Face dream meanings

General Meanings:

The mirror of the feelings The dream symbol of face appears in the dream when the dreamer is ready to face his real face, to understand himself better, to find the mistakes. The expression of the face can show the anxiety, sadness, worries or happiness of the dreamer.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Aspiration if healthy face – To dream a healthy face, announces good hopes;
  • Success if see sympathetic face – This dream signifies that your actions will succeed;
  • Joy if smiling face – This dream will bring you happiness in your life;
  • Warning if angry and ugly face – This dream symbol wants to warn you to be careful;
  • Secret if face is covered – In the dream you see a covered face, marks that something is hidden from you;
  • Get rid of bad things if washing face – In the dream you are washing your face, this indicates that you need to clean up some bad things from your life;
  • Shame if a laughing face – The laughing face in the dream announces you dishonor.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Attention if see your face in the mirror – This dream wants to pay your attention to be mindful of your health;
  • Illness if pale face -Signifies that disease will follow you;
  • More patience if ugly – The face is ugly in your dream, shows that you have to deal with your troubles with patience;
  • No troubles if nice face – The nice face symbol in the dream indicates that you will avoid worries because you’re patient;
  • Good behave if wash face – You got rid of all the bad habits in your life;
  • Bad news if hide face – in the dream you hide your face this announces unpleasant message.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Disease if pale and haggard face – This dream announces illness, very pale face – severe illness;
  • Great life if thick and puffy red face – This dream announces you good living;
  • Changing personality if see two faces – This dream signifies that you are two-faced person, you change your personality according to situation;
  • Happy children if have yourself a very nice face – This dream shows that your son or your daughter will have good luck in the life;
  • Long life if a beautiful look face in the water – The beautiful face reflection in the water will bring you long life;
  • Good life if see your own in the water -The dream brings you long life and honor;
  • Fulfillment of desires if see a happy face in the mirror – All your wishes will come true;
  • Derision and success if see with make-up -The face in your dream is with make-up, for men announce scorn and derision, admiration and success of women;
  • Troubles if ugly face – The dream will bring you worries;
  • Enmities if a very ugly face – The demonic, death and enmities are in your life;
  • Better life if swollen face – The swollen face in the dream indicates that you will improve your life, you will earn more money;
  • Bad news if somebody hides face – This shows that you will get bad news;

Contexts’ Meanings:

To dream face in general – The dream symbol of face stands for feeling, health and emotions of a person. The expression of face may bring you happiness, long life, wealth or even worries. In the dream you can read your own emotions which may be hidden in your waking life and try to use them or ti avoid worries.

The face beautiful, nice smiling in the dream – All these expressions of the face will bring you joy and happiness. The smiling face signifies luck and optimistic attitude to life. Your all the wishes and desires will come true, they will improve your life. You will have a wealth and prosperous life. The healthy and beautiful face shows that you will live long life.

To dream ugly, pale, unhealthy and angry face in the dream – All the negative feeling of the face in your dream, signifies worries and anxiety in your life. The unhealthy and pale face is a sign that something is wrong with your health. This is a warning that you have to take care of your health if you want to avoid serious disease.

To see hidden or covered face in the dream – This dream symbol may show that something is hidden from you. You have to be more careful and attentive with people around you. You are hiding your own face in the dream signifies your own shame, because you are hiding something from people around you. Also this may show that you do not show your real personality.

No face in the dream – No face symbol has several meanings. First one, that you have lost you own identity, you are confused in your real life. Second one is that you face with the person which are not known to you, you have a fear that this person may bring you worries and troubles because you can not read his emotions and this does not help you to deal with this. You are afraid to face with the situation that you do not know, you do not trust yourself.

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