Dinner dream meanings

Psychological Meanings:

Need for strong relation Always returning dreams of a typical dinner scene with a loved partner (refined atmosphere, candlelight etc) often expresses the wish for a strong relations and getting married (and having a family). You want to be sure and to come back to harmonious, stimulating home. The opposite dream of the dinner: unfriendly faces, icy silence at the table and only listless to pick of food.

Too tired and exhausted The dreamer is often overwhelmed and expected too much for family expectations, he should constantly “work”, he has no free space within the relationship, etc. – “the appetite has gone” in family life, he is tired and “full enough”.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Luck is everywhere if having dinner – In the dream you are having dinner, this will bring you good news, news of a birth. Also this shows that the luck stands during the other day. Satisfactory completion of a matter and affairs that you do.

* Please, see meaning of supper, eating.

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