Driving into water dream meanings

Meanings of driving into water in dreambooks:


– Live-giving and vitalizing; Releasing and cleaning; Flexibility and resolution; Emotions and feelings;  Wetness and liquidness; Thirstiness; Aquarius.


How do I feel? What do I feel?

General Meanings:

Water is in the interpretation of dreams usually understood as a symbol of emotional and feminine aspects. Water is a mysterious substance, it can flow over and around things. Whatever stands in its way, water can destroy it. The potential of the dreamer and his ability to create out of his own inner need a new life, can be symbolized by water. Water is an ancient symbol that embodies the general’s soul life with the conscious and subconscious contents. The individual meaning of the dream arises from the accompanying circumstances. Most common conditions in the dream about water are listed below for you to reveal hidden secret of your dream:

  • Clean water is a balanced, harmonious state as a condition of happiness, success and love;
  • Dull or dirty water brings unfavorable mental processes expressed that often have to deal with uncertainty, materialistic attitudes, lack of self-knowledge or “unclean” rejected qualities and thoughts;
  • The wake of a ship in water or otherwise disturbed and not calm water announces stormy times with worry and excitement;
  • To see mirror image of yourself or others in the water warns of self-delusion, illusion or deception by others;
  • Dreaming about walking on the water means that you have conquered a dangerous element. So you are safe with cruises. But besides that, happiness is predicted too. In marriage you will be happy. Processes you will win easily, because you can make good arguments. Especially walking in the dream is advantageous dream for politicians, as the water symbolizes the country’s population.
  • Dreaming about drinking cold water has a good meaning. The dreamer lives in harmony with the needs of his body and he is paying enough attention to his health. If the water is hot, however, can be a sign of illness or a stressful, unbalanced lifestyle.

Psychological Meanings:

The mythology as well as today’s evolutionary theory see the source of all life in the water. It is also for the preservation of the life of utmost importance, what gives to the water a maternal-feminine aspect. In the dream, the water is a symbol of the unconscious psychic energy. The symbol of the unconscious is life giver and sustainer of life.

  • If the water is stored or flows, such dream is always the positive resolution. As soon as it exceeds its limits, flooding the area or overflowing onto land, it indicates danger that has to be interpreted from other symbols.
  • Clear water has luck, but murky, cloudy or dark indicate an unfortunate turn in life. Water is also available for cleaning because it can cleanse the people of the inner and outer dirt through the day. It frees the baptizer to from his previous “sins”, also from those he has inherited from the family.
  • In a dream to go into the water, means to begin something new.
  • Deep water points out that the dreamer either loses the ground under his feet or penetrates into his unconscious.
  • Women dream water more often. Particularly intense aqua-dream can be for women who have experienced a pregnancy: child’s movements in the amniotic fluid has been imprinted in the subconscious mind and dissolves easily in water, always dreaming. If women who has not yet experienced any pregnancy, purpose of the dream about water is to express the desire for a perfect life change.
  • To see in the dream a woman in the water, even if she swims with relish, it shows a healthy, positive attitude to sexuality.

Spiritual Meanings:

Water symbolizes the spiritual rebirth,  the power of life, the unconscious powers of the soul.
Water plays such a large role in dreams and has so many different scenarios and conditions – that makes interpretation of dream about water a huge challenge for everyone. Most common symbolism of water at spiritual plane is explained:

  • To find yourself in the water, can symbolize pregnancy and childbirth;
  • Running water symbolizes peace and well-being;
  • Strongly flowing water – passion;
  • Deep water refers to the unconscious;
  • Shallow water to a lack of vital energy;
  • If you dive into the water, so it shows the need to express, to renew your strength and return to the origin;
  • Dreaming about immerse out of the water, then this points to a new beginning;
  • Being on the water, as in a boat that can point to indecision or lack of emotional commitment;
  • To lie motionless in the water means possibly inertia.

More images related to water are:

  • Dreaming about bathing symbolizes purification.
  • Water of the fountain stands especially for the great mother, for the woman.
  • Dams, islands and other obstacles make the conscious effort to express the power of the water – and thus the feelings of the domination.
  • Drowning illustrates the tendency of the dreamer to oust bad things into the subconscious, but these bad things return to conscious mind and threatening to overwhelm the dreamer.
  • Floods represent the chaotic side in the dreamer, which is usually uncontrollable and therefore requires his full attention.
  • Water channels symbolize the birth process.
  • The sea is cosmic consciousness that is the original chaos from which all life comes. Water in the sea – the cosmos that holds all knowledge, even if it is obscured by the fear of the depth in the sea.
  • A shallow sea symbolizes superficial feelings.
  • The surf symbolizes feelings and desires;
  • A calm sea embodies a peaceful life;
  • A stormy sea is as unwholesome passion.
  • To keep dreaming about tides indicates the passage of time as well as the supply and removal of your own feelings.
  • A lake can, like a pond, stand for a period of transition from the conscious to the spiritual self.
  • If water in the dream comes unexpectedly at the threshold, it may be for the dreamer a chance to understand himself and to learn to appreciate;
  • The own reflection on the water requires reconciliation with the shadows. The dreamer must learn to accept that there are parts in him that he does not like especially, but if he keeps it under control, these parts can provide a lot of energy.
  • Rivers and streams represent always the life and the way it is run by the dreamer. It depends on his attitude, if he sees his life as broad or as narrow stream flow.
  • A transient flow is a feeling that life is too fast.
  • Sea and river in the same dream at the same time indicate the need for a major shift in the life of the dreamer or want to draw attention to the unconscious side of the dreamer.
  • If it is a very deep river, then the dreamer should give more attention to the world that surrounds him, and his relationships.
  • A river crossing – promises big changes.
  • If the river is scary, the dreamer might be going to create unnecessary difficulties;
  • If the river poisoned, the dreamer should stop and do nothing for a while, this is for the best;
  • Diving is to go down into the unconscious, or rediscover the trial, the parts of self that have been suppressed.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

The state of the water represents the soul’s inner being.

Clear, bright – Dreaming about water which looks bright and clear: promises happy days; promises success and profit;
Dim, not clear, dark – Dreaming of water that is lacking brightness, is even dark: sorrow and misfortune; announces unsafe conditions;
Frozen – Dreaming about frozen water: announces a threat;
Fall into it – Dreaming about falling into water: indicates a great tribulation;
Wade – Dreaming about walking into water or through water: points to rescue from danger;
Walk along – Dreaming about walking in parallel and close to water: promises good actions;
Spill – Dreaming of spilling water: fear and sorrow;
Hot – Dreaming about drinking hot water: enemies who will cause trouble;
Clean, Cold – Dreaming about drinking cold and clean water: devoted friends; fulfillment of reasonable hope;
Dirty – Dreaming about drinking of dirty water: promises disease;
Holy – Dreaming about Holy water: represents good health;
Ascending at home – Dreaming of moving, going, or growing water towards home: one is resisting to difficulty;
Going back at home – Dreaming of water that is moving back: you will not give dangerous influences;
1. To empty a boat of water by bailing; 2. Water is entering in ship – 1. Dreaming that you’re bailing the water out and getting feet wet; 2. Dreaming that dirty water is rising and entering in ship: anger, disease and poverty will impose (or are imposing) a heavy burden on the dreamer, but he will overcome these troubles through vigilance;
Water sports – Dreaming of water sports: announces the sudden awakening of love and passion;
Water on head – The head is sprayed with water: the awakening of a passionate love is mutual;
Swimming – For women to swim in the water with relish: sign of a healthy attitude toward sex and a positive sign for overall condition;
Swimming – For man to swim in dream: means good future in professional activity, success in business;

Hindu (Hinduism)

Clear water – Dreaming of clear water means love between husband and wife;
Hot water – Dreaming about hot water or cooking in boiling water: you trust your friends too much;
Dark water – Dreaming of dim, dark, black or dirty water means adultery, unfaithfulness, infidelity, cheating;
Cold water– Dreaming of cold, freezing or frozen water means that your feelings are a bit too cold.

Arabian (Islamic)

Drinking warm water – To drink a warm water in the dream, it is an indication that the dreamer will get in trouble and annoyance, these will be big as the heat of the water, because happiness is like cold water, when hot water is misfortune.
Washing with warm water – If someone washes with warm water, his distress will be lower.
Drinking wine mixed with hot water – If in the dream someone is prophesied to drink wine mixed with hot water means heavy burden.
Wading in warm water – If someone is walking in or through warm water, he will have plague with his servants.
Washing with warm water – If someone is rinsing with warm water his mouth, he will have annoyance in his family; if he washes his face with warm water, people will be mad at him, according to the heat of the water.
Drinking or seeing clear water – If someone sees clear water or drinks clear water, it announces happy prospects;
Cloudy, murky, dark or black water – To dream such water: indicates obstacles; the dreamer will be caught in a miserable and desperate situation;
Cold water – Dreaming of cold water: indicates happiness;
Drinking cold water – To drink cold water in the dream: indicates health;
Drinking hot water – To drink hot water in the dream: indicates disease;
Scalded with boiling water: you will suffer damage due to carelessness;
Boiling: one will you impose very, you have a hot temper;
– Spill: you’re in a matter in error;
– Fall under the same: you will suffer harsh oppression;
– Wade: you’ll save yourself from a hazard;
– Bathe in it: you’re going to clean a reproach;
– Walk on it: you will overcome all obstacles;
– Holy Water: Health;
– Douching hear: thou shalt judged harshly;
– Bathe others see it: you’re going to reconcile enemies.

Medicine Wheel Meanings:

Water meanings and interpretations by Indian people (indigenous North American culture and religion)


  • Cleansing – to clean, to free from dirt, or guilt;
  • Changing – to transfer from old one to new emotional or physical states;
  • Feelings – sensuality & sexuality;
  • The Full Moon – governor of emotions, of power and of knowledge;
  • The Frog Clan – deep, easily flowing feelings, flushing away stalemates and obstacles, natural gift for healing.


– Water is connected in the inner circle of the Medicine Wheel with the Frog Clan. Water as the element of the Frog Clan,  is a transparent liquid, which consists of hydrogen and oxygen.
– Water in liquid form fills the rivers, lakes, streams and oceans of the world. Frozen water becomes ice. Heated water changes into steam.

General Meaning

– Your emotional being and your connection with the element of water, your sensuality, your sexuality, the female aspect of your nature, your connection to the forces of the moon.
– A dream about standing water indicates that you find yourself in a smooth, quiet phase of life.
– Moving water, such as in a stream indicates the fact that your emotional world is undergoing a transformation.
– The quickly rushing water like a waterfall or the ocean waves tell that you are in a phase of rapid changes in interests, a threshold in life have achieved, in which you’ll let go of all control and enjoy yourself at the flow of life force.
– Retrieved from the surf breaking on the beach shows that you realize how your feelings interact with your physical reality.
– A dream of big waves that roll onto the beach may indicate forthcoming decisive emotional events. How did you feel it,waves when weighed against the beach, indicates whether you have to expect a time of happiness, fear or understanding.
– Dreams of big waves can also represent the memory of past lives or other worlds that have been purified by the power of water.

Transcendent Meaning

Dreaming about water in supreme plane is an initiation dream, especially one which has to do with your feelings.

Huichol shamans:
Dreaming of white foam on ocean waves signify love, creation; Dreaming about walking on water indicates that you want to create something new.

Denise Lynn (short):

Short interpretation of water in dreams by Denise Lynn

  • Water symbolizes your intuition and emotions;
  • Make sure to look at the water and see if it is clear or muddy;
  • The water could show your spiritual side: how clear or dirty it is;
  • Dreaming of water indicates the reflection of subconscious mind;
  • Water is also known as a source of life.

Denise Lynn (detailed):

Detailed interpretation of water in dreams by Denise Lynn

Water is one of the most necessary things for life to survive. It is known that there are many meanings and associations about water in different cultures, but some of them have the same symbols and meanings such as: emotions, intuition, feelings, mental consciousness, as well as magical spheres of the feminine energy. Water can also symbolize fertility, birth, new life and harvest. In nature there wouldn’t be any life if it is not for the rain and water;

  • In Chinese culture the water is a source of everything that people are surrounded by;
  • In the Vedic literature it is written that the water is associated with motherhood, because everything started from the water it is the rudiment of the life. Hindus also thought that only the water can maintain the life;
  • In Baptism the water has three main meanings: life, death and rebirth. It is believed by baptist people that when someone goes under the water, somebody else instead of him will born. Remember that when the women is in labor, the first thing that happens is that her waters breaks, which announces about the new life coming in to the world;
  • Since ancient times the water is associated with femininity and fertility of the women.

When the water is flowing it foretells how you feel at the moment. If the water trapped at the gateway it means that you do not show your feelings and hiding emotions away from the others. You’ve made a wall that no one can cross, except you wish to open up yourself;

If you were dreaming of crystal clear water, it indicates the chastity and innocence of your inner self. Stagnant and inactive water shows that you are stuck within yourself. You are trying to find the way out, but there is something that stops you from it. Make sure you find what kind of obstacle stops you from moving forward;

If you were dreaming of a flood it represents the emotional confusion and the fact that you are totally stunned and dependent by your emotional state. Chin up, as sometimes we need to get emotional shock to divide what is good and what is bad for us;

Note the properties of water: whether it clear; Water is also the proof of the spiritual mood. It’s your subconscious I – the water of life, the source of vitality;

Russian dreambook:

Water interpretation from Russian dreambook

  • To drink cold water – health;
  • If you drink hot water – illness;
  • If you spill water on yourself – sadness;
  • To throw something into water – prediction;
  • A warm water – an unexpected delight;
  • If you were swimming or floating in water – you will date someone;
  • If sitting in the water – a failure;
  • To scoop the water out – success in matters of the heart;
  • To pump the water – gain of your incomes;
  • Foam on the water – victory;
  • To walk on the water – prosperity, success, good luck;
  • To take a bath – a carefree and happy life;
  • If the water is muddy – sadness, grief, dealing with bad people;
  • Bright, crystal clear water – the joy, pleasant news, good company, a loyal friend.

Nobleman dreambook:

Dreaming about water interpretation by N. Grishin

Water – the unconscious powers of the soul, and especially the world of the senses.  The water could also represent the personification of the beast that is inside the dreamer’s mind or return to childish naive world view. Consider that the dream might also be a symbol of inertia and passivity.

The water in dreams could be in various conditions, therefore it is interpreted differently:

  • Clean water – means joy, something good;
  • Water that is muddy, dirty or gloomy – negativity, sadness, unhappiness;
  • To drink clean water from wells – health;
  • If you were swimming in clean and clear water – a carefree life, recovery and ability to get back to the state you were before;
  • To swim in a pond in which water isn’t clear and clean – trouble;
  • If the dreamer were taking a bath in a dirty and muddy water – it symbolizes illness or accusation of something;
  • If you were wearing a swimsuit while swimming in the water that foretells about mild illness;
  • If you were dreaming that children are swimming in the water – the joy for their parents;
  • Dreaming about diving in the water – misfortune;
  • To drink muddy and dirty water – the sadness;
  • If the water is boiling or very hot – happiness.

Gypsy dreambook:

Water meaning in dreams by Romani people

  • Clean and cold water is a symbol of good health;
  • Warm or dirty water symbolizes illness;
  • If you empty the water from the jar, jug or any other glass, the dream shows that you have too big appetite, and you need to look after what you eat, as the food is very important to our health.

Shereminskaya dreambook:

Water interpretation in dream by L.G. Shereminskaya

Water as an element – a symbol of our senses, it is also reflects in our metaphorical language. In our language there are some vivid metaphors that we use when we want to emphasize our emotional state (I feel like a fish in water). In the dream, when all this is happening just as a metaphor ‘’to plunge’’, can mean a very strong passion, which should be controlled, because the dreamer could ‘’be drowned’’.

Dreaming of water can be interpreted as:

  • To drink clean and clear water – endless happiness;
  • Muddy water – troubles, illness or some kind of disease, unpleasant conversation or uncomfortable meeting;
  • If you see the water that is blue, bright and transparent – joyful meeting;
  • If the water is trickling from the floor or leaking from the wall – unexpected barriers that you will find hard to cope with.
    • It could also mean that you have enemies you never knew of;
  • If the water became ice – you will face some of the obstacles in the future;
  • If you dream of the flood, but the water is clear – there will be some temporary difficulties, that will be irresistible, anyway you will find the way out.
    • If the water of the flood is muddy and dirty – you will find it hard to solve the problems you have;
  • If the dreamer sees the dam that’s holding intense movement of the water, there are some extra energy the dreamer has, which could be either destructive or constructive. There is a need to be in charge of the individual’s emotions, only then the dreamer will be able to overcome all the severities;
  • If you were swimming in the water it could mean that you find it hard to separate yourself from your childhood and still are dependant from your parents. After becoming an adult you still want to feel as much connected to your roots as you can.

New Family dreambook:

Water meanings in dreams from Family Dream Book

  • To dream of clean water – to the prosperity and satisfaction;
  • If the water is murky – you will be in danger;
  • To see the water that’s flooded your house – you will struggle to resist evil.
  • When the dreamer sees that the water decreases – you will fall to the dangerous influence. Maybe someone makes a bad influence to you?
  • If you dream that someone splashes water on you – your soul is waking up and it will bring you passionate love which will make you as happy as you never been before.

Shuvalov dreambook:

Water dream meaning by Shuvalov

Water is one of the most interesting and complex images in conscious and unconscious mind of ours. It can symbolize renewal and purification while avoiding past and old habits.

  • If you dreamed that you were sleeping in the water and it felt as good as you would be sleeping in your own bed, it shows that you are making the right movements in your life, found the safe solutions for essential problems and challenges to solve.
  • If a person fell into the water, drowned down and felt uncomfortable or unsafe in the water – it points to the dreamer’s loss of control in his life. The person doesn’t feel stable and able to make important decisions.

The water as a symbol is very important not only in your dream, but also in your life, as it makes you to stop and consider of your lifestyle. What kind of life you are leading, if it corresponds your needs. It is also very important to pay attention to characteristics of water: was it clean, dirty, muddy, stagnant, pacific or stormy? These questions you will give to yourself, will give you an answer to the meaning of your dream.

Ancient French dreambook:

Dream Interpretation about Water from Old French Dream Book

If you see stagnant water in your dream, you should know that you are in danger. Some of the people you are surrounded by are not the personalities you knew of, there are some hidden attributes in them that you never noticed before;
If the water is pure and fresh, then the dream promises a happy beginning and the future success of your business.

Chinese dreambook:

Water meanings in dreams by Chinese dream interpreter Zhou Gong

  • When the dreamer drinks the water it foretells about increase of the profit;
  • To dream of walking on the water – great happiness;
  • To stand on the surface that is covered by water foretells about a nuisance;
  • To see immense flow of the water – marriage;
  • To see flames on the water – a lot of luck;
  • If the dreamer was playing in the water – happiness and great earnings;
  • When the dreamer falling into the water – he will not make through some of the troubles;
  • To drink water non stop – riches;
  • If the dreamer’s body is surrounded by water and it keeps flowing on him, the dream indicates possible deals with legal institutions;
  • If dreaming of big river with clean and clear water – fortune;
  • Water in the house – possible death of dreamer’s relatives;
  • To see immense sea – Great happiness and prosperity.

Aesop dreambook:

Water interpretations by Ancient Greek story teller Aesop

  • If you dreamed that you drink water, it means that something unexpected will happen to you, there is going to be a sudden event;
  • If you dreamed of seeing water tank, bowl of water or the water placed in any dish, it indicates that you have to communicate with someone you know with a secretive and mysterious personality, as this person will give you great impact within your personality;
  • If you were standing in the rain and got all wet, that’s a good omen, which promises success and prosperity. The rain could also symbolize the present or a gift;
  • To dream that you are skating on the water yourself or carried by something else (like ship or boat), then this dream warns you that you should not make rash decisions, relying on the case and should avoid high-risk situations, because recklessness and carelessness will lead you to big trouble;
  • If you were dreaming that you were watering flowers, trees or any other plants, then the dream says that you are very caring person. Because of your behavior, you will get lots of attention and as a result of that you will find many trusted friends and colleagues;
  • To dream of washing your hands or taking a bath or shower – shows your ability to avoid troubles due to your internal instinct, intuition and cleverness;
  • If you dreamed that you knocked down the flow of water, the meaning of this dream foretells about a stunning event that will leave a deep imprint on your soul, which will leave a very deep imprint in your heart;
  • To drown down in the water, means that you can not predict all the situations as not everything depends on your actions. The meaning of this dream foretells about huge influence on circumstances in your life;
  • To dream of giving crystal clear water to others means that you are honest person. The meaning of this dream foretells that you will get great results at any project you will do, because people are going to help you because of your sincere personality;
  • If you dream about a glass of boiling water in it – you will have to go through emotionally intense period, which will end harmonious in finale if you will pull yourself together;
  • If you dream of seeing someone wet, but dead – a trip to health resort, recovery from illness.

Old Persian dreambook:

Water meanings from Ancient Persian dreambook by al-Tiflisi

There are many different dream meanings about water depending on the condition of the water. Usually when the dreamer drinks pure and clear water it signifies happiness and joy. If the water was drank from the river or lake it shows sufficiency of the dreamer. If all of the water was drank from the river – you are ready to take the new, higher step to your better future. To drink the water that is unpleasant taste (salty, sour or bitter) the meaning of the dream foretells about harsh news. To drink the water, which is warm – troubles. To plant flowers with water – perfect health. To see endlessness amount of the water (sea or ocean) – lots of money, huge increment within your hard work.

There are some other meanings about water that is related not only with your dreams, but also with your actions while you are sleeping. For example if you poured the glass of water on yourself while sleeping – you need to wake up and make some important changes in the future.

Miller dreambook:

Water dream meanings by Gustavus Hindman Miller

  • To dream of clean water – you will find a joyful prospect of well-being and pleasure;
  • If the water is cloudy – you will be in danger and sadness will take the place of joy;
  • If you see that the water flooded your house and it increased to – you will struggle to resist evil;
    • But if you see that the water decreases – you will avoid dangerous influence;
  • If you dreamed that you went on the wet ground and you felt that your feet got wet the meaning of this dream portends trouble, sickness and poverty that will make you face the challenge.
    • The same meaning could be applied if the ship was filled up with muddy water;
  • To fall into muddy water – a sign that you will make many bitter mistakes, and will be painfully disappointed by that.
  • To drink muddy water signifies the disease you or your relatives could suffer from;
    • But to drink clean and fresh water has another meaning –  you are filling yourself up with good emotions;
  • To exercise in the water means that you will experience unexpected love and passion;
  • When only the head is being washed with the water – passionate awakening of love that ends happily;

The Miller says that the symbol can not be explained on it’s own, you have to relate it with other symbols as well. As an example he gave the dream of a young woman, who dreamed that she saw big snow – white ship, which was floating in a clear blue water. The next night she had an amazing guest. The blue and fine white boat in the future were the symbols of frustration.

Tsvetkov dreambook:

Water dream interpretations by Tsvetkov

  • To drink clean water – joy;
  • To drink muddy water – disease;
  • To walk in the muddy water – will be disappointed;
  • To wash yourself with the water – Happiness of liberation;
  • To pour the water – shame and potential mistakes;
  • If you look at the waterfall – a terrible meeting;
  • If the water was splashed on the dreamer’s head – an unexpected passion;
  • To scoop the water out  – grief and sorrow;
  • If drinking warm water – disappointment and sickness.

Vanga dreambook:

Dreaming about water meaning by Baba Vanga

Vanga explains the meaning of symbol water as upcoming changes, evolution, negligence. Water also represents the sins we did and trying to get rid of them by washing it out. The author gives the interpretations with the conditions that are related to water:

To drink clean and cold water –  you will be involved in the process of purification and renewal. You will experience this stage not on your own, but also with people around you;

If you dreamed that you were flowing on the top of the water, it is an omen of the upcoming wave out of space which was made by your influence,which you will not resist and will experience for what you’ve asked. If you will manage to find harmony with yourself, then you will become a great man;

To dream of dirty and murky water foretells about difficulties and troubles with other people: your friends, family members or colleagues. Make sure you show kindness and patience, otherwise you will suffer unpleasant feelings;

If the you dreamed that the water flooded your house – expect extraordinary news, which will change your life in completely different direction. You will find it hard to understand how much of circumstances will change and will make a huge influence on you;

If you drowned down in your dream, it signifies that in reality you are trying to resist rules and regularities which results your state of being tired and exhausted;

To dream of circles and vortexes in the water – you find it hard to bear with changes you are having, but if you wish to make through this turbulent, you must take control in your hands.

Vedic Sivananda dreambook:

Dream of water is explained in Vedic Hinduism by spiritual teacher Sivananda

Vedic Sivananda explains water in the dreams as symbol of a birth.

Modern dreambook:

Meanings of water in dreams by Contemporary Dream Book

  • If you dreamed of clean and clear water, then this dream promises you joy and prosperity;
  • If the water was dirty and muddy, you should be prepared for the fact that you are in danger, and the whites days will be changed by black period, which will pass quite soon;
  • If you dreamed that you fell into a pool, pond of dirty water, then in real life, you are risking too much and if you will keep the lifestyle you have at the moment, you will make many mistakes, which later you will be sorry about;
  • If you dreamed that you fulfilled your thirst with dirty water, then you might get sick, but if the water was pure then it indicates good luck;
  • If you saw a flood in your dream (especially if it was close to your house), the dream foretells of possible danger. However, if you see how the water subsides (goes back), it shows that the worst is already behind;
  • A dream in which you were splashing and frolicking in the water, indicates love and all-consuming passion;
  • If the drop of water has fallen on your head, then you will experience mutual feelings with somebody else.

Zadek dreambook:

Water in dreams by Martin Zadek can have these meanings:

  • Clean and cold – health;
  • Muddy – trouble;
  • Wash yourself up with water – the joy and health.

Esoteric dreambook:

Water in dreams by Esoteric dreambook can have these meanings:

  • Clean water – positivity in all aspects  of your life;
  • Dirty water – unpleasant job, negative aspects of your life.

Islamic dreambook:

Water in dreams by Ibn Sirin can have these meanings:

If you were dreaming that you drank water of heaven, wine or milk the meaning of this dream foretells  that you will obtain knowledge and wisdom in your personality.

Italian dreambook:

Water dream interpretation by Meneghetti

The water in dreams symbolizes the interaction of various aspects and it is also a basic element of human development and life;

If the person felt comfortable in the water, it means that he is able to take control of his personal life (and this is a positive feature, despite the fact that the person is aware of the major problems); If the dreamer was drowning or felt uncomfortable in the water, then it indicates a lack of balance, or the uncomfortable situation for him;

Pay attention to the condition of the water (clean, dirty, hot or cold) as it also characterizes the situation in particular question.

Psychoanalytic dreambook:

A. Roberti – Italian psychoanalytic dream interpretation of water

Water – the desire to have children. In the dream, the birth is always associated with water. The dream could also mean of bringing someone to life or to be born yourself  in a spiritual sense. Therefore, the water symbolizes the amniotic fluid in which the baby is carried in the womb.

Yellow Emperor dreambook:

Dreams about water meanings by Ancient Chinese civilization

  • Water is the element of coldness;
  • The water represents the main emotion – fear;
  • In dreams symbolizes these kind of organs: kidney, urinary bladder;
  • Water – one of the primary elements of creation. Different proportions of water permeated all things on earth depending on what is it.

Trigram Kan about water: the nature of water suppose to be wet and flowed down. The water willingly takes the shape of any vessel, but successfully resists compression. Limited space does not clean the water in the winter season especially withstands every external pressure and is subject only to its internal elements – cold.

If the the water is clear – undiscovered outer side of the dreamer. Dream of cold water (there is a sense in a dream that the water is cold) or a frozen water, or to see the winter without fear and negative feelings – your soul and body is able to adapt new challenges and circumstances;

If you were dreaming that you saw water and felt fear and desire to hide away – your soul and body is too weak to adapt  to new surroundings. Maybe you should start looking after your health (either inner, either outer);

If you saw waves, storm and lots of water that is irrepressible (huge storm), but in a dream you remained calm, have not been afraid of it – you will deal with upcoming obstacles very easily;

If you saw waves, storm and lots of water around, heard unpleasant sound of breaking waves – you will face uncomfortable situations in the future, which you will find hard to deal with. Consider that your health might be at risk as well. Make sure you listen to your body and find the illness if you are suffering from one. The dream send you very important message which should be read the right way.The dream points to an urgent need to conserve all the cases of your health, to leave the career considerations and to receive the treatment you need;

If the cold water was poured into the glass or a cup in your dream the meaning of this dream foretells that there is a possibility that you your health is at risk, particular these body  parts: kidney and urinary bladder. The cold for these organs is particularly harsh factor. Your dream warns that there is a need for medical intervention;

If you were standing in a cold water or walking on the ice/snow the dream is related to your kidneys as well. There is a desire from subconscious mind of yours to get some ‘’heat’’ which means that it wants to be healed.

Lofa dreambook:

Water plays a huge role in the history of mankind. No matter whether it is a deep freshwater lakes, river, bearing life, or the ocean, absorbing people, water is both a friend and a foe. This dream has significant character in any form or extremely important to understand its role;

Water in dreams is a powerful symbol, because very often its appearance coincides with the high point of the feeling;

Water is symbol of primary importance, according to which it ensures the existence of life, where everything that’s alive has the connection with water. This is also a reflection of the human experience with water;

The water – main component of life. The human beings can last much longer without the food, than the water. Since the beginning of times, any kind of living beings were looking for water, because they knew that if they find the water, there will be food either. However, the water could cause lots of danger, as to cross for example the sea would take a lot of courage and bravery. Journey through the water was a dangerous and mysterious as for example sea creatures, storms and rough seas took away lives of many travelers.

Emphasizing the positive view of the water, it should be noted that often it is a symbol of new life, rejuvenation and energy. The swelling of the water also causes sleepiness and laziness;

Try to recreate your dream, by asking yourself: was it a lake in your dream, that you saw the lines of it where it begins and where it finishes? Or maybe you saw the water that was infinite? These questions you will give to yourself will answer more about your dream.

Consider, that sometimes people continue to dream during the sleep of what they were dreaming while they were conscious.For example, during the day you work really hard, but from time to time you dream about upcoming holidays and things you will do during it. Therefore, at your sleep you dream of beautiful ocean and the beach. This fact shows that some people are able to relax during the sleep and experience some kind of satisfaction;

The Lofa dreambook explains, that the quiet and deep water has the meaning of deep hidden emotions;

If the water is dark – your feelings are rising and is about to explode;

If the water took the control and the dreamer is not able to manage it (for example to master the ship if it is very stormy out in the waters), it means that the dreamer struggles to cope with circumstances that are caught by the others. The dream shows that things that supposed to be managed by you, are in the hands of the others. You lost the belief in yourself and the power to be the leader of situation.

Nostradamus dreambook:

Dreams of water interpretations by astrological consultant, seer Michel de Nostredame, author of The Prophecies

Water – the symbol of life:

  • See the crystal clear water in a huge bowl, this dream foretells about favorable weather, which will bring many benefits to agricultural work;
  • Drink water and see a fly in the bottom of the glass – the dream means a judicial process you will possibly be related to;
  • Walking in the water – you will discover something new;
  • To see much bubbling water – a favorable period for discovery and complex experiments, which means that you are ready to start new projects;
  • To see the water with blood – this dream foretells about the birth of a great man.

Hasse dreambook:

The water by Hasse can have these meanings:

  • Cold water – happiness;
  • To pour the water – you will get rid of unnecessary things;
  • If the water is murky – the dreamer will face obstacles;
  • To drown in the water – can not control unfavorable circumstances;
  • To wade into the ford – freedom from danger;
  • To swim in the water – the feelings of suspicion;
  • To drink cold water – health;
  • To drink warm water – a disease;
  • To see boiling water – suffer and losses through negligence;
  • To walk on the water –  you will overcome all obstacles;
  • To hear the sound of the water – you will be surprised.

Azara dreambook:

Interpretation of dreams about water by Azara

  • To sit in the water – be careful someone is talking behind your back;
  • To see hot water – shame;
  • If the water is clear – satisfaction;
  • Sail on the water – unfulfilled hopes;
  • Stream of clean water – a nice future;
  • Nature washed in water – happiness, luck;
  • Hear the sound of water – the dreamer will give vow to someone;
  • To wash yourself with with muddy water – poor prospects for the future;
  • To swim in a muddy water – a small change in the position;
  • If the water is turbid – obstacles;
  • To see muddy creek – you will lose something important;
  • To swim in murky water – barriers.

Assyrian dreambook:

The Assyrian Dream Book interpretations about water

The water in the Assyrian dreambook can have these meanings:

  • If a person walks in a quiet, calm water – there is a possibility of suffering from mild illness or disease;
  • If the water looks stormy – will have to cope with difficult factors;
  • If you were given water – it signifies long life;
  • If you see water from the river – a huge income;
  • To see water of the spring – good health;
  • If a person carries water down the street – the failure will leave him forever.

Egyptian Pharaoh’s dreambook:

Dreaming of water meanings by Oracles of Egypt

If the dreamer sees his face on the water, just like in the mirror, that’s a bad sign, which foretells that you will live somebody’s else life. Do not get upset, as you can look at the life you are living at the moment and change it completely. Live your own life, not the others, because at the end of the day you will be sorry for what you have missed;

If the person dreams of extinguishing the fire with the water, that’s also not a good sign. It means that something will have to be given away, even if you don’t want it. You will not have a possibility to keep it for yourself.

Medieval dreambook:

Dreams about water and their meanings in Medieval Dream Book from Middle Ages

To see boiling water foretells about slander enemies you have;
To see the sources of water – will watch other people’s affairs or participate in them;
To see your face reflected in the water – many things will change within your personality;
To walk through torrent or flood, the dream meaning promises security in difficult times you will have;
To fall into a pond of dirty water – will take responsibility for something;
To fall into the dirty water – losses and charges for something;To wash yourself with clean water – lots of satisfaction;To wash yourself with dirty water – sadness and disappointment.

Tarot dreambook:

Dream about water interpretations by mystics and occultists on the basis of readings from Tarot cards

In Tarot cards the water symbolizes the unconscious mind and emotions. The calm water represents balanced emotional state and the rough or stormy water indicates the stress. In one of the Tarot cards – the Six of Swords card – is illustrated one side of the water calm and the other wavy.

The meaning of the dream depends on the condition of the water. If the water is calm, then the person is moving out of uncomfortable zone to the safety, but is the water is not smooth – the dreamer becomes nervous and anxious. Flowing water also symbolizes the memory of the past, which flows into the future through a link with the present.

Ivanov dreambook:

Dreams of water meanings by G. Ivanov

Clean water – health;
To swim in the water or wash yourself with it – recovery from illness;
To dream of muddy water – a disease, which could be cured with traditional medicines;
If the water was dirty in a dream – you will be accused for something you didn’t do;
To discover Artesian water in your dream – you will achieve the target you were aiming for;
To drink clear water – enjoyment of the results you got;
To pour the water – you will be surprised by someone;
To dream of water that’s been filtered – empty, meaningless talk;
To dream of groundwater – it seems that there is a conspiracy which was made against you.

Cleopatra dreambook:

Interpretations about water from Ancient Egypt dreambook for Cleopatra

  • Water – one of the most complex character in dreams;
  • If you dream that you drink water, it means that something unexpected will happen to you or there will be a sudden event;
  • See any bowl of water – you have to communicate with someone who can not get to the point. This individual has with a secretive and mysterious personality;
  • If it’s raining, that’s a good omen. The meaning of the rain foretells about success and prosperity. This dream could also predict of unexpected gift;
  • If you dreamed that you were sliding on the water, then this dream gives you a warning, that you shouldn’t make any reckless decisions, also try to avoid any of the extreme situations, do not act carelessness as this will lead you to big trouble;
  • To water the plants or trees – the dream shows that you caring person and pay lots of the attention to the others. Because of the way you are, you will find many reliable people;

Mirrored dreambook:

Dreaming of water have these meanings in the Mirrored Dream Book

The water in your dream indicates the universal symbol of the unconsciousness, emotions of the dreamer and sometimes even hidden secrets the person has;
If the dreamer sees something coming out of water (self, others) , then the dream indicates the main symbol of this dream – a birth. It could be a birth not only of life, but new ideas either.

The Lover’s dreambook:

Water meanings for lovers in the Lover’s Dream Book

In the Lover’s dreambook the water can have many different explanations:

  • Clean water – ideal relationships, pure love and prosperity;
  • Turbid and muddy water – the lovers do not feel fulfilled with the connection they have;
    • If you’re married person, then the dream warns that the marriage is in danger, something should be done about that, otherwise you will find yourself in different roads of life;
  • If you dream that you exercise in the water, it means that you are experiencing an overwhelming love and passion;
  • If the water drops falling on your head, that means that you will fall in love with someone and that will end with a happy marriage;
  • To dream of a blue water – joyful expectation;
  • If you see yourself floating on a clear water in the boat, it indicates disappointment and unfulfilled hopes.

Winter’s dreambook:

Meanings of dream about water by Dmitry Winter

Water in a dream is a symbol of human’s life, energy and the force of everything that guides you through life;
Clear water in a dream represents a fulfilling life. The dreamer will experience full of interesting events, as well as success with professional factors;
If the water in your dream seemed too deep, then this is a sign that your feelings can give you some disadvantages and sadness but if it was clean and clear, then everything will go according to plan;
Usually images of the stormy water or even the flood gives unpleasant feelings while sleeping. Consider, that this dream is just like an alert, that in reality you should take control of your emotions, otherwise it could cause harsh consequences;
Muddy and dirty water symbolizes physical or mental illness.

Native American’s (Indian’s) dreambook:

If you dreamed of crystal clear water, you will meet an honest man, but is it was dirty or muddy water, then you will face very dishonest person.

Wanderer dreambook:

The water in Wanderer dream book can be interpreted as:

  • Clean water – a good omen;
  • Muddy, dirty water – negative feelings, emotional discomfort, trouble;
  • If you see the water, that is under the floor inside the house – you will suffer the bad influence;
  • To dream that you plunge into the cold water – you will be appreciated or will get a wake up call;
  • If you dream that the water is leaking you will experience irritation;
  • To dream of waters that seems alive in your dream, you will be active and inspired;
  • If the waters in your dream looks dead, then it means that you might suffer from the depression or just will be simply passive;
  • To dream of the world that is presented underwater shows your hidden views and feelings. Make sure you pay attention of how deep the underwater world was in your dream, as it foretells – the deeper the world, the deeper your desires and feelings are hidden;
  • Mineral water in your dream – better health, success;
  • Warm water – sickness, failure;
  • Fizzy water – frustration, difficulties.

Samohvalova dreambook:

Interpretations of dreams about water by V. Samahvalova

In the dreams water has very important meaning. First of all, the life of human being starts within water, where it’s all created in the womb.
In dreams, as in Christian symbolism, the water is the image of the spiritual revival. It is also a symbol of the mysterious female – unconsciousness and femininity.
The main source of energy is also related with water. It is impossible to find the life if there is no water. The vitality we see every day is related mostly to water.
The water in the dreams also represents the desire to restore mental or physical power.
To dream of immersion of the water – pregnancy and birth;
To dream of water that is flowing – relaxation and tranquility;
To dream that you flush the water in the toilet, could show your desire to urinate, therefore you dream of the toilet and water;
To see the reflection of yourself in the water, means that the inner sphere of your personality reflects to the outer world.
If somebody else is looking into the water in your dream, the main meaning of this dream foretells that the dreamer should try to understand and support that person;

Superstition’s dreambook:

Meanings of dreams about water as superstitions

It is believed for a very long time in many cultures, that when someone is dreaming about pouring the water out, it signifies the shame and disgrace the dreamer will suffer in the future.

Man’s dreambook:

Dream interpretations of water for men in Man’s Dream Book

A clean and pure water – a very good sign;
The water that is turbid and muddy – will face some complications while dealing with troubles;
If the dreamer wades into the water – will have intimate relationships with someone;
To walk into the ocean or sea – upcoming sensational experience;
If the dreamer walked into the clean river which is located in the mountains, then this person will be surprised by the behaviour of his partner;
If the dreamer dived into the water – will face unexpected severities;
For the dreamer to walk into mountain stream, means that he will have a beautiful love story.

Symbol’s dreambook:

Symbolic water meanings by Symbol’s Dream Book

Water meaning in dreams depends on the state of the water: was it quiet and calm, flowing and stagnant, muddy and dirty, clean and clear? Consider, that things, which were hidden in the water, represents your past, which comes back in your dreams. Some of the experiences you’ve had might be very pleasant and some very disturbing ones. The water could also reflect your physiological condition (healthiness or illness). In addition, the specifics of conditions of the water also indicates the present situation you are in or even the future which will be influenced by the present.

Children’s dreambook:

Dreaming of water meanings for kids from Children’s Dream Book

Water in the dream usually has many meanings. For kids the water is associated with fun or danger. The kids should tell more about the feelings they experienced while having the dream with the water.

If the kid has dreamed that he was having fun while for example swimming, it means that his emotional state is in perfect condition. But if the kid has dreamed of for example drowned down, it means that you should talk to him/her about factors which makes him feel bad and uncomfortable. One of the most interesting explaining in children’s dream foretells that when the kid sees himself under the water, then he/she feels protected by the others, for example parents.

Tolkovatel dreambook (1829):

Dreams of water meanings from old dream book for whole family by Tolkovatel

Water in all means – abundance and wealth;
If the water is pure, dream foretells well-being;
To dream of muddy water – the sorrow and grief;
If the water is warm – disease;
A cold water means health;
To drink warm water – a sign of danger and persecution of enemies;
To drink cold water means peace of mind and devoted friends;
The water that’s been sanctified means purity, chastity and health;
If the water is boiling – death after a serious illness;
To fall into the water – a sign of persecution by the enemies;
To dream of water over the dreamer’s head – profit;
To walk on water – triumph and success of the enterprise;
To dream of bucket of water – great accomplishment;
To jump over the water – offense of someone;
To carry the water in a broken pot or any other bowl in which the water can not be kept – damage or loss caused by secret enemies. The dream also signifies the theft who is located by the your home. The broken pot with the water that is leaking, shows your inability to help someone, even if you will try very hard;
To hear the sound of water – rumours. Keep in mind that someone might talk behind your back things that are not true;
To dream of giving to drink clean and cold water to somebody else – will have a great relationship with that person;
To dream of giving to drink muddy and warm water to somebody else – will have complicated relationship with that person.

* Please, see meaning of stream, ice, drowning, river, flood, sea, bog, shore and other related concepts with water.

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