Eagle dream meanings


Vision; overview and power.


What do I have to understand that I can live with my strength?

General Meanings:

An eagle indicates inspiration and strength. It also can stand as a support for the need to rise after the dissolution of old ideas and attitudes. As a bird of prey, the Eagle is able to take advantage of all opportunities which are offered to him. To dream an eagle, means that you can do the same or want to.

Exaggerated power or too proud Eagle generally stands for courage, boldness, pride, dignity, vision, desire for freedom and striving for higher things ( as a symbol of power – at the back of coins). When eagle appears you always must ask yourself – if you do not overdo and exaggerate in reaching higher striving, or overestimate your own strength, or you encounter with pride in front of the others, this is the real life situation.

Psychological Meanings:

Success and big ideas From a psychological point, the eagle indicates that the dreamer has the ability to use his mind to be successful. He takes his life into his own hands. Perhaps the eagle is also a reference to the need to be factual and take another point of view. Eagle of the Lord of the skies can be interpreted positively as earthly ties, it is the exhilaration of great ideas, but often also for the consuming passion of the mind.

Realization and happiness Who sees the eagle flying high up in the sky -there is a hope that he can realize and move high-flying plans into action. Who catches the eagle will be able to enjoy success on their own.

Who gambles high, may fall deeply An eagle, which falls down and dives for its prey, points to the speed of thought and the courage of the dreamer, could indeed prove recklessness in the waking life.

Mental freedom and sexuality Freud says that the eagle on the basis of the mythology is an overpowering sexual symbol, because the predator can not control his urges and wants to have his victim. Freud justified this by saying that the eagle is a large bird and the word bird in the vernacular is another word for penis. In some cases the eagle can absolutely stand for the sexuality, more arises from the dream connection: if the eagle can fly badly or not at all, this points to the austerity of the mental freedom or on the fact that the dreamer neglects his spiritual interests.

Spiritual Meanings:

An eagle is a form of spiritual victory. (He’s the king of the sky!)

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Freedom if seeing an eagle – An eagle in the dream, expression of the unconscious which is longing for freedom;
  • Luck if see an eagle – This bird announces you happiness and wealth, income and benefits;
  • Attention enemies if see an eagle flapping and flying – The enemy seeks to cheat you and to destroy your plans;
  • Honor if a man sees an eagle flying in the sky – This means that he will get the positions of honor;
  • Marriage if a woman sees flying and circling in the air – For woman this dream announces that she has chance to marry a respectable person;
  • Freedom if see a high-flying eagle – The high fly symbolizes that through courage and perseverance you can achieve more freedom;
  • Joy if eagles circling at high altitude – This dream announces a big pleasant surprise;
  • Death if eagle is standing – The standing eagle in the dream, announces about death of a great lord;
  • Defeated if see an eagle who is hitting a prey – Shows that you feel that you were physically defeated by a stronger personality;
  • Danger if being attacked by an eagle – To be attacked by an eagle in the dream, this announces imminent and threatening danger;
  • Losses if catch an eagle in the dream – The dream shows that you will defeat an enemy, but you will have loss and grief because of this;
  • Restriction if see an eagle in a cage – You feel restricted by your friends and the environment, this doesn’t let you to move on;
  • Defeated enemies if shoot an eagle – In the dream you shot an eagle, this shows that you will overcome your enemies because they were overpowering and disturbed you to reach your goals;
  • Heep moving if kill an eagle – This shows destruction of an opponent, you must stay and move forward with your plans and aims;
  • Worries if see an eagle sitting on somebody’s head – The eagle is sitting on the head will bring you misfortune and illness;
  • Need help if eagle is sitting on your head – You have problems  and you can not solve them with your own head, you need some help from trustful persons;
  • Powerless enemies if see a dead eagle – This points to the powerlessness of an enemy, they can not make any damage for you;
  • Happiness and respect if have an eagle – To dream that you have an eagle, promises fortune in business and work affairs, honor and reputation;
  • Death if see a black eagle landing nearby – The very bad omen which brings you early death of a close friend;
  • Inheritance if seeing white – Good omen that announces large inheritance;
  • Risk if see one eagle kills another – This signs that you know about recklessly of wealth, but you take a risk;
  • Travel and wisdom if ride or fly on eagle’s wings – This dream indicates about a long journey into largely unexplored countries, you seek wisdom and prosperity and later you will acquire them both;
  • Reaching goals if find or see eagle feathers – This dream proclaims that you will achieve your goals.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Illness if see eagle – In the dream you see an eagle, this signifies that you will have a disease, but you will recover easily;
  • Impetus to work harder if see rising – When you see a rising eagle in your dream, this marks favorable response and recovery of your business and this is an impetus to reach better results;
  • Beware if see flying – In your dream the eagle is flying above you, this is a warning that you have to beware of sudden calamity, as well as do not miss the most obvious plans and hopes;
  • Hidden enemy if plunge the prey – The eagle attacks the prey in your dream, this shows that your enemies will meet you sensitively, they don’t want to show their bad intentions;
  • Warning if see flying with prey – In the dream the eagle is flying with a prey in your dream, this is a warning that you have to beware of your enemies, because they want to embezzle your plans;
  • Growth if eagle is bringing a prey in a dream – This dream announces about an unexpected asset growth and wealthy marriage;
  • Inheritance if see a white eagle – In the dream you notice a white eagle, signifies that you will have a large inheritance;
  • Disease if an eagle is sitting on your head – This dream when the eagle is on your head, announces a death or a serious disease in the family;
  • Humiliation if threatened by an eagle – You are threatened by an eagle or another bird of prey in your dream, this denotes disgrace, degradation and shame;
  • Shame if see sitting an eagle in a cage – When eagle is in the cage in your dream, this announces a painful feeling of humiliation caused by the consciousness of wrong behavior in the family;
  • Defeated opponents if shoot flying eagle – In the dream you shoot and kill the eagle which is flying, denotes that you will defeat all your enemies;
  • Losses if shot an eagle – When you see shot dead eagle in the dream, you can expect losses.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Dreaming an eagle or being an eagle – Such dream indicates all the best qualities or character features of the person. An eagle in the dream is associated with strength, power, success, luck and ability to deal with everything in dreamer’s life. This shows that you will have wealthy, rich and prosperous life. The dreamer has an instinct, when to show up or to disappear, and this helps him to reach his aims, to improve life and move toward perfect life.

To dream flying or rising up eagle (with a prey) in the sky – When the eagle is flying above or high in the sky, this is good sign, That all your desires and wishes is near you. You only need to catch your success. It is really near you, you just have to put all your efforts to reach them. This success will bring you wonderful life, because you like an eagle fly straightly to your targets. You notice a rising eagle, this marks the growth of your works or business, you will recover after unpleasant period in your life

To dream an eagle that is hunting a prey or chasing or attacking you  – This dream warns you. You have to be very attentive, because the enemies are ready to attack you. Also means that you are defeated by the stronger person and you can not defend yourself from this. Your enemies are near you they want to destroy all your plans and desires. You will have a threatening influence which will change your attitude to certain situation or position. This will make you to think about people around you.

To dream dead, killed eagle or you killed, shot an eagle – This dream shows that you will defeat and overcome your enemies. You will resist bad and wrong influence. But if you shot the eagle, shows that you will have some losses, but the fight always claims victims. You have killed an eagle in the dream, signifies that you will overcome all the barriers which you will meet in your way. You will reach you desires, no matter how hard it will be and how many efforts it will take, nobody will stop you.

Eagle is standing or sitting on you (head, hand) in the dream – This dream shows in the way of reaching your goals, you will get some help from others. The help comes from above. Luck and success will come to you, but not only with your own efforts, this comes from the universe or higher power.

You are flying or riding on an eagle in the dream – means that you have already got help from friend, colleges family members to deal with problems and worries. Also this dream shows that you will have a long journey to an exiting unexplored lands. You will gain knowledge and wealth.

* Please, see meaning of harrier, lambs, hawk, birds.

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  1. I had a really weird dream. Im trying to put it in context. Okay. In my dream i was outside with my family and we were all kicking it sitting en hi oying each ithers comoany and out of nowhere an eagle layed on my head with belly and its wings were spread so very wide. In my dream it scared me and i cried and ran. My husband ended up taking me to a hitel i was so freaked out in the dream still. Weleft the hotel room and came back to a vent over top of the hotel bed pouring fast flowing water and acorns nonetheless. I was mad and so angry i started pounding the bed and acorns and water wash splashing everywhere. End of dream. It felt very real. Firat thing i said when i woke was there was an eagle on my head. Just calmly. Any ideas.

  2. I had dream of a landing eagle looking over a fowl chick. It was young two boys caught it and gave it to me. I try all my best to hold it tight on its feathers and I was excited. People around me my colleague seem to have defended their PhD and I am yet to present my papers presentation even to pay my school fees as a student. So this worries me. I went out to school and again on the walkway I saw a big eagle standing on a white car looking unafraid. It flew as I came closer. I saw it in my dream caught and also in real life. Please help me with this

  3. i dream that i was walking with 3 people all men and a child but they were behind me. I arrived at a curve of a road with a bonfire remains. I saw three big eagles with dark brown and white colors gliding down infront of me. He was bringing a large silver colored fish and laid it down and fly away. It’s wings spread out massively and shimmers in the dim light because it was as if it was going to rain nightfall, i can’t really tell. And then another one is coming down with another silver fish while the other is just flying with its wings spread wider than it could. They seemed to honor me with silver fish . What does my dream mean? I am quite bother. Please answer me. Thank you so much.

  4. I dreamed I was an eagle, flying very high in the sky. There was a Raven & a Hawk. The Raven was harassing me as they do. The Hawk was diving for some prey. I sped after the Raven & captured it by the tail as we were descending toward Earth. We had a mental conversation, dicussing whether I should take him as my prey or let him go. He was frightened & weak (spiritually), so I said. You can go. You need to grow some more. I released him from my talons & we parted ways . . . I flew some more enjoying the blue sky & the view of Earth. The Ravens left me to be . . . Just flying, feeling free with a sense of optimism.

  5. I had a dream of two Native American Indians standing nearby, speaking in tongue, to catch the golden eagle. I remember I kept saying ‘no, I don’t want to catch him, I’ll hurt him’. They released the huge golden eagle, he flew to me as I was talking to the eagle, ‘I don’t want to hurt you, no I won’t catch you, I’m sorry’. When talking to the golden eagle I was speaking in ‘eagle tongue’ with various toned screeches. He was only inches away, our eyes looking deep into the others eyes. His eyes were beautiful and captivating. I reached up and gently grabbed his wing, he knew what and how I was going to catch him, after talking to him. Then I woke up with an extremely dry throat.

  6. I saw dream that I was on my neighbor’s roof without any clothes and one eagle is sitting far and looking and the other is drinking water which is on the roof in form of a small kind of a puddle

  7. I dream the white eagle ..the eagle catch me and fly he landed me to a big matrimonial bed. Then the eagle turn into a handsome person and I fall inlove with him.

  8. I was trying so hard to protect a sick bird which kept coming to me for protection, I noticed an eagle near me and I started fighting it away from the sick bird physically…the eagle won’t fly away so I hit it really hard and threw it far enough to buy time for the sick bird to escape. The bird wasn’t going anywhere and worst of all it was now in the open. I tried to make it fly or hide away but it won’t. and moments afterwards the eagle reappeared and it was flying right above the bird and I couldn’t get to it so I tried to throw stones at the eagle but it ended up taking the bird and flying away with it anyways. …felt as though I hadn’t protected it enough…what a sad end…I’m normally in charge when it comes to controlling endings of my dreams this one did not end as planned …I don’t known how it relates to me maybe it.has to do with my concerns bout a loved one I feared may not be doing fine healthwise and emotionally though I wouldn’t hesitate to take care of them if they wanted me to be there for them,it would do good to my soul than to not be there at all when they need me.

  9. dreamt that a young white eagle dived into a hut that i was there with some people in it,it wanted to land on me but i dodge and immediately became friends with it and then it started fighting anyone who came close to me in the hut.it was protecting me and i was also protecting it from the people as we were walking side by side till we came out of the hut freely

  10. I dreamt that I was walking along a dirt road and an eagle flew down to a place in front of me. I knelt to the eagle’s level and the eagle plucked a feather from it’s backside and presented it to me. The eagle bowed it’s head to me and then flew away.

  11. I had a dream last night which puzzles me and I can’t stop thinking about it.
    I was standing under a sort of protected carport. Then I saw that there was a huge shadow suddenly, covering the sun. I looked up, and I saw the most beautiful, majestic, magnificent and gigantic eagle I have ever seen. It was golden brown, and about 12 feet from head to tail, and its wings when stretched were around 40 feet wide. It was gliding effortlessly through the blue sky, back and forth, gracefully and purposefully. At first, I was scared by this massive being. But then suddenly, the eagle stood beside me on my left side with its wings folded. He was standing there beside me, like a person, like a friend, and I realized he was there to help me. Then he moved under the carport and stood in front of me, and I had to look up at him since he was about 12 feet high. He had a deep voice like a man and he said to me “Ask me for anything you want, and it’s yours.” I was so stupefied that I didn’t know what to say, much less what to ask for. So I thought very quickly about what my greatest need was, and it is money (I am quite broke at the moment) so I told the eagle very timidly (I am not used to ask for anything) that I would like $500. The eagle said “Is that all you want? Because I can give you a lot more.” And I said “No, it’s ok, I am honored that you just asked me. That is all I need right now.” But I felt really embarrassed to ask for anything, however I really wanted to ask for more, since I was afraid $500 was not going to be enough. I did feel greatly privileged and honored to have such a being willing to help me. But then the eagle took off after saying that I would get my wish.
    I am so bothered by this dream. Any idea what it might mean? Thank you.

  12. I saw an eagle came from far and seated on a trunk of a tree above my head and eating an egg of a lizzard (I was sad on the dream as u didnt like the egg us being eaten by eagle) however suddenly I thought I should catch the eagle and then I just poke it with my hand or something it started falling on my hand and I just catch it on Bare hands…it started scratching and biting but could not do much because I used my foot to crush its head under it but without killing it, I called my father brother to come and give me a rope but they could not so I just got a water jar and I just put that eangle into that…the jar looks like an ketlee … Then I was telling everyone how I caught an eagle and showing them as the eagle struggling to fly out from jar but could not …I was just laughing but at the same time thinking to get it out and have it as a pet… Any thought on what it is all about please let me know about this dream – good or bad??????

  13. Dear Sir / Madam,
    I have dreamt of Eagle is trying to hurt me or wanted to kill me. Please request you to let me know what is this indicated to me.

  14. Seeing an eagle came(didn’t really see it’s coming…. it just landed on me) and sat on my right hand (just below my shoulder. …seems like I’m lying down) n started to prick me with it’s beak which tickles me and I’m trying to control my laughter in the dream because i don’t want to mess with the eagle. ..
    Please reply. …

  15. I had a couple dreams earlier this year that was really huge to me. First one was that I was standing in my apartment one minute, feeling the relief of and saying out loud: “The shift its here, its finally here.” I walked out to what I thought as my porch but ended up not here anymore. Salmon skies, I had Saturn as if it were a mountain scape, that close with two other planets and flying spaceships coming from between toward me yet angled away. I was on a huge half circular concrete plateform without a railing looking out at this beauty. Later a few months after, I was outside and I don’t know where it was. An eagle flew over me and I was able to touch the back of its wings. It came back around and perched on my arm. It was not afraid, I was not afraid. It was an amazing dream, I have never had such a profound dream as that. I am curious of what it may means. I have had owls in my life come up in very symbolic ways to show me caution.

  16. What does a eagle represents in a dream when it is on the dinner table dead with all 4 legs cut off means. The eagle is about 2 b eaten 4 dinner. What does this dream mean n the eagle is very huge n black n white.