Silver ring dream meanings


– Valuable promise, important oath, spiritual obligation.


– With what I want to unite myself spiritually?


Historically at the practical level in subconscious silver act as money, ring usually stands for a relationship. But dreaming of silver ring shows more than material values in the relationship. Silver ring shows clearly that the dreamer has same values in his life as partner has. Silver ring in dream shows same way of thinking and acting.

Silver also is a symbol of the moon. The moon stands for soul. In such way ring of silver in dream symbolizes two souls. And these souls are ready to help each other in case of difficult times.

  • Silver wedding ring symbolizes a permanent bond of souls;
  • Silver engagement ring is a symbol of an deeper loyalty – mental and material.
  • Two silver rings in dream can be indication of two very different individuals, these are willing to give up singularity in exchange for being together;
  • For young couples, girlfriend and boyfriend, silver ring can occur in dream not only as indication of deeper feelings, but also as a suggestion for joint budget.


At the spiritual level silver represents the femininity. Ring stands for eternity and divinity. Silver ring in dream at the spiritual level indicates eternal and divine feminine part of the dreamer. Ring of silver is better omen for woman than for man – it shows that husband or fiance is truly devoted for his spouse and woman in the relationship is the spiritual leader. But for both ring of silver shows the state of being unified. Unification occurred on spiritual plane, so it is very good sign for married couples and for fiancees. Also, silver ring shows that the dreamer with his thoughts and actions is little bit closer to God.

Common meanings:

By most popular scenarios and conditions of silver ring in dreams

Good dreams about silver rings:

  • Wedding ring of silver – permanent bond;
  • Engagement ring of silver – promises everlasting loyalty in marriage;
  • Two silver rings – happy separation with some part of inner self; successful friendship;
  • Silver ring with diamond – absolute perfection and highest standards in the dreamer’s life, total wholeness with self and with partner;
    • without diamond – intelligent partner or spouse;
    • with a gemstone – power, influence, prestige and other riches;
    • with many gemstones – very positive dream; accumulation of big honor and high social acknowledgment;
    • with any incrustations, but not gemstone – a lot of goals in dreamer’s life;
    • with green sapphire or green ruby – knowledge, wisdom for the dreamer or intelligent child;
    • with a carnelian or red stone – financial improvements for the family;
    • with a beryl, chrysolite, or peridot stone – strength, courage or support of the family;
    • with worthless glass beads – weak authority in the family;
  • Silver ring and silver earnings or silver necklace – financial benefit;
  • Silver ring mixed with other metals such as platinum, palladium, titanium, tungsten, aluminum or alloys like bronze  – a lot of work coming into house; * for complete understanding see meaning about specific metal or alloy;

Always good omens are dreams about rings when dreaming of finding, receiving as gift, giving as gift, finding a lost ring, wearing on finger, buying, fixing broken ring.

Bad dreams about silver rings:

  • Silver and gold ring (half silver and half gold) – bad luck, possibility of separation;
  • Silver and copper ring – very tricky symbol: indicates bad luck with money, but with lot of effort success will come into pocket;
  • Many silver rings – nothing personal, just business: the dreamer is completely lost in his feelings, but very good in financial affairs;
  • Broken silver ring – disputes and unhappiness in marital affairs; separation of two souls;
    • If broken ring is fixed in dream – separation can be revoked and broken wholeness can be fixed.
  • Cracked gemstone in silver ring – unwanted news or unexpected changes;
  • Stealing silver ring – shows bad intentions of third person;
  • Lost silver ring – lost soul, lost love;
    • Loosing of ring in dream is very common symbol of lost love, but when dreaming that you are loosing silver ring it means that separation with your partner is just started and this separation might be only in spiritual side of you.
    • Loosing of ring is still ongoing process – it gives a chance to take back what might become completely lost.
    • If you can find lost ring in dream  – it is good omen and indicates that wholeness is saved, marriage or relationship is safe.
    • But if in dream silver ring is completely lost – it shows complete separation of two souls.
    • If the dreamer is single, then dream shows inner conflict with self.

More bad and good omens in dreams with rings can be found in page dedicated to rings.

Silver ring in dreambooks:

  • European (Judeo-Christian) – Dreaming of silver ring meaning: promises a planned marriage;
  • Hindu (Hinduism) – Ring of silver in dream: for married couples – God blessings for the family, for unmarried – represent two very close connected souls, also indicates betrothal if ring was for engagement;
  • M. Ibn Sirin (Islamic) dreambook:
    • Silver ring (dreaming of wearing a ring made of silver) – joy and comfortable living; announces happiness, nothing will stand in the dreamer’s way;
    • Silver ring as gift from the God  – the dreamer will be gifted by the God and will get protection against getting into Hell.
    • Silver ring from the Holy Prophet or from a religious scholar – the dreamer will get wisdom and knowledge;
    • Silver twisted man ring (to see in dream a man wearing a twisted silver ring) – indicates good performance in general;
    • Half silver and half gold ring (in the dream a wife wearing a ring, half gold and half silver) – bad luck, possibility of separation;
  • Antique French dreambook – Dreaming of ring and particular silver engagement ring – dream promises a happy family life and lots of healthy and happy children;

* Please, see meaning of ring.

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  1. Had a dream that I found a silver ring with a flat elephant and small heart next to it … I picked it up and put it on my right hand pinky figure ..

  2. I dreamt of many silver rings( like wedding bands) All the same falling to the floor ,sounding like cling cling as they hit the floor in a very large hall way,with a shimmer of light shinning,there also were 2 people I detest He a pedophile with his girlfriend,I feel there was something else but cant remember.

  3. I was dreaming about 2 girls & they are twins & don’t even know them, they tells me that their mother is getting married & they are on the way for the celebration, when they came back i see both of them wearing 2 silver ring on their two fingers, i was surprised & ask them wow’ girls why are you wearing a silver ring on both of you & on your 2 fingers?
    They say to me, remember we told you that our mother is getting married so when we get there our stepfather includes us & put this rings in our hands, on my dream i was very happy & those two girls they were happy eish my dream end there, i dont no what is the meaning of this dream please help me.

  4. I dreamt a ring was being put on myffinger big white stone in middle and 3down either side of big stone. I was trying to see if it’s a silver ring. I didn’t see the man who put it on my finger, think it was my ex boyfriend. I woke up looking at ring on my finger. What do it mean?

  5. I dreamt a tall slim handsome indian man of brown complexion and a word tattooed on the right backside of his waist, proposed to me with a beautiful silver ring, the prettiest ring I’ve ever seen. But when I kissed him, I found out he had a very short tongue. But I excitedly told him yes then afterwards I realize I don’t like tall sim guys and tattoo and his short tongue. So I told myself he is the wrong one who loves me right and if he is skinny because he’s sick I already told him yes, so I began to stare at the ring closely when I realize it was not real silver. I told him its not real and he said he can’t afford the real one and I told him he could make down payments to acquire it and he said ok he will do so.

  6. i was in dream, my sliver ring was removed and was replaced with another silver ring with both ends trimmed with gold which is the original colour of the ring in physical. the golden colour was washed away because the gold is not real gold. please your earliest attention will be highly appreciate

    • I dreamt of many silver rings( like wedding bands) All the same falling to the floor ,sounding like cling cling as they hit the floor in a very large hall way,with a shimmer of light shinning,there also were 2 people I detest He a pedophile with his girlfriend,I feel there was something else but cant remember.

  7. I woke up with the remembrance of a dream about my boyfriend giving me a silver engagement ring and it broke. It also had three diamonds on it. what does this mean?

  8. woke up this morning with a dream where I was proposed at the samw time by different men.. both with silver rings but the other one could change its color and be the same color as my skin. Why would I accept them both ??