Evening dream meanings

General Meanings:

The need for relaxation and rest It is an ambiguous dream symbol, whose meaning is usually seen only from the accompanying circumstances. Basically evening has something to do with peace, relaxation, decreasing physical and mental force (colloquially with old age).

Time to rest and enjoy the life Thus points to increased need for relaxation, and warns against chronic overwork. In the dream you are siting, relaxing and taking things easy, like you rest after hard day, this shows that you had fulfilled your duties and responsibilities well and now you may/should treat yourself to some rest. For older people this may mean the evening of their life, for young people – a low running time. Sometimes secret mental desires are expressed in the dream of the evening. Your earlier concerns will have a happy ending.

Psychological Meanings:

The need to illuminate your minds The image of the evening usually appears at the beginning of a dream, either as a dream landscape or as a mood position. The evening can also symbolize the evening of life (old age): this often appears to the people who are already in the second half of life. The evening can stand for twilight and the limits of the conscious mind. Perhaps there are signs in your environment which you will be able to see only then, when you will deal with your unconscious.

Spiritual Meanings:

The evening symbolizes age and years of experience.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Decrease of power If evening –  Dreaming an evening in any combination, this signifies a decline of mental and physical forces;
  • Frustration if fall in – The dream announces unfulfilled hopes and unfortunate speculations;
  • Bright future if with shining stars – You are dreaming the bright evening with a lot of stars, denotes about the instantaneous grief but after this the following bright future will come.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • In general dreaming of an evening is a symbol of an age and an experience.

* Please, see meaning of twilight, night, stars.

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