Doomsday event dream meanings


Fear and hostility.

General Meanings:

Changes in your life or thoughts Doomsday is generally understood as a severe mental shock and often this is a separation from a loved one. Also this may be a sign that all your insights that makes all previous beliefs, values ​​and objectives are now in question.

Also dreaming of doomsday may suggest that a fresh start is very required for you. We need to find new values in your life.

Psychological Meanings:

This dream characterizes our gloom and doom (our mood in life), the fear of life, which require from us too much and disturbs you.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Warning if doomsday event – Dreaming of doomsday event, then this is a dream which often goes as a warning about something;
  • Separation if have doomsday – To experience doomsday in dream, then this dream heralds a confrontation which leads to separation.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • No worries if have doomsday – Doomsday in dream means that you should laugh about your stupidity and not so worry about that because all of us make some stupid things in our lives.

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  1. ive had doomsday dreams before but never like this one. i was standing near ground zero where a nuclear bomb blew up.i could see the explosion take place like it was 15 meters in front of me.i thought, in the dream that it was japan (like the hiroshima or nagasaki bombing), but the buildings around me were tall,compact european-esque style. i was not affected by the explosion at all, but i tried to hide matter where i tried to hide, in alleyways or behind crates or just ran in the opposite direction of the explosion, i was caught within the explosion. my vision turned to thermal-vision after the explosion, and i can see buildings and structures being destroyed and people’s flesh being ripped off them and their bones being turned to dust. i was begging for all of this to stop, then i started feeling my feet burning (like walking on a hot pavement without shoes or slipper), i felt it was my turn to die. then i woke up. i felt so glad it was a nightmare, and nothing more.

  2. I had a horror + doomsday dream which scared me awake. I’m a grown woman and was shocked to be so spooked by a dream like this. It followed me all day like an omen. During the dream I was somewhat aware that this isn’t real yet I couldn’t run away. The demon of some sort that scared me to death was following my every move but it was everywhere. Then it’s like it only knew my existence, everyone else was scared but it was interested in them. Then the sky started raining orange and black (fire?), mountains and gloom was all I saw in the horizon, dark day (almost like eclipse, surreal darkness). I woke up feeling spent and scared. I recently had a bunch traumatic changes in my life, and I’m starting to believe it’s doing more damage to my conscience that I anticipated. I hope to never have that dream again! 🙁

  3. I had a dream my home was slidding into a caved in world or mud slide, couldn’t sense which one. Our home was slidding sideways, I got my mother out and ran upstairs to get my children. The dog was noticed, I had to decided in a sec whether I was going to be able to get them out. I realized I couldn’t, so I just grabbed both of them. Shielding them from the situation by barring their faces into me. They continued to sleep. The last thing I noticed was we were sliding into a hole in the earth. I knew we were dieing. I woke up feeling sad and confused. Can you help me with this.

  4. I dreamt about doomsday… And its the most scary thing… i felt the fear, the emptiness, it was the saddest. A man came and i dont remember how he looks like but his words can be heard by all people cause everyone stopped when he spoke, he said that our world has to live another world if we would accept it… Then the ground moves, when people look down it was a new land, greener than we have now…. It was beautiful…. There was this big green circle made of leaves, it was like a gate…Then it changed to an empty land, people started falling down, some like lose oxygen- i believe these are the people who accepts…. BecAuse they dont fall down, they just stay on the ground, dead, most of them are old people… i dunno why they suddenly lose oxygen and lied there, more people run…. Then next came a huge body of water drowning people until thy die. Then some people survived but then there was heat… It burn people until they die… It was a horrible sight. Then came large birds carrying dead people on their feet… They are not burned… They are just dead bodies…. Then there was a huge light…. A sparkling light….. The birds went there.. Ahhh what a dream…. It felt so real.

  5. I had a strange dream, but i am getting used to them. There were these strange, small black holes in the ground that were orange and black. As they got bigger more people died. In about 10 minutes the whole world was gone, but i didn’t finish it. I always wake up by the time I get to the ending… it’s weird. My whole family was with me and we all kissed and hugged each other. We all held hands and prayed. We wanted to go to some kind of other planet like planet x… but no one was at the rocket to help us. Then I saw another vision that every planet was doing the same thing…. im scared. I’M ONLY 12 YRS OLD

  6. I had a dream that it was night time, the sky was still light and there was a gaseous bubble coming out of it almost looking like a time warp i guess thats the only word that pops up to describe it. The sky started caving in and fire balls were hitting all around, i started freaking out because i had a paper i had drawn up it had 3 3circular figure and 3 circular squiggly lines inbetween the figures…that morning i woke up and on pbs there had been a show on nova talking about the string theory and how it was realated to the big bang theory, i had never seen this show before. This really freaked me out, later a comercial came on about how dreams work, then next came on a show about the human spark…im 18 years old and not until resently ive been thinking about science and astrology in specific i know i sound crazy but i think it may be my calling. But everything that i had seen on tv that morning validated my dream i had even woke up that night and drew what i had saw and a short describtion on what i saw and how i felt, i tryed to show my dad but he just thinks that i am crazy, i know im not though i wouldn’t make any of this up its something that i cannot ignore though and it feels as it was shown to me ment for someone else to see something greater, if there is anyone out there that will listen to me or help me understand what i went through please help me, i dont really know anyone who thinks the way that i do outside the box and im sick of people looking at me like im crazy because i know that im not. I need to find a place where there are people like me. please email me at [email protected] thank you i appreciate any feedback

    • yea last night i had a terrable dream about this event,it wasnt the first time i’ve had these dreams they come to me alot but not all the time and they’re pretty depressing to me,and i knew i wasnt the only one having these a couple of times in these dreams chaos in my home towns,buildings falling,people i know dying the sky having wierd alien like outerspace symbols and changing wierd supernova like colors.the symbols almost look like the crop circle messages that were in sky and the pressure of air growing thin feeling like your heads gonna pop every crumbling around you trying to find loved ones it makes me cry . we really need to get prepared for whats coming its no joke not just physically but spiritually ….. god bless!!! <3

  7. I had a dream that the world would end by large bombings coming from the sky killing all humanity. Iwalro saw a dead alien which i thought that aliens are coming to invade us thats why theyre here.

  8. I had a dream that the world would end on March 27th. Since that dream, I have had more specific dreams following up my previous ones, about the cataclysmic events of that date. Honestly, I am scared of these dreams. But as time has progressed, I started dreaming about events relevant to MY potential death, not doomsday. I have sporadic lucid dreams about my own death all the time now. I predicted my sisters own car accident. Can I predict my death? I’m extremely scared, can you please tell me something? Anything would be helpful.