Flood dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams about flood can intimate contentment, fancy and warm friendship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Carl Jung analysis this dream about flood expresses nonpartisan nerve, feminine lust, finesse and dynamicenergy.
Good adaptations are about to become true if: flood - This synbol of your dream augurs ascendancy and being a visionary person. Yet, if your dream has left bad feeling then a dream can betoken contra interpretation: some person might be guileful and dissembled in relation to you.
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  • Heavy rain and flooding - Heavy rain and flooding dream symbolizes God sent removal of contaminants from your life. It falls directly from the Sky so it has divine powers. It floods all over with chances of huge damage to anyone who’s in your way stopping you from reaching your aspirations. Dreaming of great rainfall with overflowing of a large amount of water means that enormous quantity of heavenly energy dedicated to growth has reached you. You will be able to use your knowledge and skills with huge power and that will make a lot of useful harm to someone who is competing with... (read more)
  • Water - ...water is hot, however, can be a sign of illness or a stressful, unbalanced lifestyle. Psychologically: The mythology as well as today’s evolutionary theory see the source of all life in the water. It is also for the preservation of the life of utmost importance, what gives to the water a maternal-feminine aspect. In the dream, the water is a symbol of the unconscious psychic energy. The symbol of the unconscious is life giver and sustainer of life. If the water is stored or flows, such dream always is the positive resolution. As soon as it exceeds its limits, flooding the... (read more)
  • Driving into water - ...stored or flows, such dream is always the positive resolution. As soon as it exceeds its limits, flooding the area or overflowing onto land, it indicates danger that has to be interpreted from other symbols. Clear water has luck, but murky, cloudy or dark indicate an unfortunate turn in life. Water is also available for cleaning because it can cleanse the people of the inner and outer dirt through the day. It frees the baptizer to from his previous “sins”, also from those he has inherited from the family. In a dream to go into the water, means to begin something... (read more)
  • Flood - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Show emotions if dream of flood – You are dreaming of flood then this dream marks that you are overflowed with emotions that need to be expressed. Hindu (Hinduism) Troubles if see flood – The dream of flood announces that you will have distress and worries in near future. Arabian (Islamic) Show emotions if flood – The dream of flood indicates that you have lots of emotions that you need to show.... (read more)
  • Weather - General Meanings: Weather as part of the environment usually shows the mood and emotional state of the dreamer. Weather is the emotional “weather”, this shows the prevailing mood. The following weather conditions are often recognized as: Sunshine stands for optimism, arising from energy and confidence. Clouds symbolize pessimism, anxiety, depression (especially when dark clouds). Tearing clouds announces a difficult situation, but with a little hope, the end is in sight and will be less bad than feared. Rain marks repressed emotions that are coming from internal voltage, which can also lead to flooding. Storm or strong wind announce different... (read more)
  • Islamic Water - ...a place where it is of no benefit in the dream means wasting one’s money. ggg Floods in a dream means distress, suffering and corruption, depending on their strength. If the water level of a dam or a river rises and inundates people’s homes and businesses and becomes a threat to people’s lives in a dream, it means discord and trials after which evil people will be eliminated from that place. ggg If one sees water flowing over his own roof in a dream, it means a quick distress, or a permanent stress that will be brought by someone in... (read more)
  • Water - ...drinks in a dream. Drowning dream can happen because of an excessive consumption of liquids. See full bladder explanation above. All these causes are also internal stimulus, which works as an alert to reassess waking life habits. For everybody, the Full Moon is a cause of dreams about waves and tides, currents and streams or torrents, floods and waterfalls – or any other movement, the rise and the fall, of water. This meaning comes from the Full Moon influence on the physical World, where the Moon and the Sun and the rotation of the Earth combined together exert the gravitational... (read more)
  • Asians - Psychological Meanings: Fear Everything depends on your own personal viewpoint, which is hidden in a dream as a symbolism of Asians. It is possible that your subconscious sends you a sign that you deeply have a fear to lose your quality of life. ( Because Asian mass-produced may flood the market and a number of Asian immigrants). Desire for spiritual development If you are interested in spiritual topics, then Asians symbolize the wisdom of the Far Eastern culture (Buddhism). You search for something which may improve or develop your personality and thoughts.... (read more)
  • Rail transport - ...secret about yourself; – a railway disaster attend: you get from a friend, who is staying in the distance, bad news; – despite the rush they missed: you will miss an opportunity; – rails are blocked by obstacles: they play a double game; – the sleepers go of the track: hard times and hard work; – go on the iron rails: thanks to the ability to influence things in their own sense, be very happy; – one from the water flooded rail: big pleasure for a short while, although rising pitch again like a phoenix from the ashes; – when... (read more)
  • Storm - General Meanings: Emotions The dream of storm stands as the indication of an outburst. The dreamer may be flooded with good or bad events, positive or negative emotions. The dream symbol can also stand for suppressed anger or negative emotions. Psychological Meanings: Need to clean mind When the dreamer has difficulties possibly with “a storm” he/she can get liberation. The storm in a dream can clean the “emotional atmosphere” of the dreamer and only then with a pure mind can move on. Spiritual Meanings: On the spiritual level a storm in the dream symbolizes creative force. Lightning and thunder... (read more)