Drug dream meanings


The process of healing and recovering.


What do I want to soften or intensify?

In general:

In General the dream about drugs, indicates the need of help. Maybe the dreamer is seeking some kind of approval or simply is unable to handle things on his own. The one that sees drugs or taking them as a medicine, is unable to control his own life, therefore he takes help, which in a dream are drugs that help him to perform the way he suppose to.
Consider that an unpleasant experience while taking drugs, indicates the fear of the dreamer to lose his mind and control of his life.
Sometimes the dreamer is forced to take drugs in his dreams, therefore such dream would identify unexpected and unpleasant truth the one will have to face.


On the psychological level, the dreamer might try to deny the reality he is in at the moment if he dreams of taking drugs. Alternatively, the dream may be an indication of the process that includes healing and restoring the mind of the dreamer. The dream in which the one is taking drugs, which were supplied by the other person is willing to take the advice from more mature and/or the person who knows the certain subject very well. The tendency to take risks, reflects in dreams which includes the illegal drugs and the one who was taking them or providing it to somebody else.


There are some drugs which brings the dreamer into the state of euphoria. The one faces the truth and real values there are in life. Even in some places out there in the world, people take drugs to experience the state of the being and human;s capability to see things in more colors.


European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Falseness if see others taking drugs – to see other people taking drugs, denotes to unreality and lies the one is surrounded by.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • The need for help if taking drugs – the one who took some kind of drugs, is looking for help or advice. Alternatively, the dream may be an indication of the desire to be more soulful and truthful.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Loss of honor if dream of drugs – the drugs are something illegal, therefore the dream which includes drugs indicates the falseness, disputes and other troubles.

* Please, see meaning of opium, noise.

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  1. What does it mean when you take a drug u never taken in your life…I took or snorted powdered cocaine…I realized I did, but I wasn’t high.?