Doctor dream meanings


Work on the cure.


Which part of me is prepared to be healed and unhurt?

General Meanings:

Healing The doctor’s presences is linked together with the diagnosis of our soul. There is something in us that must be cured. The soul with its healing properties wants to influence the consciousness and help to remove pathogenic causes of conflict.

A healer of body and soul The doctor in the dream indicates that the dreamer should turn in health matters to a higher authority. Doctor can play as a healer of body and soul. The doctor can also be perhaps as a benevolent father, teacher or adviser from which you may get concrete and specific recommendations for life.

Hope of help and knowledge It is also expresses the hope of help in a difficult and on a good situation for successful outcome. You see yourself as a doctor, you will gain more self-knowledge and better understanding in solving problems. Sometimes the doctor appears as a menacing figure, what often shows exaggerated fear of disease (hypochondria), rarely indicates a still unidentified disease.

Psychological Meanings:

Indication or warning before disease In the dream, the doctor is a very important symbolic figure: He indicates that a mental balance or a psychological function of the dreamer is threatened or is fallen ill. The doctor can often point to the dreamer which problem must be solved. Sometimes he also appears only as a warning. However, from experience you know that the doctor already signals in the dream before outbreak of the real disease or the psychological conflicts.

  •  The dreamer himself a doctor, this is a sign to the fact that he wishes the qualities and  characteristic of this occupation, namely authority, knowledge and dominion over life and death. To interpret this dream correctly we need to include the specialization of the doctor.
  • A surgeon indicates that the dreamer wants to cut out something from his life.
  • A practical doctor directs the attention to the dreamer’s general condition.
  • A psychiatrist symbolizes the need to concern and deal himself with the mental or emotional state.
  • The doctor is a person who the dreamer knows, then perhaps he embodies an important authority figure.

Spiritual Meanings:

A doctor in the dream indicates that the dreamer finds an access to his inner healer. It symbolizes not only the self healing, but also he can take the role of an adviser, a father, a leader or model to follow.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Illness if search for one because of disease – The dream signifies about the disease in the near future and differences between family members;
  • Disease and fear of it if see getting healthy – This is an bad omen for upcoming ailments. Also contains a warning before an exaggerated fear of a disease and can indicate an illness that requires treatment;
  • Recovery if as a patient (or sick) – The dream denotes that you can hope for recovery after bad times or illness;
  • Fulfillment of hopes if speaking as a healthy – In the dream you speak as a healthy person announces you that your old hopes will be fulfilled, but you should pay more attention to your health;
  • Recovery if speaking as a patient (or sick) – This is a hope that your disease can be cured and you will recover;
  • Marriage if treat – When you see someone who treats an injured person in your dream brings marriage of someone from your family or friends;
  • Damage if see an incision without running blood – The bad man is tortured you, he will destroy all your plans;
  • Losses if see a doctor makes an incision and runs blood – This dream shows that you will lose a lot of money in a financial transaction;
  • Success If see yourself such – Your effort to achieve greater profits and to improve the situation in financial terms will be crowned with success. This also shows a desire for better social position and you will reach this;
  • Welfare if meet at a social occasion – The dream announces you well-being, because you are not obligated to spend money for his services;
  • Warning if a young woman sees – In the dream a young woman sees the doctor warns that the man who intends to marry her can deceive her.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Regret if see with a doctor – You will regret for what you have done, whether it is good or bad;
  • Correct way if talk with one – The dream shows that you will find the right way again and everything will go only to good.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Remorse if see – In the dream you see a doctor, because of your unsettled conduct and volatile life change it will cause remorse;
  • Fulfillment of wishes if talk with a doctor – When you are talking with a doctor in your dream means that hopes will come true;
  • Health and disease if you are operated by a doctor – You are operated in the dream, for sick men announces fast recovery, for healthy – disease;
  • Solving the problems if refuse the medical care – This dream points to wrong friends. Bad advice which they gave you or difficultly problems they made will be solved.

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