Drawings dream meanings

General Meanings:

New creation of life The dream of drawing can represent memories that are conscious again. Sometimes drawing symbolizes and announces new plans and ideas.

Psychological Meanings:

Clear future When we understand what is written or what is represented by others with a drawing then we have an ability to draw further conclusions and prospects of future.

Get rid of bad When the drawing is unclear, so we have to consider whether we do wrong in everyday life, we should clean up or to get rid of this quickly.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Better period if look at drawing – To look at drawing or drawings in your dream, then this means an improvement of the business, also announces upcoming pleasures and satisfaction;
  • Acceptance if see drawing – In the dream you see a drawing then this dream may show that you will be faced with an accomplished fact where you cannot make any changes;
  • Request if get a drawing as gift – You got a drawing as a gift in your dream, then this in your real life you will receive serious requests.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Success if see drawing – To see or to perform a drawing in the dream, this is good sign that you will succeed in challenging work.

* Please, see also meanings of painting in dreams.

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