Fear dream meanings


Unexpressed love, self-doubt.


What am I willing to accept in myself and in others?

General Meanings:

Discontent In the dream images play very important and prominent role. The fear in the dream signifies your dissatisfaction of yourself.

Need to correct mistakes Maybe you did essential mistakes and you want to correct them. To cry because of fear in the dream, indicates very serious mistake, which has to be solved or corrected.

Psychological Meanings:

We all have fears The psychologist indicates that we all have fears as a necessary circuit breakers and fuses in person’s life. Dealing with the fear is part of being a human. The fear helps us to avoid unpleasant events or situation. In real life we repress fear, so they appear in our dreams. Also the motivation of repressed fear may be that we do not want to feel pain.

Helps to find out and solve your fear We have to look deeper to our fear in our dreams, this may help us to find the answer or situation in our real life. Most frightening dreams occur only when the fear was shortly experienced consciously or unconsciously. The fear is your ally, from this you may find out where is it come from. Once you understand this, you can simply resolve these fears.

Caused by negative feelings Dreams that cause anxiety there are more indication of doubt, insecurity, inhibitions and guilt-feelings or inferiority. If a certain anxiety dreams often disturb you, so this indicates a serious disorder that may require a therapeutic treatment.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Success if fear of something – To dream a fear of something, this means that you will overcome your enemies. Despite of many obstacles you will get closer to your goals and aims, the worse pain in the dream, the greater success in your real life;
  • Worries if have fear of particular property – This dream announces you difficulties at home, also your project will not succeed, because you will have some misfortune;
  • Disappointment of love if young woman has a fear – For a young woman to dream fear, this means disappointment and unrequited love;
  • Doubts if fear connected with dog – A young woman has a dream that in front of her stands a frightened dog, this indicates that you might doubt about your good friend;
  • Sadness if others experience fear – In the dream you see that other people experience fear, this denotes that soon you will come into a self-critical situation and this will bring disappointment.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Success if have a fear – In the dream you have a fear, this announces that you will accomplish something victorious;
  • Sad news if anguished cry because of fear – In the dream you cry because of fear, this marks that you will have unpleasant surprises.

* Please, see meaning of incubus, nightmare.

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