Dwarf dream meanings


The power from the small one, Unconscious forces, Magic.


Where do I perform work changes?

General Meanings:

Painful experiences Any type of deformity refers to a part of one’s personality, which has not yet been integrated or developed. In the dream a dwarf represents the part of the dreamer which was damaged by a painful infancy or childhood trauma or too little of emotional care or attention.

Learn to use your energy Dwarf generally symbolizes unconscious energy and forces which affect the life imperceptibly, you must recognize them more clearly and more exactly so that they can be used more consciously and deliberately.

Inferiority and negative feelings Partly, it also stands for qualities and experiences which you can not “make smaller”, neglect or edge out. Frequently this expresses feelings of inferiority, which explains that vanity and craving for recognition will remain unsatisfied.

Psychological Meanings:

The fear to resist The fairy-tale character often stands for inferiority complexes. Who dreams himself smaller then in reality, feels disadvantages toward a competitor, believes that he can not compete with him/her.

Part of personality that needs to deal and take responsibility In the dreams dwarf sometimes acts as a very helpful friend. A dwarf can represent a small part of the self with which the dreamer must work and deal. Possibly, it is a stunted aspect of the personality which can not come to light, until the dreamer is willing to take responsibility for it.

Spiritual Meanings:

A dwarf symbolizes an unconscious and an undifferentiated force of nature.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Talents if seeing a dwarf in your dream – Signifies that you will meet somebody, who will help you to develop your hidden talents;
  • Good times if seeing a dwarf as a good character – In your dream the dwarf is positive, means that you will never be mentally or physically underdeveloped. Wonderful health and good work will allow you to have many profitable activities;
  • Happiness if have dwarfism friends in the dream – Means that you will be healthy and will have a lot of joy;
  • Sorrow if seeing an ugly and terrible dwarf – In the dream a terrible dwarf always announces grief.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Success if seeing a dwarf in the dream – Very good omen that you can expect that you will succeed in your project;

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Defeated enemies if seeing a dwarf in dream – The dream shows that you will prevail over your enemies;
  • Be more polite if talking with dwarf – When you are talking with a dwarf in your dream, you must watch out your arrogance toward certain person, because he/she will become one of your enemy. If he/she behaves cleverly, will make you some damage or will put you into danger.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Dreaming a dwarf – The dream about dwarf often stands for personality. The talents, abilities or ideas that you have and afraid to show. You do not feel so important and perspective. You have to be brave and to show yourself. You feel that something stops you from making progress and developing your personality. You are dreaming a lot of dwarfs, this is very positive sign, which shows that you have reached respectful position. You are reaching your aims and developing or improving your personality.

Dreaming beautiful, excellent, good looking dwarf – This dream symbol is very good omen. This shows that you will be successful and prospective person. You will be popular and good finances in your future. Your mind and body will be healthy. You are on the right way and moving toward perfect life.

Dreaming ugly, short and hideous dwarf – Means that you feel confused and distressed at the moment. Also you have to be very attentive with people around you, they want to make damage for you and involve into risky things. In the dream the dwarf attacks you, signifies that your enemies is near you and they are trying to confuse you. They try to make damage to you.

* Please, see meaning of demons, witch, people, giant and reduction.

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  1. Hi. Last night I dreamt of a midget male person. He was my best friend and he told me he is very intuitive and that he senses that I’m pregnant. He smiled at me confirming it and I was overwhelmed with happiness. I thought to my self: “I can’t wait to tell my husband that I’m pregnant again, but first I’m going to do some shopping with my midget friend. I felt relief and happiness in the dream. I also felt strong love towards the midget (like falling in love with him). Please help me interpret. Thank you so much!

  2. I had a dream where a very tall woman is slapping a dwarf continously and I confronted the woman and asked her why is she slapping him,then she got so angry and her appearance changed to skinny and her eyes went red and she lost her eyelids and her screams sound very disturbing,she attacked me and I felt like I was going to faint but defending someone gave me a feeling of courage and I became strong and I won…then I woke up…

  3. I had a dream twice about a dwarf or a midget wearing a skeleton costume. It felt so vivid because he appeared in my room, who was circling around my bedroom, look at me from time to time and starts tenting his fingers. I couldn’t say anything, no words were coming out of my mouth and it felt shut. What does this mean? I’ve only had this dream when I take a nap.

  4. Hey I was wondering if anyone had an opinion ….I had a dream I was with my spouse an we we r going they a swap meat an we argue a bit an this midgit says Hey leave her alone and I start runing from him an he’s chaseing me for a good 30 min ??

  5. I saw ufo that was landing green dwarf, they were landing over some neighbour house. We were on roof top, and I ran down with a little kid that looked like child me. I was protecting and guiding the child me, we were going downstairs n I saw a shoe lace crawling like snake n I stopped n went to safe room above n suddenly I woke up, the dream characters were conscious that I was dreaming, saw man with monkey skin jumping from building to building, Wat cud it mean

  6. I dreamed about a person i was inlove with before, but he was a dwarf in my dream and he was sitting on a tall chair when i walked in to a long hall way i saw his back, when he saw me he smiled and we loved eachother so much we could see it in eachothers eyes. He jumped down and we begin to hug eachother and i sit on my knees to do that beacuse he was so short. And then we he took me in to the toilet and hugged and smiled at me more. We were so happy to see eachother.

  7. I saw a dwarf in my dream where i attended a class and when I was leaving, near the gate, there is a slope and this guy tries to elbow push me.. I knew the sandals I wore is slippery and also it was about to rain. I got so angry on him, that I started to slap him continuously.. I woke up and in reality, it was about to rain and I heard thunderstorms… I woke up from bed and I see it was raining outside and I hear thunderstorms…

    I believe the thunderstorms that I heard in my dreams were from the reality and somehow transformed into my dreams as the background by my subconscious mind….

  8. I dreamed of a dwarf chasing me and my family threatening kill us,and ended with me and my grandma running alone,until we met this two other men leaving us with this dwarf in their yard and that dwarf went to get a screw driver from the garage and this time I woke up coz I was really terrified…

  9. Hi, ive just had a dream that when I woke and even now I still cant stop laughing, in my dream I was walking in the park with my girlfriend when what I thought was a little girl,ran up to us and knelt at my girlfriends feet holding her shoe, I couldnt see the girls face as it was blurred, she said to my girl in a nice voice,” why do you have these shoes on?” , my girl didnt reply instantly, so I answered and said ” its so she doesnt hurt her feet on the ground” the little girl then asked why she was not wearing some other type of footwear, but before anyone could answer the girl said in a croaky sarcastic manner ” oh I know why, its because you dont want to pay the tax on them!” , then in realisation my girlfriend said ” arrr are you a little Dwary wharfy?” to which the dwarf girl replied something of disgust, because my girlfriend had spoke to her like a child. I remember trying my hardest to see the dwarfs face but still couldnt see it before she ran off into the arms of a man standing by a car.

    Any ideas of what this dream could mean?

  10. my mom always dreaming a many dwarf in our plant tree in our house. and last night she dream many dwarf ridding a mini bus…a and soon she saw 3 dwarf the 2 is handsome dwarf and 1 girl dwarf but not seeing her face because not clear… and my mother said when in her childhood days she also see dwarf in her dream till now she is 53 years old…

  11. I dreamt that i saw a cute lil dwarf whom i took in my arms and kissed thinking it to be a baby. He jumped with joy saying dat he would go and tell his mom dat a pretty looking gal kissed him.

  12. I dreamed of dwarfs but i haven’t saw them in my dreams but i feel scared knowing their presence then someone told me in my dream to know if they were in my place is to throw talcum powder if the powder turns upward means they are really in my place and when i threw the powder it turned upward then i woke up but still feel frightened what could be the meaning of my dream.

  13. I saw A dwarf in my dream. he doesent even look terrble. but its so friendly that It helped my mom recover her skin disease. hes a jolly dwarf. a helpful one. Thats why I have a huge respect on them.. —

  14. First dream I dreamt a dirty dwarf trying to fight me on the street . The second dream was a dwarf dirty but wearing expensive clothes we were together we went for shopping he wanted to buy me clothes and I refuse.

  15. I dreamt about it 2 nights ago. They looked ugly, terrible, mad, and really dirty. They were chasing a girl but I don’t know her. The girl turned into a midget and then a cat and turned into a midget again. When the girl reached the right way to go home, I threw a metal at them and became a shield for the girl. After that, I woke up and feel really heavy inside. Like, I couldn’t breathe. What us that supposed to mean?

  16. I saw an elf and a dwarf in my dream and the elf came in the room and the dwarf followed went to the closet door and backed into it . The elf came to the end .pf the bed and pointed towards my toes and lraised me up and spun me around real fast when I saw the dwarf I pointed to it and said “YOU B I T C H!” as I was waking. I was with my ex. girlfriend at that time. Now with my current girlfriend it’s like I’m being attacked in my sleep..What is the meaning of this dream and how do I get rid of it..

  17. When I was with my ex girlfriend I had a dream that I saw an elf and a dwarf in the dream the elf reached for my feet and magically raised me up and spun me around and a dwarf came in the room and walked to the closet and stepped back as if to supervise..the elf was a male and the dwarf was a female then I pointed at the dwarf and said you pitch as I was waking up…now I have a new girlfriend and she says I kick wildly in my dream and she thinks I’m being attacked but I haunt siren the elf nor the dwarf…What does it mean to see both in my dream and how do I get rid of them from attacking me while I’m sleeping?

  18. My husband screamed in his sleep around 12 midnight as he saw a dwarf in green suit sitting on a chair facing his office room. Suddenly, the dwarf lips became pink with a human teeth wanting to attack him. He ran and slipped on the office carpet and there was another dwarf’s in brown colour waiting to attack him. This is the second time he dreamt dwarfs trying to attack him.

    Last mid year in 2013, there was about 4 to 5 or 6 dwarfs more like goblins, cute looking babies. 2 of them held my husband feet so tight by suppressing it, while the rest look out on guard. When my husband try to break free, all of them quickly ran for their life and jumped out of the room window. Infact they were talking and telling themselves to jump out of the window fast.

    Can you please interprest the dreams, thanks in advance.

  19. Last night I had a dream about me raising a tree but I was planning to sell it after, so then thats when a dwarf came out, i dont remember exactly how it showed up but it was woman, about 3/4 ft tall and she looked old but she was very nice. She wanted to buy the tree and she said she would pay 10,000 dollars or something like that, i dont remember what else happend, does this mean anything?

  20. i dreamt last night that i could hear and sense a crackling open fire in my room and when i looked up there was a dwarf like man with a brown beard floating by my doorway. i asked him what he wanted and who he was and he replied “Nick Saint” then he started to come towards me. i was scared and forced myself to wake up.
    over the last few weeks i have had many disturbing dreams were i have felt myself being pulled from my bed. i allso drempt of large black dogs and horses in my garden

    • Hi,

      The crackling fire is Magic. The Dwarf like man that was floating by your doorway means that there is a “Witch” among you . Him wanting “Nick Saint”, is backwards for “Saint Nick”–that stands for “Santa Claus”. Santa Claus is an IDOL. Someone is doing Magic on you. The large Black Dogs means “DANGER” and the “HORSES” in your garden means the “Plagues” are being cast on You. Someone has Bewitched you….

      • The first night I dreamt I was going on my way somewhere and suddenly this tall giant meets me on the way and challenges me to fight. He is a bit more than 7 ft and very stocky and broad with a big sword in his hand.
        I am terrified but someone tells me to fight him. Now all I have is this steel chain which is very long and I get into a fight with this man. I throw the chain around his legs , waist and hands and then I get so strong that I lift it like a baby and throw on the floor. Once he has fallen I grab his sword to chop his neck but something in my heart says “Do not kill” but the people around tell me kill him, kill him.
        But me being a soft hearted person just tie him and I tell him I forgive you. But leave him tied.

        2 nd dream

        Last night I dreamt of a dwarf he came to my house and was chatting to me and my family. I do not remember but the conversation we had was something funny. But I can see something suspicious about the way he spoke.

        Than I bid him farewell and he leaves. When he stood up he was more shorter than a dwarf. But seems like he does not care he is short.

        Please can someone explain this.

    • Hi,

      The Dwarf that was friendly means “Deception”. He said his name is Gabrail, and this means that he is an Imposter. He is posing himself to be something that he is not. There is a “False Prophet” amoung you that have been teaching you something religiously wrong!!!