Dice (Cube) dream meanings

In general:

To dream that you play with dice means that in awaking life you play with fate or to perceive opportunities in life, previously necessarily careful should be reconsidered. Dice (or cubes) by old dream book announces bright future full of happiness.


The dice has a square shape and is therefore, understood as the square itself, as a whole symbol. The number four, for the shape of the square plays a role, depicts the female power in man, which he often is not aware of. The dice (cube) is a spatially extended square. Thus, the properties of the square in the dice are extended even more dynamic, because he has to do with the game, with the uncertainty of how the dice (destiny) will fall. This case is important, what number was thrown. If in a dream other person roll dice than the dreamer, then he puts his fate in the hands of others and is therefore forced to align his life according to their specifications.


A dice represents a special opportunity in the spiritual level. But this opportunity can be irrevocable.


– To throw or to see how someone else throwing: the happiness will show to you its temper; Also: you will have financial loss through a false, clumsy tactics;
– To see dice: you will be jealous to the happiness of others.

– To participate in a dice game: a sure sign of a reversal of fortune.

– To see: stay away from bad company, you live in rigidly ordered conditions;
– To have dice in hand or in pocket: you’ll make your fortune soon;
– To play with it: bad time, inflation;
– To win in dice game: hostility, disputes.


The dice game means, that someone have quarreling about money. Winning in dice game always brings happiness. Dreams of a sick man, that he played with dice (or stones) or he sees someone else is playing, so this is a bad sign, especially if he loses himself, because the loser is always a minority of eyes behind. To see a child playing with dice, mean no harm.

* Please, see also house, cube, square, numbers and relevant number.

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  1. Picking up dice every five feet from a blood bank to my parents house the dice are different colors evertime i picked the jext one up inefer black on many different numbers but six

  2. I had a dream where I received a necklace with a pair of small dice at the end. Getting a necklace means I’m going to have a loving husband and good house, but what kind of husband will he be if it had dice at the end? A random man? My friend’s necklace had a honeycomb at the end of it.

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