Eel, eels dream meanings


Working on obligations, Slipperiness


What dangers my freedom of movement will bring?

General Meanings:

Male organ and sexuality In the dream the symbol of the eel stands for the male penis and sexual instincts. It may also indicate a kind of spiritualistic action of the emotions, feelings and soul life. It is able to interpret the dream more accurately, but you have to examine closer the state of the water in which the eel resides and also the attitude which you yourself have with this animal.

Sexual needs and elasticity Eel can be a sex (penis) symbol, which indicates, especially for women, sexual needs and frustrations. Dreaming of an eel means that she is obviously sexually stimulated in a positive or negative way. The avoidance of an eel indicates fear of sexual intercourse. Moreover, it can also stand for suppleness and fast. (From the view of some psychoanalysts, the eel’s elongated form reminds male genital organ. This has sexual character especially in women’s dreams) The eel includes difficulties, but they can be overcome, if you are unremitting.

Psychological Meanings:

More then snake or fish, the eel points to a slippery temptation, on the intrigues which threaten us. It is caught or is pulled ashore, difficulties can be overcome. It escapes or it slips out of our hands, then creates difficult problems at our work, or the money slips through our finger. The quality of the water is the ultimate mark for the meaning of the dream.

  • Clear, flowing water and the view is nice – the spirit of your life could change. Now more (mental) agility could change your life positively, clear ideas and their implementation is now very important.
  • Muddy, murky water means that you want to be “slick” and move easily through unexplained threatening situations. If fear or disgust of eel was the prevailing mood in the dream, you should check your current attitude to sexuality (this could be your partner). Perhaps you feel disgust for your partner and you don’t like when he touches you.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Be sharp-sighted to avoid problems if see alive – In the dream you see alive eel, this means that you can save yourself from calamities by keeping your eyes open; also you will get a good message or a favorable outcome in some project;
  • Temporary joy if see in the clear water – In the dream you see an eel in the clear water this shows especially for women a new but transitory pleasures;
  • Disagreements if in dim water – When you see eels in natural (cloudy or dim) water (a lake or river), this dream brings you disputes and quarreling with your family or at work;
  • Needs for sex if see lots of eels in the water – This dream is a sign of desire for sexual highlights;
  • Success if catch eels – In the dream you catch the eel this signifies that your new business will develop successfully, but you will feel jealousy from others;
  • Lack of success if eel slips through your fingers – This dream is a warning about failures;
  • Bad news and false friends if eels squirm – When eels are squirming in your dream, this announces bad news. Also you have to beware of “slick” people around you;
  • Health and news if pull out of the water – For sick people this dream brings health and for healthy people – good news and prosperity;
  • Pain and troubles if caught eel – In the dream you see that somebody caught an eel, this means very painful feelings such as misfortune, damage or disadvantage, suffering and sorrow;
  • Defeated enemies and marriage if dead eel – This dream is a victory over enemies. For lovers – happy ending and marry marriage;
  • Defeated opponents if dissected – When you are dreaming that you see a dissected eel announces about completely defeated opponent or dangerous rival;
  • Troubles if eat eel – In the dream you are eating an eel meat, announces approaching annoyance and problems. Advantage and benefit you will get only with courage and determination.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • A symbol of a slick man that you have to worry about;
  • Good news if see an eel – This dream says that you will receive good news;
  • Disagreement if see eel in the water – In the dream you see eels in the water, this means dispute;
  • Warning and success if see eels swimming in large amount – This dream is a signal that you have to beware of sudden calamity. Also promises success in business and material advantage;
  • More attention to your work if catch – In the dream you catch an eel this shows that you should pay attention that you have finished business or a project till the end;
  • Recovery and joy if pull out of water – In the dream you pull out it from the water for healthy people means that something good will happen, for sick – you are going feel much better and recover after illness;
  • Frustration if allow to slip of the hand – When the eels slips of your hands, this denotes that an advantageous business escapes from you and hopes do not come true;
  • Be careful if kill one – The dream is a warning that you have to be careful if you want to avoid troubles;
  • Vexation if see dead – This dream indicates sorrow and disappointment;
  • Help if deducted one – This announces that you will get some unexpected help;
  • Joy if eat – When you are eating an eel this marks that you will get good news, happiness;

* Please, see meanings of fishes, snakes, worms.

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  1. I had a really weird dream that all the outcasts of our planet were tormented to live at the bottom of the ocean (humans, creatures etc.) Something was wrecking havoc on the planet. I traveled down to the bottom of the ocean to find that there was this black eel that somehow got sucked into the bottom of the earth, only the first part of its body including its head were still visible and it was in incredible pain as it released all this toxin into the environment which was having effects on the entire planet. It was very strange… butterfly effect.

  2. Im 14 in my dream i was in the ocaen and im trerrfid of the ocean the water was green dark and hard to see thow the eels were all around me it was hard to see them but but i could feel the and from what i could tell they wantd to atakk me then someone pulld me out helpd me swim back he seemd really nice vut then he trund into a spider and tryd to bite me then i kill the spider anyone know what it could mean

  3. I had a dream of an eel that supposedly ate souls and I was in this house with my family and it was in other room across from ours so I walked over to its room and it was laying in a bed and somehow …. I don’t really rember but it started getting into my body and eating me and I was banging on the wall yelling for my sisters who was just on the other side of the wall

  4. I dreamt of me and a couple of friends being in the backstage of a movie in what seemed like.. the amazon. I was slowly walking in the path the actor was suppost to follow and at the end of the path I found myself at a small wooden bridge right in the middle of a really shallow sea. As I walked over it I could see dark eels swimming right below my feet and what seemed like.. men covered in black powder, wich I assume played the role of eels. Although I knew they were actors I was still pretty afraid of them idk why. And suddenly I was on a small wooden base in the water far away from the bridge and yoy could only go or leave the place by swimming. Some people where there with me and as I watched one of them dive I thought about the electric eels, and the next second all I could hear.. as it was too dark for me to see was that he didn’t make it.. because of the electroshock. And one by one after that all of the people I was with was being killed by the eels. But I had no other choice but dive in too as there was no other way I could escape.. after a minute or so in the water (as it was so dark I couldn’t see my nose) I felt the electroshock taking over me.. and as I was about to faint I managed to swim at the coast and suddenly people with cameras came over me and I could hear them say that I survived and that I was mutant to the electroshock and journalists started asking me questions… please explain to me what does this mean.. I felt the pain of loss for this people that died before my eyes because for some reason I thought that this was part of the movie but it was showing a real story for people who once died by eels.

  5. I had a dream I was in a man’s back in the water and another man was swimming beside us. I think they got killed I don’t remember and I saw 3 angry eels in clear water and I was trying not to touch them and get out the water.

  6. could it be that the large eel is the guardian of another dimension??

    sort of like the river styxx…and once you pass through the water …you gain entrance to a new level of the dream?

    I have also been chased by a large green eel..from a pond where a boy was fishing..I tried to warn the boy ..but the bright green eel jumped out and chased me..I ran..I awoke.

  7. My son pulled a white eel out of this box and was showing it to me. I thought it was fake BC it did not move. He placed it in this hole in the ground that had water and it started to wiggle and slipped into the hole. It led to a murky pond. My 7yr nephew jumped in and the eel grabbed his neck. I tried to jump in save him but my hands were stuck in my pockets. I eventually got them out and picked my nephew up and handed him to this man that was by the pond and he took the eel off his neck. I was scared the whole dream. My nephew was still alive but was just laying there. I woke up before ambulance came.

  8. I was in my old middle school (at my age now) and I walked to the side of the building and everyone was out side in the field with alot of eels, the water was semi merky but clear because I could see everything. And I had met this guy that I feel in love with and he was telling me that the eels wouldn’t hurt me but to be careful for the electric spoton their head. But then we went to the parking lot so he could drive home and some how I got his wallet and I went to hang out with friends and he came back for it and the eels were gone. Then me and my current boyfriend started fighting in my dream to while hanging out with my friends.

    Idk weird dream. It’s almost like when I dream of gators I always have a bad day.

  9. I had this really weird dream I saw a guy laying on his back on-top of a rock and I’m not sure if it was me maybe it was but anyways… He was stuck to that rock he could not move and then these 2 eels swam up to him and then started biting his nipples. Then they ripped them off and ate them. Then those eels started ripping off pieces of his chest meat and eating it and then ripping off his ribs and eating those too and then one of the eel rips out the heart. It was a disturbing dream…

  10. I had a weird dream when I fell back to sleep like at 7:00 in the morning. I was at my grandmas house for like a while except it was actually my home but I saw it as my grandmothers in the dream, there was some weird small construction of a bug world, there was a ladybug and some other bug which I felt quite interested in as I watched them.

    Many more small creatures grew in that construction, I saw a small turtle swimming by in there until something got it, out of know where it transformed into some small eel-like creature which kept on growing as I wasn’t watching and walked around the kitchen. It later grew into a giant eel, it didn’t look like the eel in the pic but it began to get more violent and aggressive towards me behind the glass door which leads to the backyard, I didn’t even notice the water it was swimming in, massive bolts of electricity began lashing out of it’s body up into the air and whenever it did that, all electrical appliances in the house would begin to go faulty and start flashing on and off.

    I rushed and showed my gran to look at it.. I think my sister may have been in the dream too… It ended when my grandma tried to open the sliding door which held the scary creature but instead I told my grandma to run back out since it wasn’t safe so I locked the sliding door and I opened my eyes so the dream then ended.

  11. I had a nightmare last night, due to me waking up at 2 and trying to fall back asleeps gain. An eel, a gigantic eel, was under my bed (no water). Eels are my mother’s family’s guardian animal, and we are told to revere and protect them at all costs. But this one was under my bed, gigantic, and terrifying. It felt so real, my room looked the same, I was in the same sleeping position, it felt as if I’d woken up a second time due to my unwanted guest. Loud thuds under my body woke me in the dream. I looked under the bed to find a gigantic, orange, yellow and red moray eel (nearly the girth of a car tire). I hopped back onto my bed but I would see the edge of my bed sheet start to rise and would have to pin it to the floor so the eel couldn’t escape. After what felt like hours in this dream I had to kill the creature as it was agitated and would’ve likely killed me if I fell asleep. I grabbed a giant textbook (one that is actually on my floor IRL, creepy…) slammed down hard on the lump under the sheet on the floor and held it there for a drawn out amount of time bc it’s blood gushed out everywhere and further traumatized me. I am afraid of eels, just because my mothers family has stories of members who mysteriously die after accidentally catching and killing eels while fishing, but they’ve never plagued my dreams in such a way.

  12. I had this weird dream, I was at a pool with 3 of my friends, I had no idea who they were, but in my dream they were my best friends… It was cold outside and we didn’t want to get in, but we had to. I forgot something in the house so I ran around the pool to go back in the house to get it, on the way I slipped in fell in the pool, the water was really warm so I just decided to swim to the other side of the pool toward the house. I was in the shallow end and then all three of my friends started screaming at me to get out of the pool because there was an eel. When I looked down, there was a bright green eel sitting on the bottom of the pool, it was like I was aware that I was dreaming for that moment because I thought to myself “Oh it’s just a dream, it’s not gonna move towards me.”
    Well it started swimming up towards me so I kind of freaked out and started climbing out of the pool, when it touched my foot, this man appeared behind me from under the water and wrapped his arms around my face and pulled me under water. I was in the shallow end, so I tried to find the bottom, I could see it, but it was like it was just an illusion because my foot couldn’t touch it. When I was starting to black out because I couldn’t breathe, the eel wrapped around my right leg and electrocuted me. After that, I woke up. This dream has been bugging me for a while… I don’t know what the eel represents and being electrocuted by it, nor the man that constricted me and was drowning me… Feed back would be much appreciated.

  13. Me and some other people were sitting around a table when all of a sudden a girl asks whose leg is touching hers. Everyone looks under the table and we see a red large bucket filled with water and 3 eels. They’re alive and moving.
    All of a sudden I’m in an empty room with a dark hole in the ground where water flows. It’s creepy and I remember I was afraid of it. In front of me stands the bucket with eels and one managed to escape. After that I, and some random dude, run out of the room/situation and close the door.
    Later in that same dream we talked about locking up every single door and window of that room because we are afraid of what might come out of that dark pipe hole..

    What does this mean anyway I can’t figure it out.

  14. i dreamed about a giant eel thing. at least i think it was an eel first i tough it was a whale.
    it was on the sizes of me. it came out of the water and
    and it kind of stalked me and looked at me and cheeped around me.
    and then went back into the water. i think it has something to do with my twin flame. she does not talk to me but i am trying to talk to her.
    i saw her on the bus the day after i dreamed about it. but i didn’t realize it
    was her till afterwards.

  15. So I just had a dream last night where I went to this river I had gone to when I was a child. Except it had a staircase leading to the waters edge. I looked down and saw these huge green and brown saltwater eels because their faces seemed scary to me. All of the sudden one pops up straight in the air like a snake and I start to run. It strikes at me and misses and keeps trying to bite me. I eventually grab it’s head and start wrestling with it because it was moving fast and I thought for sure it was going to bite me. I think it got close but I woke up. I woke up pretty freaked out because of how detailed and vivid this dream seemed, I even started googling all about eels before the idea of my dream having a meaning to cameup. If you can help me sort this out besides what’s in the article above I know I’d appreciate it. Thanks

  16. I had a dream that there’s a pond. With 1eel in it and it. A little bit. Out of the water. And it’s. looking at me. Iam laying. Down on my stomach it starts to. Move. Out of. The pond and slithers up my back on to my long. Hair there is other. People around I start screaming. Historically for. Someone to get. The eel. Of me. Weird cant stop thinking. About. Way this. Dream means

  17. I had a dream two eels were chasing me in a river testing to bite me one eel was red or pink the other was blue. There were also a bunch of snakes trying o bite me as well b

    • hi there
      thanks for sharing your dream! It helped clarify more of a vision i had a few months ago. Cut to the chase – i had travelled to the waters edge with some folk I didn’t know, who weren’t from the area as I am through my ancient ancestry. Kneeling on the landward side of the sea, there was a rocky outcrop which is v significant to historically & current day. I looked up @ saw a medium sized cavity in the rock. There were 2 pink eels gliding either side of a vertical piece of rock. they slithered around the small pillar underwater tho did not cross sides above water. as i noticed the eels & their behaviour, a shadow suddenly loomed to my left side in front of me which i recognised as the back shoulders & head of someone i have been v close to off & on over the last 2 years. the shadow coaxed the larger eel on the left – like an eel whisperer, enchanting and mesmerising the eel. The smaller eel on the right then slithered its way towards my left shin as I had both legs relaxed stretching out extended nearly horizontally. This eel proceeded to bite the top of my left leg slightly above the ankle. It wasn’t painful & I laughed w my head tossed back a little. I wonder if the mouthparts were more of a sucker-like than teeth? (Im getting goosebumps – answering myself). At this time the shadow disappeared which is extraordinarily odd as you’d think this would b the time a friend would help?! so question answered (more goosebumps). thank you for sharing yr story – certainly helped solve mine – hope you’ve solved yours now too 🙂

  18. I dreamt that an eel was attacking me and a friend, it was out of the water and just glided through the air. It then proceeded to drive my friends car. I know this sounds stupid but it is such an odd dream it plays on my mind. If anyone knows what this could mean let me know thank you

  19. I was laying in calm water, as if I were relaxed and enjoying the rhythm of the ocean. The water was clear, so clear that I could see all that was going on. The water was not deep, but just enough to cover my body and enough to allow my head to be above the water. As I layed there in the water, there were two weld swimming about in the water. After some time, the weld began to swim around my body, touching my body gently. The two lightly colored weld swan outlining my body as if it were attracted to my warmth. I was not afraid, yet I enjoyed the gentleness of the eels. At moments I knew I had to move, to get away from the eels, but didn’t know when without the eel feeling threatened by my movement. I continued to lay there and enjoyed the eels presence around me

  20. I had a very powerfull dream last night. I was in a cave with others peopel I think and I was the only one who could stop an enormous long blue/grey Eel. We were suddenly out of the cave and the Eel which looked dead came towards us very slowly out of the bushes. When next looked it had been stop by a served cows head which my 3 year old daughter was holding on to while she sat on the floor. The servered cows head was from a documentary on Damien Hirst I’d watched the night before. but the rest I have no idea about.

  21. saw a jaguar car come down a hill very fast, i was walking across a road with my wife, a man jumped out of car with a hand full of love letters and begun to run after my wife. i begun to pursue him, up a hill, i stoped at a pine tree long grass about it and thrust my hand through the long grass into the roots of the tree pulling out a short thick black eel, i threw it down a valley without looking, then looked up and saw it land in a small pond a man and woman had built high in the hills , the pond had three other similar eels in it, then i heard crying and looked across to a small knoll and there sat my wife weeping.

  22. I was sitting on the edge of a big pool with my feet in the water. The water was crowded with moray eels in all colours, but i never felt uncomfortable. Especially one moray, a yellow one with black stripes, knew me very well and i was petting it all the time. It swam around my legs like a cat will rub around tour legs when it wants so pet. If i moved to another spot it would follow me, and i could even carry it in my hands. Somebody saw how tame it was and wanted to hold it too, but the moray didnt let them. Please, what could this dream mean..