Heavy rain and flooding dream meanings

Heavy rain and flooding dream symbolizes God sent removal of contaminants from your life. It falls directly from the Sky so it has divine powers. It floods all over with chances of huge damage to anyone who’s in your way stopping you from reaching your aspirations. Dreaming of great rainfall with overflowing of a large amount of water means that enormous quantity of heavenly energy dedicated to growth has reached you. You will be able to use your knowledge and skills with huge power and that will make a lot of useful harm to someone who is competing with you. As result of it your dream prognosticates forthcoming fortune. Soon enough you will be happier than you are now.

On other hand, large amount of rain drops and flooding water shows that there is plenty of it for cleaning and washing. It can mean that dense emotions are weighing a lot and these feelings reached the peak. It needs to be released. Heavy rain with flood is here to announce it and help to you to let it go. Something what has bothered you will be eliminated completely.

Alternatively, storm, strong wind, heavy precipitation and violent overflow of water indicate harsh condition in your life. It can mean that there is something what is not going very well. You can be psychologically broke and it is showed by flooding. But water also symbolizes continuation in regeneration and rebirth. So, your dream means also revival and rejuvenation. As prognostication it foretells bright future because of the finalization of overreaching emotions.

On other hand, water as the main component of rain and flooding represents life. But because flooding is unexpected so it adds symbolism of unforeseen character. Heavy rain and flood augurs that you might receive heavily surprising birth in waking life.

Additionally, to dream of heavy rain and flooding can mean that, when you were dreaming, rain and flood has passed by. The noise of densely falling raindrops and running rain flood water was external stimulus which incorporate real life event into your dream. So, dreaming it means that your hearing is working well even when you are sleeping.

Secondary, fear of flood can be the reason of your dream. This fear works as internal stimulus for your dream. It introduces you to the dream of raining and flooding. So, if you have ever experienced serious flood and now fear for it exists, then such psychological experience is the meaning of your dream. Also, it means that you should manage your fear accordingly to the chances of such happening. Because now it is taking over you and following you into dreams despite the fact that it doesn’t need to be worried about. And an umbrella with food and water stocks should always be prepared in order to help you in the case of flooding and this preparation will let you live free of worries.

If weather outside at night was good and without any strong rainstorm and dense flood, and if the fear of high water doesn’t bother you too, then your dream can be seen as a blessing except one fact. Flooding is usually interpreted negatively. So, first, you are blessed because your mind is free of worrying about weather conditions. Second, this dream has symbolism of vitality, spiritedness and forcefulness, which are overflowing too much. Also, it means growth in financial efforts and personal proficiency, but with negatively impacting others interests. So, dreaming about heavy rain and flood symbolizes success in your professional life and family relationships, which will be reached by doing some damaged to third party.

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  1. I dreamt that I was waiting for someone in a heavy rain so when the person arrived I was soaked by the rain and then he gave me a new shirt to put on but when I got home, my house was flooded and my family was in deep poverty and I found myself crying in the dream when I woke up I was still crying. Please what is the meaning of the dream?

  2. Hi, I dreamt running from heavy rain but as I was running the water became big and I found myself swimming, trying to find a way to escape but the water was everywhere and I was devastated because it seemed like I was not going to make it.

    Last week I dreamt about myself in a sinking boat trying to collect things from the sinking boat and I saw blue waves coming on to my direction, I was scared because I didn’t know whether I was gonna survive or not.

  3. In my dream there was two man who take me in inside the floods and there were few people standing inside the flood and i did’nt wait for long time and i went out any hurm and the was umbrella to protect me from rain so these man say sister you are child of ancestors.what does it mean?

  4. Thank you very much, but sometimes when you try to such, Instead of giving direct the answers, you just go around not until failling to get the meaning

  5. I have been unhappy at work and in my marriage so I have been fighting for restoration of my happiness. Today is my 6th day of fasting , praying and burning all that that bring pain and sorrow in my life. Then I dream heavy rain and flooding of the house i was in with my colleagues. They were scared and all screaming for help. I was calmer than them

  6. Hi there, please tell me, I dreamed of praying very hard under a very heavy rain and I didn’t care of getting wet at all. All I wanted was praying God under that rain.

    And when it stopped raining, my brother and I started praising God with songs, and we were very happy.

    I am going through lots of hardships right now, and I’ve been praying a lot.

    But what does this dream mean?