Dressing dream meanings

Psychological Meanings:

On psychological level, the dressing as the action, represents the desire to look in a certain way, or simply cover the intimate ares, or protect the skin from particular temperature. To see others getting dressed usually symbolizes the need for help and support from those people.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Secrets will be revealed if got undressed – the one who have a dreamed about about getting undressed by somebody else will be understood and known completely;
  • Will handle the others if see others dressing – to dream of seeing others dressing, signifies the luck and ability to find out everything about the others;
  • Will suffer poverty if having difficulty dressing – the one who dreams of getting dressed and struggling, will have negative period of the life, which includes misery and poverty. Alternatively, the dream may indicate the confidence of the dreamer, if he is able to dress on or off, even when he has difficulty doing it;
  • Will be dependent from others if dream of getting late while dressing – the dream suggest to rely only on your own ideas and time, instead of trying to do things in other peoples regulations.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Prepare yourself for troubles if dream of dressing – the dream which includes the dressing, is a bad omen, which warns the dreamer to be aware of unpleasant situations.

* Please, see meaning of undressing, dress.

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  1. ,,,,,,,,,,,when one dream that he or she kill a cow for celebration what is the meaning,also in dream bean a Cavour celebration and putting on a ceremonial dress…………