Diving into water dream meanings

Meanings of diving into water in dreambooks:

  • Desire of renewal if dive into water – Diving into water shows the need to express or to renew strengths or inner power, and a desire to return to the origin of your own. Spiritual meaning
  • Desire to find yourself if dive really deep – Diving deep and going down into the water, this dream means that you are going down deep into the unconscious mind because you desire to rediscover the parts of self that were suppressed. Spiritual meaning
  • Worries if dive – If the dreamer dived into the water in the dream, then he will face unexpected severity in his waking life. Man’s dreambook: Dream interpretations of water for men in Man’s Dream Book
  • The symbolical part of dreaming about diving in the water has one meaning – misfortune. Nobleman dreambook: Dreaming about water interpretation by N. Grishin

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