Dock (quay, wharf) dream meanings

To dream that you are on the docks (quay or wharf) in the harbor, symbolizes the finalization of your journey throughout worried and troubled period of your life. To be on the docks in the dream also is a symbol of successfully finished work. Are you finally reached your destination? Have you lost all of the reasons to have bad emotions? Alternatively, dream announces that very soon you will be behind some tough times and feelings. To see person from you life on the docks, means that this person finally is in good shape and condition. To dream about a ship or a wreckage on the docks is unfortunate sign. This is a symbol of huge disadvantage in your proceedings. Alternatively, it shows possible financial damages. There is a good thing in this dream – it gives you a warning. It suggests for you to act quickly, if you want to avoid big loses.

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