Dinosaur dream meanings


Imagination, the power of size.


Which part of me wants to be bigger?

General Meanings:

Prehistoric monsters and creatures such as dinosaurs in dreams mark fear and fright. The dreamer wants to provide clarity for his own existing anxiety and how this may effect him.

Psychological Meanings:

Hidden skills The dreamer has to connect to an archetypal or an unknown part of himself which may help him to see or to find what is hidden deeply. Considering the fact that the dinosaurs are extinct and the people today encounter, especially in the form of fossils, this explains that some parts of personality are petrified and are not used.

Spiritual Meanings:

Every person carries within himself a chaotic past, which makes up a huge part of his life. This is the progress to spiritual development and the dreamer has to understand that he can not effect or to act on the past.

* Please, see meaning of dragon.

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2 responses

  1. I had a dream Godzilla was nearing my city so everyone ran and prepared In building under ground some how he not only saw us but become smaller and came through a large window because metal shutters didn’t come down he attacked but he didn’t get me.can someone please explain this to me

  2. I had this dram last night that seemed to last for days, at first I was on a floating Island inhabited by dinosaurs we were they a few day and the ppl I was with I’d never seen or met before, after about 3 day that night the island started to fall and landed in a army base and all I could do is run I found somewhere to hide out for a while and lived in this hotel for about a week or so after that they got in and we as in me and other hiders had to find somewhere where not to be eaten, after another week or so I found my boyfriend who was ATM been stalked by a t-Rex after getting away we ended up in a manor house still dinosaurs got to us and we fled after about 2 more day the sun seemed to stop showing and when we looked up all we saw were dots upon millions of dots moving and getting bigger and closer as they got in sight they were terradactals but not just your adcerage ones but (aliens) acid ones by the way I have not seen any horror films, then after fleeing another acid dino and another and another and them woke up eyes wide open and 05.25am I did not sleep after that. Any ideas or am I just a little weird lol