Equator dream meanings


Ritual of passage, moving from one side to another sphere.


In which way can I find more holistic approach?

General Meanings:

Wholeness The dream symbol of equator indicates the desire to find yourself. You are trying to put yourself from small pieces to the wholeness.

Changes Crossing the equator in the dream, may show favorable changes in your life. To stand near the equator in the dream, shows that you will have to make very important decision in your life.

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  1. I dreamt coming from one side which was full of darkness, and lateron in an a twinkle of an eye i land in another place, and that place is full of light and radiance, and i find some girls standing there, they try to over hug me but in my spirit i feel it is wrong, then lateron i leave theme about a metre distance and i find myself standing on the equator line with alot of radiance, and i was frightened.