Rosary beads dream meanings

Short meaning: dream about rosary beads might denote sufficiency, fancy and amity.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud interpretation this dream about rosary beads forebodes absolute spunk, female libido, creativity and puissance.
Constructive revisions are around in waking life only when: rosary beads - This synbol of your dream presages influence over others. You are an innovative person. For all that, if this dream was with negative emotion then this dream may sign upside down signification: a person of importance might be untruthful and/or treacherous toward your interests.
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Fortunate colors for this dream: white and red .
  • Ring (jewellery) - ...with a beryl, chrysolite, or peridot stone: strength, courage, and fearsome authority; well-educated, polite, and pious boy. Ring with worthless glass beads – denotes a weak authority. Ring without gemstone, because stone or gemstone falls out of ring – partial losses; or it may mean the death of child, or the loss of business; Plain ring or a band without stone – means engaging in a strenuous project and getting nothing out of it; Ring falls apart and disappears, but the stone remains – reference to the dreamer’s name, reputation, and beauty; means that once the responsibilities are gone, good... (read more)
  • Islamic Ring - arrangement. Receiving a ring that is inlaid with a precious stone from one’s son in a dream represents the good character and qualities of such a son. A stone which is made from worthless glass beads in the dream denotes a weak authority. A ring that is inlaid with a green sapphire in the dream means begetting an intelligent son who will become a great man of knowledge. A wooden ring in a dream represents a hypocritical woman. If a woman is offered a ring in a dream, it means that she will get married, and for a married... (read more)
  • Silver ring - acknowledgment; with any incrustations, but not gemstone – a lot of goals in dreamer’s life; with green sapphire or green ruby – knowledge, wisdom for the dreamer or intelligent child; with a carnelian or red stone – financial improvements for the family; with a beryl, chrysolite, or peridot stone – strength, courage or support of the family; with worthless glass beads – weak authority in the family; Silver ring and silver earnings or silver necklace – financial benefit; Silver ring mixed with other metals such as platinum, palladium, titanium, tungsten, aluminum or alloys like bronze  – a lot of work... (read more)