Ear (botany) dream meanings

General Meanings:

Mostly Ears are the symbol of inner satisfaction and personal maturity, also partly they can be material security. 

  • If you collect them this announces good success with a project or activity that you do.
  • You notice that grains are missing however you must reckon with a failure.
  • They are swaying in the summer wind: a mark of the maturity, you will detach from (unpleasant) habit. You will win a new positive attitude to the life with new friends.
  • Empty ears point to hollow feelings which may cause mental tortures.
  • They are bound by sheaves they point to conviviality and pleasant meetings.
  • A separate one can show that new plans mature in you and a happy coincidence may come to help.

Psychological Meanings:

Positive circumstances In the dream the ear (grain or grass ear) stands as a symbol of positive circumstances of life, self-confidence, confidence, security, health, force or also it may be that you are longing for these things. From negative side this symbol is understood, only if you cannot reach the ear or it becomes stunted or appears destroyed.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Happy time if see many – In the dream you see many of them, this announces you good hopes, fulfillment of the desires;
  • Good time if see gleaners working at harvest time – Working gleaners in your dream, this will bring you thriving business and for farmers indicate rich crop yields;
  • Property if working together with gleaners  – In the dream you work together this shows that after some problems, you will gain property;
  • Prosperity if collect – After hard work as a farmer gets his harvest, so this is the same for you. You will get prosperity;
  • Satisfaction if single – The dream shows that you will have satisfaction in your life;
  • Award if corn field – In the dream you see corn field this signifies that you will be blessed with earthly goods;
  • Maturity if waving wheat field –  This is a symbol of the maturity of the life’s work and the fulfillment of the desires;
  • Marriage if see (for a woman) – For a woman to see ears in the dream is a sign that she will  marry a foreigner.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Success if see yourself – This dream is a good sign that your project will succeed;
  • Luck if collect – Now you can consider do you want to be successful, because what you want to start, this will be very successful;
  • Somebody cares about you if you go on them – This dream warns that somebody is worried about you and the things you do;
  • Turn back if ginning – This dream shows that you are too reckless and you must to turn back before it isn’t too late.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Enjoy your life if see ripe – The dream shows that a long planned project has good chances to be realized and this is a reason for joy and satisfaction;
  • Fail if becomes stunted and inaccessible – In the dream the fields become stunted and inaccessible, this mean that you will have fail and destruction of your plans;
  • Wealth if collect – You are collecting them in your dream, you are doing good business and the wealth will make you happy;
  • Warning if crush – The dream is a warning that your plans will be destroyed;
  • Signal to stop if pluck to pieces – The signal that you do not have to squander and waste valuable property.

* Please, see meaning of harvest.

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