Dolphin dream meanings


Natural intelligence, transcendent wisdom, compassion, ease of playing.


Which part of me is influenced by divine wisdom?

General Meanings:

Wisdom, joy and unknown part of personality Dolphins at the same time are seafarers savior and leader, because they have special knowledge and a special kind of awareness. The dolphin, stands as a symbol for our depths of the unconscious which represent the hidden side of personality that we have to realize. The friendly and playful dolphin indicates a happy and enjoyable time. To swim with a dolphin in the underwater world, this dream gives you an ability to know a lot about your spiritual life.

Psychological Meanings:

At the psychological level a dolphin represents the playful side of the personality but also pays attention to the deceiver that the dreamer has to be aware. The dreamer swims with dolphins, then this dream marks the dreamer’s natural instincts.

Spiritual Meanings:

A dolphin symbolizes spiritual sensitivity and security.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Reaching goals if see a dolphin – The dream of dolphin may be a sign that you are free for choices and decisions in your life. You are wise person and move toward your goals.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Success if see a dolphin – Generally to see a dolphin in a dream stands as a symbol of good luck and satisfaction of life;
  • Loss of love if see dead dolphin – In the dream to see a dead dolphin, then this dream indicates that you will loose a loved person or really good fellow.

* Please, see meaning of whale.

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8 responses

  1. I dreamt about a Dolphin in a small deep pond . In my dream.”, I thought about the water was being contaminated by a red tide or poison. When I emptied the water , I saw the Dolphin dead and laying on his back . What does it mean by this?

  2. I had a dream sleeping with a doplphin and the dolphin was mine but I was very uncomfortable sleeping with it .
    It was sleeping on my chest when I tried changing the position the dolphin didn’t want to move …
    I’m really concerned about the dream
    Please help

  3. I had a dream last night that I was kinda looking down on the ocean and saw the dolphins jumping in and out of the water . Later on I was playing and kissing the dolphins with my brother there was three of them and then all of a sudden they turned mean and wanted to hurt my brother and I . We killed the dolphins . And then everything else was a blur .

  4. I had a dream of two purple kind of glittery Dolphins coming down from Sky to my backyard noses first and I woke suddenly just as their noses tipped the back garden. This dream was a year ago but I can still see it when I close my eyes.

  5. I had this really weird dream that I was running away from a dolphin who was out of water and saw it kill someone quite horribly…does that mean anything or is it just a random dream.

  6. i see a dream 2 types of dolphins. 1 which is normal colour blueish the other one colourful dark. The blueish one plays with me. By putting he’s front mouth on my hands by pulling towards me and liking it. It was feeling ticklish. So i was pulling back by stroking it. I later felt weird smell on my hands and mouth. Black greese I spat out. It felt like.i caught it from the dolphins.

  7. what about a dream of dead dolphins? was at like a pool area with lots of people fishing out of this pool and catching diffrent fish i had bow and arrow hook like fishing pole and caught an already dead dolphin.