Field dream meanings


Harvest, Work

General Meanings:

Field is an ambiguous symbol where you must pay attention, first of all, to the following peculiarities:

  • Uncultivated field stands mostly for failures which you have to ascribe to yourself, because you did not appoint your field correctly; However, the symbol is not completely unfavorably, because you can gain or return the success by your own effort.
  • Cultivated field can promise a rich harvest for the effort. According to Indian dream books it is an encouragement, if grains that grow in the field promise you, that you will find out happily the way from a precarious and awkward situation.
  • The field is full of blooms or rich of fruits, it may indicate dreamer’s beginning of a particularly fertile period of life, the seeds have risen fruitfully.
  • It is harvested or with hardly crusted clods, this points to a problem which the dreamer can only overcome with persevering diligence and sustainable hard work, or dangers which he has conjured up by his own misfortune.
  • Who processes the field with a lot of vigor, will reach the goal with love. You see this in your dream, this reminds your duties and obligations.

Psychological Meanings:

Maternal and fertility The symbol of the field in the dream is ambiguous. It either means that the dreamer enters into a fertile phase of life, or that he has a certain problem and soon “work on” this. The field is considered as an archetype of the maternal and fertility, the solidarity with our forces of nature.

Mental force Its appearance in the dream indicates the inner, psychological roots and power. Also symbolizes feminine nature interests – the more beautiful and healthier the field appears in the dream, the stronger is our own primal psychological force.

Longing for natural life Dreams of ripe grain in arable landscape in summer, stand for the desire of a natural-native way of life without stress and large city bustle. You want to escape from the everyday life, like “get out” and relax.

Be more flexible The arid fields and hardly crusted earth, this calls to pass your rigid attitude and to become a little bit more “permeable” for the opinions of others.

Spiritual Meanings:

Field is the symbol of fertility, the womb of mother earth, the solidarity with the forces of nature.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Happiness if see plowing and cultivating – This dream brings you joy and satisfaction;
  • Happy marriage if till the land – In the dream you till the land this announces (for a married) a good woman or a husband, also you will have good children;
  • Luck and fulfillment of desires if fertile and blossoming, possessing as property – In the dream your fields are fertile and blossoming this announces good business and fulfillment of wishes and hopes;
  • Success if well maintained or fruity – In the dream the fields are well maintained shows that what do you hope, everything will succeed;
  • Progress if see with healthy grain – The dream where you see fields with healthy grains points to good yields and professional progress and advancement;
  • Improvement of living conditions if pass across the fields – In the dream you pass across the fields this is a good sign about improvement of the situation or living conditions in which you are now;
  • Unpleasant surprise if overgrown –  You will experience a disagreeable surprise or disappointment;
  • Be ready for strokes if ravaged by the hail and storm – You see fields destroyed by the hail and storm, this is a warning that you must be prepared for strokes of fate;
  • Missed chance if uncultivated – In the dream you see uncultivated fields, announce you lack of success and unused or missed chances and opportunities in the occupation;
  • Success if pour liquid manure on a field – In the dream you see that somebody is pouring liquid manure on fields, this brings you good progress of matters or affairs. Also everything what you have planned will succeed.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Grain fields mean the works of the people.
  • Wealth if  sesame – You own a piece of land or a barn full of sesame in your dream, your wealth will be great.
  • Lower incomes if millet – A piece of land or a field of millet shows lower earnings then sesame.
  • Disputes if rice field – In the dream you possess a rice field, you will gain prosperity with a lot of quarrels, processes and nuisances because the cultivation of rice brings a lot of drudgery with itself;
  • Prosperity if eat rice – In the dream you eat rice from your own field this announces wealth prophesies, but at the price of big trouble;
  • Everything will be good if with cereal – In the dream you see fields full of cereal, do not lose the courage, because it will turn everything into good;
  • Worries if overgrown – When you see overgrown, with weeds covered field in your dream, this announces against the fact that you will experience a disappointment with the harvest;
  • Luck if uncultivated – In the dream you see uncultivated fields, if people do to you something horrible, you have to forgive them because the luck stands on your side;
  • Don’t be sad if find grains – In the dream you find grains your thoughts will not come true or fulfill, however do not despair, because you have good people around yourself;
  • Success if see dung and fertilizer on the field –  This dream promises success, first of all, in financial terms;
  • Keep faith if with mice – In the dream you walk in the fields and you see mice, you do not have to be afraid and you must keep your faith if you want to reach the aims.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Disappointment if legumes – There are legumes in the field, you will experience disappointment because you have expected better earnings;
  • Respect and Wealth if flax field – You dream that you sowed a piece of land with flax. The flax grow well and prosper, this denotes that you will win property and respect from the people, because you make clothes from flex;
  • Wealth if lotus field – In the dream you unusually planted with lotus the field, you will attain according to the size of lotus, the great wealth;
  • Worries if lupine field – The lupine field displays worries and troubles.
  • Award if see plowed – In the dream you see plowed fields signify that your work and efforts will be awarded;
  • Love if see green or flowering – This dream will bring you luck in love;
  • Proposal if cultivating or planting in the fields – You are farming and planting in the fields, this points to happy courting of a woman;
  • Child if see (for a married couple) – This dream announces that you will be blessed with children;
  • News If you are walking in it – In the dream you are walking in the field this will bring you news which you expected for so long;
  • Be more careful if see working devices standing in the fields – You should be cautious and do not rush things in the management of your finances;
  • Happiness if farming the land in fine weather – In the dream you are farming the land when the weather is good, this announces happiness and good business;
  • Worries if farming the fields when the weather is bad – In your dream you are farming in rainy or bad weather, this indicates sorrow, worries and annoyances.

Artemidorus Meanings:

The arable land means nothing else than the woman, the seeds and the plants. The children namely – wheat sons, barley – daughters. It indicates all people effort and hardship.
* Please, see meaning of garden, farm, lawn.

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  1. I had a dream i’m walking at the center of the field with no plants, no soil. Just plane field cement, only i can see the few people foriegner everywhere. I thought that is the old field then I feel surprise and don’t know where i am.

    What is the meaning of this?

  2. I always dream of diamonds, picking rough diamonds in an open land, this dream keeps coming back after every now and then say not more than 3 months apart. Initially I would be picking diamonds puting them in my hands then somebody would come and take them away but of recent dreams I seem to be holding on to them but I never see what happens with them infant I never see myself leave the field with them the dream just end prematurely, need help what could these dreams mean?

  3. I was sowing seeds in an open field but the seeds looked like soya beans and I was throwing them diligently making sure they are well spread in the field, I looked happy about what I was doing. What could this dream mean?

  4. I saw myself in a very big pieces of land covered with a green field i was in control assigning duties to everyone i.e choir ministration,organising and directing people to put thing in order calling names and involving them in one assignment or the other some people are well known to me while i could not recognise others but i was directing them on what to do they all complied

  5. I saw myself in a very big pieces of land covered with a green field i was in control assigning duties to everyone i.e choir ministration,organising and directing people to put thing in order calling names and involving them in one assignment or the other some people are well known to me while i could not recognise others but i was directimg on what to do