Rail transport dream meanings

In general:

Dreams of railway stations, from railways and trains, of farewell and delay of baggage and passengers are especially common. This frequency we can understand from the experience compression to everything related to travel. This is based on a set of primitive actions, but they are expressed in the phenomena of modern traffic. Even with less travel is done changing the mental place and it is always a little farewell, the voltage coming and interest in all technical, that you used with it. You meet strange people, has to do with his luggage, on a vehicle that leads to independent living of our tracks to a target. Everyone has big or small railway experiences, their use of the dream as a matter of his testimony. Then there is the youthful memory of the child, where in thunder the long, dark car series, drawn by the powerful monster of the locomotive, slides in increasing speed from the hall of the railway station or with groaning brakes in this, as has almost every child the experience of the large force of the turbulent life. Of course itself seems to be more experience of a male; boys, girls and women are more interested in the human trappings, like the more emotional than technical references.
Railway dreams talk about everything that can happen between the departure of your home and arriving at your destination after operation. If we dream on hundreds of trains, then you realize that every possible detail can appear in a dream and every detail has its special significance. Given the importance of railway dreams is not to overlook the fact that it unlike on a hike or a bike ride to a fort being led is on all entitled, usual tracks, see is more general than the individual life journey. When traveling by train we voluntarily from the schedule and the leadership of the train, we are on the journey of human life, which has its specific stations, their particular behavior. This journey of life through the ages through education for our individual human targets. Trains have their specific departure times – who does not reach in time the train is not coming along. What a great metaphor is thus created for the “lateness”, for the “missed connection” in life generally. Every action has its favorable moment, his “Kairos”, where it is ready for us necessary, you have yourself to be ready. Too many come too late in life and the reasons are just too many.
As you leave the comfort of home reluctantly, it was still busy with a thousand things. Psychological terms, the state change, such as the transition from adolescence to adulthood, delayed, or you are still bound by many complexes, they do not let go. Many people are late too, because they only want to have too much security, they want to get the longest life from a certificate authority to ensure that they are comfortable, without their own performance goals, easily and smoothly, very pleasant. At the station you can once again be delayed, ie can not reach the train, because too many people on the “internal control” are: with us wants to travel too many, it’s too much of a life scrum. Others appear with their whole soul household breathing heavily at the inner station and may leave nothing. It was not absolutely necessary, for example, that the man in the dream took his toy trumpet. One after some time may waive his youthful din. It was a failure to recognize the possibilities of life on the part of the woman who believes her doll kitchen with also can save the life. There will always be people who care too much about what concerns them little, especially the fate of others they seem to be more important than the intrinsic fate. Experience is just only in the other and so raise large demands on the different parts of themselves why they delay their own life journey. This realized that dream traveler who would almost never came to his train because he had to be very committed to the timely departure of a friend on a different platform, at the last moment he was able to jump on their own, already moving train, helplessly hanging the handle on the door is already open. So we can wriggle fate for a while in a bad, but well-deserved situation. In this dream, then appeared as the savior of an acquaintance, which the dreamer stayed because of its reliable accuracy, but did not want to suffer. That was obviously a separate helper, yet undervalued function.
See the other passengers, in our opinion own soul parts, embodying in itself known and the unknown. Wrongly complains why the dreamer about the fact that much lower people ride takes you. The dream director picks out what is the current situation particularly significant precisely what accompanies us, and we have on this dream trip his opponent once to grasp in the eye, it is a reflection of ourselves; sometimes sits a man in our car, of which we knew not yet that he belongs in our destiny. Men in dreams, it can also be a very foreign-looking lady, who we meet here for the first time, although it deep inside us as animators lives. For women, it is subject to the level of these internal figures, rough men, doctors, actors, officers. They are unknown, then they belong to the world of those difficult animi. Who do you sit, who sits next to us, who against us? “First I wanted to sit with Hartmann.” (Context: Hartmann is robust, healthy and smart phralerisch, a pachyderm.) “But then I sat down to the doctor Vuilleumier.” (Context:. Very Fine, differentiated, efficient doctor from simple ratios) dream and context give the interpretation: to the dreamer was at that time inside is not healthy at the crossroads of tough, rugged life enjoyment and leading a life of differentiated and noblerer kind not this is forget that in him are two figures.


The railway is an important dream symbol that stands for above all attitudes and experiences, energy, driving forces, values and goals. From this we can draw important conclusions about the personality and its further development, know themselves better so. It symbolizes of collective motion on the path of life. Here the railroad refers more to a rigidity because it is tied to the rail when the bus, which can take a pinch individual ways. The train, also known as Tram, possibly as a floating, cable car, etc., is also a sign of the personal qualifications or the learning task, integrate into community life contexts and to connect them to their own ends. It is up to the dreamer to choose a path that points forward and to make informed decisions. With it he wants to break away from his past life, leave everything behind, start something new. The train reached goals or provides services that can not be achieved individually. Respect for riders! In addition, the railroad symbolizes the strength, with all the obstacles that could hamper the progress can be overcome or circumvented. Depending on the circumstances there are mainly the following specific meanings:
– A single pair of rails indicates that there is only one direction, while a plurality of signal tracks a larger selection range.
– Indicates see railroad indicate intentions and plans that one will soon be tackled and sometimes it can be to the impending departure of a loved one point.
– A train embodies plans, which you should not rush, but carry alone.
– Shuts off the train, you will soon have to say goodbye to a loved one.
– The locomotive represents the universal life energy, in the wagons store the experiences and adventures, the tracks represent the values to which they align themselves and oriented.
– Railway ride promises that you will make rapid progress with his intentions and plans. It embodies the life journey.
– The train journey itself shows the future development of life.
– Getting off the train at the station promises that it will achieve its objectives, it rises out on the open road, you will probably not reach the goal.
– Pull emergency brake on the train may indicate overlooked obstacles and risks that must be overcome first, before we can reach the goal.
– Driving in a tunnel often means secrecy, lack of understanding and lack of understanding, which leads to that the future is still dark, you will leave the tunnel again, you will get to review and achieve success.
– Too late for the departure of the train indicates complexes accumulated anger that one should break down quickly and the uncertainty of his contacts with his environment.
– (Did you forget that you wanted to train) Omitted the railroad, you have probably missed a golden opportunity.
– If you miss the connection, you have to be so good or ill add in the current situation.
– Will we be prevented from others to get on the train, coming as they often express fears and inhibitions that impede progress.
– Is the railroad involved in an accident, are in for a bad news.
– One unit under the railroad, the stand for fear of their own drives and desires.
– If you reach the train not be objective, ie the applied it to my conscious life, that is drifting, that has been abandoned and immerses himself quite thoughtlessly in the day.
– If you arrive at the terminal, you can also stay awake life reach a set goal.


At the spiritual level, the railroad represents a person who has made the decision for a direction and then persistently or stubbornly pursued.


European (Judeo-Christian)
– new, clear planning is underway you will work intensively with his business as enemies want to move one body;
– see: announces a farewell;
– the departure of a train experience: you will have to part with a heavy heart of one man;
– ride: good and fast progress in life;
– from an off: you will achieve its objective;
– see a train coming out of a tunnel: you will learn a secret about yourself;
– a railway disaster attend: you get from a friend, who is staying in the distance, bad news;
– despite the rush they missed: you will miss an opportunity;
– rails are blocked by obstacles: they play a double game;
– the sleepers go of the track: hard times and hard work;
– go on the iron rails: thanks to the ability to influence things in their own sense, be very happy;
– one from the water flooded rail: big pleasure for a short while, although rising pitch again like a phoenix from the ashes;
– when a young woman is the railroad that they will go on a trip to visit friends.

Arabian (Islamic)
– rail transport in a dream: you come forward;
– see: get message;
– ride it: rapid success in business matters, you must hurry.
– railways: the question is whether you missed the train or whether you have achieved them. Depending on the dreamer can interpret his dream. Most indicated such a dream points out that he is afraid of missing something – or anything is for that “high time”.

* Please, see meaning of out, arrival, track, station, ticket, cars, travel, sleeper, train.

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