Father dream meanings


– Authority, control, leadership, recognition.


– What do I take care of?

In general:

Father partly stands for the relation to own father and / or makes clear these traits which he has affected by his bringing up; behind it you can often see neurotic disturbances which were founded in the childhood. However, it can also point a strong influence by a father-figure with an immature personality. Generally it symbolizes manliness, power and energy.


The father is a symbol for traditional order and natural authority in the dream. The archetypal representatives of the rational, function of the active consciousness and the will. The father in the dream is mostly the agent the purpose in life bound understanding of life content, but also traditional element. Has or had the dreamer a good relation to own father, diminishes this by the unconscious conflicts and leads us to a certain extent in his hand certainly on the correct way. In the dreams of adults the father appears either as a helpful figure which recalls the long-forgotten lessons of the former father in the memory, or the strong personality of the Father side of the dreamer. In the dreams of young people, the father in a dream is usually an opponent. With this picture, a generation gap can be expressed when the father occurs in other than natural forms. The dream consciousness wants to help the dreamer to separate from childish father’s images and to recognize the father as people like others. When the daughters dream, it often translates the first lover, with women generally or also the husbands – in badly running marriages – the longing for a new life partnership and shows the ideal marked of a desired partner. Women dream more frequently of the archetypal father-figure, which appears in women’s dreams and not necessarily represent the biological father. This is typical woman who is striving for security (who felt herself as a small girl, provides protection of the father). However, on the other hand the father is considered in the dream also as the personified bad conscience (particularly if the mother and the father have always act as the punishing), particularly in view of frequent changes of partners. For sons, he is more the authority figure, the model, but also the rival, the husband of the beloved mother.(What suggested Freud, the Oedipus complex, because Oedipus has killed his father and has married his mother.) Those who dreams of the deceased father, with whom he had a relationship of trust during his lifetime, association receives advice and assistance in a quandary position. Who himself becomes in the dream the father, even if that should not be in the waking life. In everyday life, perhaps an idea for which it is worthwhile to work with energetically effort. However, generally, the whole dream may be considered very carefully, because the father is a very ambiguous dream symbol.


European (Judeo-Christian)
– For girls and women revolt or reminder of the male nature; very often also inclination or appreciation for educator, teachers, ministers etc, to transfer to the father image ;
– For men frequently discussion with forced, often men dealing with imposed, superior, sometimes annoying, mostly unpleasant powers;
– To see in your dream: this is a sure sign that he loves you; also: you will be soon involved into a problem and need a well-meant advice;
– To talk with him: a sign of coming happiness;
– Silent confirmation and to see ill: you may expect future difficulties;
– To see the living father: this will bring disgrace about the family, and it is admonished to the debt opposite his parents` home;
– In the dream you see deceased father: announces an unexpected joy or help; the business becomes stormy, and you need circumspection for their accomplishment;
– In the dream you see dying or dead father: announces a long life of your father;
– If a young woman sees her deceased father, her lover does a wrong game with her, or he will cheat her.

Hindu (Hinduism)
– In the dream you became a father: to single ones, it announces quick marriage, marrying good children, beautiful married life;
– To see or speak with your father: luck;
– To see dying: accident;
– You see dead father: there will be changes in your family.

Arabian (Islamic)
– In the dream you speak with your father: you will learn and know something good;
– You lose or can not find your father: you will get in a big embarrassment;
– in the dream you became a father: you will be revealed a new field of activity.

* Please, see meaning of archetypes, chef, director, sexual intercourse, intercourse, teacher, child, king, man, family.

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4 responses

  1. i wanna know what is the meaning of my dream.
    i dreamed about my dead father:
    1.he go home in my old house where we live before when i was young.but we never talk.
    2.he working to our farm .
    3.he mess around the big river.
    4.he shown to me but we cant talked each other.
    5.he living in our second house whe he died.
    6.he been kidnapped and he shown me the girl that who kidnapped on him.
    7.he asking me 2 kilos of fish because he dont have food.
    8.he worked in overseas and the boss treat him so bad and he been burried in a snow at disneyland and i found him. but in real life i never been in disneyland cos i live in philippines.
    9.he shown to me before i did subdevided the lot that share of my mom.
    10.he came to our third house and his happy and that time i ask him if i can hug him and he said” sure why not? then we hug each other.
    11.my last dreamed of my father is i seen him lying on the bed and look like he sleeping and some worms ate on his leg up to his knee.
    thats my all dream since my father dead last february 13 2013…i hope u can give me some meaning on that thank you …

  2. I had a dream last night about my uncle who recently died and I was the only person who could see him. I asked him if he had saw my own father who died many years ago he said no. He asked me to tell my auntie has the car been in for a service. my cousins were in the room they couldn’t see him I asked him to take a photo of us so they could see the flash and that he was in the room he did. My cousin ran out of the room into the kitchen downstairs we also followed her. When I walked in again no one could see him and my own father was standing behind him. I ran into my dad’s arms and hugged him and said I have really missed you he hugged me back and smiled I woke up.

  3. Last night I dreamt of my deceased father burning in the house. I was watching the house burning with my late father inside and I was crying. I wish I can know the meaning of this dream.

  4. My father recently passes away Feb.22 2013. I have had many dreams about him. But I feel like some times it is not just me trying to find closure. In my dreams they are so real, I can feel, smell, and touch him and things around us.
    My first dream was soon after he had passed, he drove up our drive way in his truck, it was a beautiful day, summer it was hot but with a cool breeze I was in my swing, I heard his truck before I saw it. He got out of his truck and went to go get a beer from his shop. I was so emotional, and he had no clue he was gone worse he wouldn’t let those words come out of my mouth. Every time I tried to tell him why I was so happy to see him, why I was so upset, he would just hold me and tell me he would never be gone that long, and hadn’t . He was just there holding me for the longest time telling me he loved me. Then I woke up. This I could believe is just me trying to get over my fathers death but….
    The last dream I had of him was so emotional, I have had a lot of things go on with my sisters sense he passed with them stealing his personal belongings and treating our mother badly. In this dream he drove up to our house and went into his shop, he was a craftsman he did everything he was an artist with wood. But he saw all of his things gone, misplaced, just strung about. He was so angry he was throwing things and yelling, in my dream he went to my sisters houses took back all of his things and disowned them. I woke up in a cold sweat just crying, I feel like this was my father wanting me to right the wrongs they have done not only to him but to our mother.