Drinking dream meanings

To dream that you are drinking water represents energetic vitality, refreshment of strengths, increasing spirituality. You have a purpose and any trouble in your way will be eliminated. Additionally, you are learning from your past and you will find resolution to any future issues. Alternatively, drinking of water suggest for you to care yourself more. To dream that you are drinking alcohol indicates that you are trying to escape from current period of your life. Alternatively, drinking of alcoholic beverages, which are delicious for you in waking life, means that you are seeking illusory and deceitful feeling of happiness, delight, or satisfaction. ButĀ if you are drinking wine, it is often the reflection of the image from our religious culture. Drinking of any wine in the dream has symbolism of a divine power. Also, second meaning of wine is interpreted as induction of external stimuli, but you must dream particular sort or brand of wine. Then it means that you have huge affection to this kind of wines.

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  1. And what would it mean to dream that the love of your life (who was only ever a friend) give you his water to drink and you drank it? He told me I needed water and that I should drink it.