Elbow dream meanings

General Meanings:

The sign of desires and support The elbow is a part of the arm which allows us to move it freely, with which we create the world actively. At the same time elbows are the firm support for us. Therefore it is a sign of plans, ideas and hopes on a realistic basis, with which we pursue them strictly –┬ábut adapt to the respective circumstances.

Psychological Meanings:

Here more courageous and braveness to use is required, because the courage to fight may subside.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • if dream an elbow – The positive signs of movement. The negative – warns against too much “rat race” or ruthlessness;
  • A little benefit if see elbow – In a dream an elbow shows hard tasks that lie ahead, but they will not be so perspective and will not bring much value;
  • Worries if pain of an elbow – In the dream you feel pain in the elbow this is a warning of trouble, but you will overcome them, because we can heal everything;
  • Troubles if unbearable pain and can not use the arm – This dream announces that there are some possible worries in business affairs;
  • Marriage if young woman sees an elbow – The young woman dreams an elbow, signifies that there is an opportunity for a good marriage;

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Lost opportunity if elbows are dirty -The dream of young person, then this shows that she/he will lose a good chance to get married with wonderful partner.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Fear if see someone’s elbows – In the dream you see somebody’s elbow this signifies that you have a fear that somebody wants to enter your space;
  • More courage if see wounded or hurt elbow – This dream marks your inability to act in difficult situation, you have to trust yourself.

Contexts’ Meanings:

To dream an elbow – In the dream an elbow signifies that the dreamer has the ability to create his own world and life. The dreamer has plans, desires and wishes which he can reach but he needs to show more courage.

To hurt, to feel pain and wounded elbows in the dream – This dream symbol announces you some troubles and worries. You have to be more active if you want to solve them all. All the troubles and difficulties can be solved but you have to be more stubborn.

To dream somebody’s elbows – This dream signifies that you have a fear that somebody tries to enter your space. Also the meaning can be that you can not adopt to the society, you do not trust yourself and feel fear to show yourself.

* Please, see meaning of arm.

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