Dowsing dream meanings

In general:

Dreaming of dowsing or forked stick (used in dowsing) stands for subtle symbol of fine tuning reaction.


– Forked stick or dowsing in dream: put you in unexpected powers.

– To see someone is dowsing or to do it by yourself or to have divining rod: a disaster will cause dissatisfaction with the environment.

– To see dowsing in action: you are under good protection;
– To have dowsing rod: it will turn everything at the last moment for the better.

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  1. i was looking for a tresor and i ended at the church,where i saw 2 images one was my great grand father H├ębert telling me to bring a compass where i was going to go to Work(i travel a lot)there was hornes growing true the skin of my hands and falling downe in every direction,and behind the image of my great grand father was this other guy wich seemed to be from a long journey(from the past) Who was laughting loudly ,he looked alike a member of my mothers fammily (Lebouthillier)but he was dressed as a monk and the only monk i know whos name ended by lebouthillier is Pagen Lebouthillier who was a Knight Templar.