File (record) dream meanings


Records; organization.


What do I want to keep in order?

General Meanings:

Conflict with inner feelings This dream symbol often means that the dreamer is exposed by emotional stress, suffers from guilt or moral conflict, or it indicates a degree of uncertainty of life.

Fear to find not so pleasant things about you Old files that are brought out again means formed mistakes which are not processed yet. The fear of discovery that you did something wrong can be expressed in this.

Warning In the dream somebody threatens to overwhelm the dreamer files or records, this must be understood as a warning not to forget about ideas and wishes.

Desire to experience new things When new files or records are created in a dream, this may indicate that the dreamer tries to win new experiences in life by learning.

Psychological Meanings:

Desire to control everything Repeated dreams of filing cabinets, brief cases etc. indicate a tendency towards compulsive-neurotic behavior. You wishe an order at all costs because only then can feel comfortable when you take total control of yourself and others exercise. Usually, an extreme emotional distress is the cause of the compulsion, to regulate all needs and operations.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Traveling if see a file or record – In the dream you see a file or some kind of record this shows that you’ll need to make a journey and it will help you to make a progress at work or personal life;
  • Growth if browse through it – This means that you are in a professional increase;
  • End of disagreements if torn – The dispute that you have will be ended.
  • The end of business if see file folders or┬áBinders – completion of a unsatisfactory business;
  • Hard time in business if see bills and important papers or files – The dream announces discussions about the subjects which are related together with important affairs and with difficulties and discomforts these walk along with bad future prospects .

Arabian (Islamic)

  • In general files and records announce disputes.
  • Burden about the past if you brought old files or searched them – This points that you have done some mistakes in the past, indicating conscience burden;
  • Think more if crushed or try to hide – The dream signifies that you have to ┬áthink again about your abstract ideas;
  • Desire to improve yourself if create new – Means that you strives for more knowledge and self-awareness.

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