reward if see diadem – In a dream you see a diadem, then this dream indicates that you desire for recognition in your life and you will get this but after lots of efforts;
  • Award if fit diadem – The diadem fits you in the dream, then you may expect that you will be awarded for your hard work or help;
  • Joy if put diadem to another – When you put a diadem on somebody’s head, then this announces that you will have much joy and satisfaction;
  • Insult if lose diadem – You have lost your diadem in the dream, then this dream signifies that you will be offended by close friend;
  • Need of eminence if see many diadems – In the dream you see lots of diadems, then this dream indicates that you long for glory and greatness.
  • Wrong aims if wear diadem – When a young girl dreams of wearing a diadem, this is a warning that your ambitions are unattainable, you have chosen the wrong aim.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Humiliation if carry diadem – To carry diadem on your head in a dream then this dream marks that you you will be humiliated by your arrogance.

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