Elephant dream meanings


Wisdom, memory and the power of perseverance.


Where is my own wisdom?

General Meanings:

Maternity care – The elephants can be interpreted as maternal nature whose powerful protection we are looking for. Transferred to the waking life: we should build on something that can not harm us. Who rides on an elephant, plans an ascent to higher spheres.

Sexual needs – Elephant can be strong sexual needs, for women symbolize the desire for a strong, sensitively sexual partners. In addition, the following interpretations are possible:

  • Moving on with the force – Elephant with driver on the neck indicates the force and energy with which you overcome barriers on the life where you are led by mind and logic.
  • Ridicule – Elephant in the circus can warn about exaggerated vanity and craving for admiration, that lets easily reveal you to absurdity.
  • Desire for happy life – Female elephant with little ones symbolizes that you long for a quiet, peaceful and harmonious family life.

Psychological Meanings:

Force and Power – Not only in reality but also in the dream the elephant is a pachyderm, who hardly knows about his destructive power. As a dream symbol it represents the power of the subconscious mind, which is not controlled by the ratio, it can be quite dangerous. Also, this force is controllable and also can be used meaningfully.

Warning and Disturbance – The tusks and trunk are unique symbols for male sexuality. For the interpretation of the dream it is important how the elephant behaves. If he attacks or goes through wild, this is a warning to the dreamer against uncontrolled impulsiveness and instincts. If he is ill, injured, tired or dead, this points to impaired vital force or disturbances of the subconscious.

Control – A peaceful, strong and industrious elephant means that the force of the subconscious is controlled by the ratio successfully – or at least the wish for it.


European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Needs for help If see – Elephant in a dream for most women, is related with the male strength. Also the dream shows that you will get help from friends or by external influences which will help you to solve all the hardships;
  • Admirers If see (women) an elephant – In the dream woman sees an elephant, she will meet admirers and with one of them she will not get rid so easily;
  • Luck and Trust If see (men) an elephant – This dream means good run of business and you have to trust your fellows in every aspects;
  • Safe life If alone elephant – This dream is a signal about modest, but safe living and sure incomes;
  • Riches If see many – When you dream that you see a lot of elephants, this announces and promises immense wealth, because of your hard work you deserve this;
  • Lucky time If kicked by one – In the dream you were kicked by an elephant, this points to happiness, wealth, honor;
  • Wonderful time If ride – You ride on an elephants mean luck in everything. Also this dream promises happiness in marriage or if you are not married, connection with trusted person; You may hope to receive solid wealth and awards;
  •  Ridiculous If see at the circus – Your exaggerated anxious will make a fool of yourself;
  • Reward If give water – This means that someone will reward you for a proved service;
  • Merry family If elephant mother with the young ones – Brings you modest and quiet family life;

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • The elephant represents great powerful rich man, but vulnerable by enemy;
  • New start If man gets an elephant – This means you will take seriously to build rich and wealthy life;
  • Leadership If Ride on an elephant – Dream shows that you will be a leader and have money and property;
  • No worries If perishes – It seems that elephant perishes, means that you will get into troubles, but by no means you will not lose your wealth, because the elephant whole “wealth and power” is based on his bones;
  • Profit If find manure – Finds an elephant’s manure, you will acquire large and significant resources and will become rich. According to their amount by a large, you will gain money.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Great life If ride on – In the dream you ride on an elephant, means that you will increase and save joy and wealth; also points to marriage in later age;
  • Happiness If elephant comes at your living place – A strange elephant suddenly comes to your house, announces that you will experience joy and  release from every troubles;
  • Influence If see bones or manure – You find bones or manure of the animal in the dream, this is a signal that you will dispose of big means;
  • Useful fellows If see – This means that you will get high patrons, who will help you in any hard situation;
  • Demolition of plans If see dead or killed – In the dream you see dead or killed elephant. shows destruction of your plans and no matter how strongly you try to rebuild them.

Contexts’ Meanings:

To see an elephant in the dream – The meaning of elephant in the dream, indicates sexuality, power and success. This will bring you happiness, wealth and prosperous life. Also this dream symbol shows that you have to learn to be more patience and more humble with others.

To ride on an elephant in the dream – This dream announces that you are the leader in the family, you are very prosperous person and reach your goals patiently. This dream will bring you richness and wealth in your life. You are the successful person and you overcome all the barriers in your life. The symbol stands for power and stability in your life.

To dream dead/killed or sick elephant – This dream signifies about destruction of your plans or goals. All your desires will not fulfillment. This is not your time, you have to wait and try to think where you have made mistakes. And only then when you will find the problems, you can reach and make your new plans.

* Please, see meaning of animals, phallus, trunk.

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  1. I dreamed a beautiful dream, I was sitting on a rug and I heard that the elephants were coming and I ran over to them, large elephants were being ridden and were in beautiful fantastic golden and colourful regalia in a procession and there were baby elephants with children on there backs everyone was very happy they were beautiful and regel and it was a very special procession, I felt very happy.
    I sat down again and then there was a very beautiful white elephant also very happy and special being ridden in regalia.
    I felt very happy when I woke up and felt this meant great luck, happiness and joy.

  2. Hi

    I had this that i was in wedding and i came accross a elrphant, it was huge i was hiding in walking ,suddenly it changed its direction started walking back of me, i ran and hid myself, it started roaring n the roaring was as if it was calling me but i didnt go, so it transformed itself into a guy, seeing him i felt like someone whom i knew, when i went to it, it again transformed into elephant and was playing with me n showing effection
    What does this mean
    I couldnt see the face of the man

  3. I had a dream of a baby elephant. Supposedly it was a pet (as it wore the same chain, and dwelled in the same lot that we kept my childhood dog). It was very ill due to heat exhaustion and neglect. It was lying on the ground nearly motionless when I got home from work/school. My mother was making dinner as she always did and she was telling me about the elephant refusing to eat/drink. It was then that I ran to this poor baby elephant with food. To my surprise, despite its weakness you could see excitement in its eyes as it tried to crawl to me. It began eating as if it were starved. I then assured it that I would return shortly with some water. I ran to the house and was filling a large pitcher of water to take to it when I woke up. Not sure what this dream means. However, when I was 12yrs old I lost my beloved dog. He was the sweetest, friendliest dog. Someone poisoned him one night. (which we later found out that someone wanted him dead as he was a great watch dog and they planned to break in our house). He got very weak, violently sick, despite our efforts to save him. Yet he was always happy to see me. I would always run to him everyday after school. Until one day (not long after her been sick) I ran to his lot to find him missing. It was then I ran in the house to my mother informing me that he had passed during the night. I felt alone, empty, and I hated myself for not being able to save him. He was my best friend. I dream of my dog fairly often, however I’ve never dreamed of an elephant in his place/lot.

  4. i had a dream of a baby elephant under my care… i was playing with it and we were having a very nice time. then some kidnappers took my elephant away.. my dad and i chased after them… there were many elephants there small ones and very very big ones… and then i started crying cing my little elephant there and thats how i woke up ….

  5. I was riding on top of a wild elephant. High energy — we were moving fast through a jungle setting. I felt oddly at ease atop the wild beast, despite that being my first ever encounter with an elephant.

    We were FOR SURE on a mission, perhaps running from something, or rather charging tenaciously towards the future…

  6. I’m hoping to find an interpretation for this dream. I had a dream a few months back that an elephant committed suicide because he was lost and a demon on his shoulder convinced him that he will only find his way through death. He was walking around town and he found a high place to jump from. What does that even mean?

  7. Two hours ago I dreamt, I was driving in my car on some small country road passing fields. I look to the right and I see a flying elephant moving along my car (it didn’t have wings, it was sort of flowting in the air). ANd then it “crashed” into the field and didn’t get up. I stopped the car and ran to see if the animal was ok. THe elephant was alive but hurt, it didn’t move. I was stroking its skin, comforting it, and the elephant kept looking at me with its big eyes. I wanted to call for help but didn’t know who to cal. 911? I started shouting and a man appeared with a big car and we loaded the elephant in the trunk/backseat I sat beside it all the time. We decided to drive the elephant to a hospital in the big city which was an hour away. THe elephant was still alive, not moving, looking at me, but I noticed it shrunk. I was very worried.

  8. I dreamt I was walking along a road nearby my home with a friend when I encountered a small cluster of homes.
    There were dirt roads in front of the homes in the form of an oval track.
    Walking along the track were thee baby elephants who were chained to one another with one leading the other two around and around the dirt track.
    I stopped and asked several of the community members who the elephants belonged to and they all said they didn’t know.
    I said I was taking them and I did.
    I told my traveling companion to pick them up and we would unshackle them..give them water and care for them.
    We did exactly that.
    Taking the three babies to our home and caring for them.
    They were very gentle and loving and oh so happy that we took them home.

  9. Hi I am Sandhiya…I had a dream in the afternoon about elephant…the elephant is very black (dark) not like normal elephant …I was very afraid to see that…..BT suddenly me and my brother was riding on the elephant …. Which came in my village…Then suddenly we came down and went with our father…..tel me what is the meaning for the dream….

  10. I had a dream that i was at my fathers work where he retired from an no longer works there. This really giant elephant was trying to attack us and i shot him in the head with my dads bosses gun and he fell dead but landed on my father killing him. It was so real an scared me very bad i was very upset. I have had several dreams where im at my dads work sight where he used to work.

  11. I saw a dream in which a elephant (mammoth) was running outside my house and spread ice all over the house. The window’s glass get missed or it could broke. But strange think I saw two people beside a mountain they wanted a thing but they can’t get and other thing is that they were not humans and they threw a thing inside the mountain. And when I saw that mountain had a way to go to space.

  12. I dreamed of a dog that was in meed of adoption.when they showed me the do.(it was a blind adoption).It had an elephants trunk.It also bit me.Later in the dream the face turned into a human females face with a human nose,but also the trunk ,was still there..Not sure what it means but there was a recent death in my family.In the dream someone trying to persuade me into keeping the animal.Told me it was destiny. They kept referring to the death in my family saying this dog is a rescue animal and that we both have things in common concerning abuse,death tragic,loss and betrayal.To please keep the dog.I denied the dog..Help me uncover if you have information.

  13. I dreamt a huge elephant was walking on the road so all the cars stopped. I only remember its head. It’s head was above the clouds and could be seen through the thin clouds on a dreary day. Its gigantic eyes (I think) saw me. People were afraid while I was fascinated. It was the same elephant that is on my wallpaper.

  14. I was walking along and i saw many elephants. there where men trying to put circus wear on them then they started to become spooked. One of the elephants fell over paniced and died. this one had his mouth open and and an arrow louged in his throat. then i woke up.

  15. I dreamed of an elephant dying in the road. I was horrified by the sight turned around and walked the other way for some reason i stopped and decided to go ahead and approach the dying elephant as i got closer i realized there was a snake coiled around its leg. The snake wasn’t there the first time i saw the elephant…..what…the…..hell does this mean???

  16. I had a dream I was watching the last elephant in North America dying on the beach. tusk had been cut off previously (not why he/she was dying). Holy, sad dyes. Hindi eyes.

  17. I had a dream where I was taken to a prison run by elephants. The elephants were treated cruelly by the boss elephant which seem to have a human body. It resembled the Hindu god Ganesh. Well, this half human half elephant creature was bossing around the elephant and was even using one of the elephant as a couch.

  18. I had a dream last night of finding a baby elephant in the industrial outskirts of a city, under an overpass. It’s front left foot was smaller than the others and malformed from having grown up with a chain around it. I tried to help but when I got close it attacked me. Something scared it off and when I saw it again it was with its parents, and the father charged. The father was this enormous angry mammoth and I spent the rest of the dream running but no matter where I climbed to or his it was able to follow me or destroy everything.

  19. I dreamed I was driving and ran off the road onto a stack of dying and dead elephants , I climbed out the window and feet first began to slide down to the ground and I took off running , before I climbed down there were people on the road and I screamed call 911

  20. in my dream i saw a elphant which was lying and me and my friends we got the tusk off and decided to sell it but one of my friends feared that we might be arrested and threw it away i was so mad at him

  21. I dreamt of herd of Elephants which includes Tuskers, Female and baby Elephants all are mammoth in size passing by me on road near Temple premises. Around 9-10 and amongst them 1 Elephant just standing opposite to me n ppl were sitting on it. Few Elephants were wild Elephants and the last Elephant which stood opposite to me is domesticated Female Elephant were some ppl were riding on it and I am just exactly opposite to it n this Elephant I dreamt few minutes after Wild Elephants passing down me.

  22. i dreamed so many elephants are hanging on tree by seeing i just ran away into my home and i closed the doors and i warned all to be careful from elephants it will harm go inside i said to my relatives….

  23. I dreamt that I see an elephant is passing next to me, due to less space it presses me hard and moves.can u please give me the meaning of my dream.

  24. I dreamt of herd of elephants in water with heads out n body in but could clearly see thru in nt so clear water. They all walking in water in a line. What does tht mean?

  25. I dreamt I had a baby elephant that loved me and I was protecting it. I carried it in my arms like a child / pet. I could feel the elephants love when the elephant embraced my neck with its trunk. I would protect the elephant from those who would want to keep it in captivity.

      • I’m on this site looking for an interpretation of the same dream. I was carrying the baby elephant in my arms, stroking its soft hair and it was reacting like a loving pet. I fed it mandarin (it rejected cucumber) and named it Len.

      • I dreamt the same dream of a baby elephant that I had as a pet. I held it and cuddled it in my arms. But somewhere along the way I guess it got away someone brought it back to me wounded (shot). It was alive but I started crying, and that’s when I woke up. Can’t find anything about the scenario online.

    • I dreamed the exact same dream only in mine, I let the elephant out of my sight and it was killed (hit by a train, also I couldn’t pack it around b/c it was real baby elephant size) I weeped like I’d never before and I woke up with a headache. I’m actually still saddened by it. Wonder what it means…

    • I had the exact same dream except instead of anything bad happening to it, it brought me another baby elephant eventually and I cared for them both and lived them…

    • hey this is a good dream …. but it has many meanings but with age of the viewer it changes .

      If your age is between 18-27 : it means you will move ahead in your relation and your partner is your soul mate.

      age 27-35 : If you are not planning for baby you should plan because this is the best time to have a healthy and a good baby.

      age 35-45 : If your sextual life is disturbed its time to take tour again to deep Love n Romance and yo will be blessed with the same power again .

      age 45-65 : May be your partner needs your Physically .

      Love Making Elephant is one of the good Sign which will always bring some good news or improvement in Relation Wealth and Success .

      Its also sign of Knowledge and Power.

      In Dreams seeing Elephant Killed , tied , Weak or Drunken are considered Negative , Loss , or a Demotion .

      # this is what I feel , Please Correct me if youu have Experienced something Different #

  26. I dreamt that there were two decorative baby elephant statues/busts underwater at the deep end of a pool (attached to the wall). The water was a bit cloudy and I said a prayer(for the water to clear? I don’t remember)that the babies (I think they were mine, I don’t actually have any) would have nourishment, and the water cleared. That’s all I remember.