Farewell dream meanings

General Meanings:

The wish or need to get rid of bad feelings, actions and start the new beginning A farewell dream is similar to the death dreams. It remains to find out to whom or what you say goodbye or farewell  in reality. Farewell may mean that your life will change fundamentally, for example, by separating people, things, attitudes and beliefs and also feelings or a new career. If you wish to hear or to say again  “goodbye” in the dream, this can be pointed as a positive sign. Also it is possible that you can change only emotionally, to say goodbye to the habits, attitudes and behaviors, because you develop your personality.  A dream in which we say farewell to friends or the partner, this does not automatically mean that you want to leave them soon, we say goodbye perhaps to something what they represent. In the same way, the parting of a building or place means that you let your past as a whole or at least a portion of it behind. Additional symbols in the dream may clarify its true meaning.

Psychological Meanings:

Farewells usually means a change of your life or an imminent change in living habits.

  • Farewell of the parents promises changes mostly for younger people which announces greater independence.
  • Parting with a boyfriend or a steady friend, it is often the expression of distrust of their actual loyalty.
  • Saying goodbye to old people, in some cases point to a never seen again, but sometimes also include the admonition that you should give up a bad habit.

In the dream woman often dreams farewell announces certain changer in her life or lifestyle. Was the separation cheerful or sad? Perhaps it marks a certain stage of life or a relationship. If it is not a stage of life, then you might want to pass or dismiss something out of your life. You dream of a farewell party, this can be interpreted as an indication that something is completed or soon will be. 

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Worries if farewell to parents – In the dream you say goodbye to your parents, this dream warns about affliction, sorrow or disease;
  • Happy love if hear from a lover – In the dream you hear farewell from your lover, this is a very good omen. The dream shows that he/she is loyal and faithful;
  • Trustful friends if from friends – The dream denotes that you have awesome and real friends and you can always ask for help, they will help you in every situation of your life;
  • Overcoming troubles if get from strangers – you are dreaming that strangers or people that you do not know farewell with you, this announces that worries will disappear soon;
  • Loyalty if you say goodbye – You’ll be named in a will because of your loyalty;
  • Unfaithfulness if two people say to each other – This dream shows about your own infidelity.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Losses if provide farewell – In the dream you provide farewell, this announces a loss due to illness or death;
  • Friendship if take from somebody – You are taking this from somebody in your dream, this signifies good and lasting friendship.

Artemidorus Meanings:

Speak or hear in a dream  “goodbye” or “stay healthy”, this does not mean anything good, because those words people use when they want to goodbye to each other or go to rest. This can be only the way to run away from troubles. Therefore, it distinguishes marriages and communities, because people too fast and too often use these words and do not put any efforts to save the relation between them.

* Please, see meaning of delay.

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  1. I had a dream tht i was in a truck all packed and moving My boyfriend was going with me and before we drove away I was telling 2 of my family members i was moving and goodbye Tht all i had left to go pick up was my dogs Then i woke up It was sad for me to say goodbye What does this mean Worried because im not feeling good and everytime im sick I have these crazy dreams