Elevator dream meanings


– In general: elevator or lift symbolizes that the dreamer is dealing with information.
– If an elevator is descending at points such as point out that the dreamer climbing down into the unconscious.
– If an elevator traveling upward: the dreamer going up to spirituality; Also: Some people believe that you are leaving your body during sleep;
– If you stuck in the lift: dreamer is not in his spiritual development progress.


– To dream elevator: early old age, a sign of strong need for rest.

– To sart up in elevator: quickly gain prestige and wealth;
– To ride down: reflect a misfortune for dreamer;
– To see elevator is drive down and to think, that you left behind: you will escape barely a disappointment;
– To dream that elevator is standing: promises imminent danger;
– In a tight fit: soon have a frustrating experience.

* Please, see also lift, house, building.

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  1. I get into the lift and some other person (usually a woman) comes in after me . The lift closes in and is incredibly tight, pressing aginst us until not only can we not turn but start to find breathing difficult.

    The lift is shut but going nowhere.

    Despite the nightmare, the woman, (not a familiar face to me), is looking calm and serene!

    I eventually wake and breathe quickly as if breathing for the first time in minutes/hours or whatever time these dreams last.

  2. I always had this dream being in a lift that is traveling at an lightning speed!! And it not just downwards, but upwards and even sideways (something like a bullet train??!! but still a lift !!) does anybody has this dream before?