Fire dream meanings

If fire takes your attention to its dangerousness, then it denotes that something is burning around. It can be a situation related to a relationship. Fire helps to find where to focus and usually points out to your actions against others. It foretells that you should be aware of a possible trouble in near future. Generally this dream indicates your inner feeling of something bad might happen. You are very close to a bad situation. And same time fire provides you with light which will allow you to be able to come over the obstacles. Also, open fire is an encouraging sign, but prognostication isn’t good, if the fire burned you. Alternatively, if the fire did not burn your whole body, then it is very positive omen and good news for you.

To dream flames of fire on a burning house or building usually symbolizes that a friend might need your help. It means that you are going to help out someone close to you. The better outcome will be, if you were able to save somebody from a building.

To dream of building a fire is almost always is fortunate sign. It omens a travel with a loved one. Also, it shows positive sacred aspirations and an ability to reach spiritual enlightenment.

If you touched or poked the fire, it symbolizes that you have encountered divine knowledge. It means that cheerful times are nearby. But if you had feeling of pain, then it symbolizes difficulty in search for better understanding of how things work in spiritual life.

To jump over a fire means to fly over all of the difficulties. Also, it omens that you might have new birth or self-renewal in waking life. Additionally, it symbolizes your imaginary vision being supported by solid logic. Jumping over fire also often means reaching your goals. It suggests that soon you will be able to see with better knowledge and deeper insight what is important in life. Many things in your working life will be cleared from misunderstanding.

If you fall in fire while jumping, then it has negative connotations. This dream shows that recently some anger and aggrieved feelings toward others has appeared. If it burned painfully, then it means that a disagreement between you and somebody will become bigger.

To dream a round fire ring (like in circus) means physical passion within relationship. Maybe you have been passionate about someone close to you.

Mostly all dreams about seeing or starting a fire is positive. It is reflection that something important is changing for better in your life. Fire in fireplace is a positive reflection of changes in family or relationship affair.

Carl Jung explained that the fire dream represents our psychological changes that are guided by the flame. And seeing fire or flames means seeing the light, which is helping us, to find a correct way to a transformation. Besides that, Jung also believed that the fire indicates a tendency to anger in social circle. It can signify an argument between others. So, he told that the fire dream is very important sign that relates with significant event in subconscious mind or passionate emotions and security.

The meaning of fire varies between being a symbol of a negative omen or the omen to act.

If you look into details of fire dream you will see how it is correlating with events from your waking life.

The conflagration could symbolize the stops that you encounter while trying to control deep inner emotions.

If the flame is weak or fire is small and you are fearless then such dream indicates joyful experiences in waking life.

The inability to start a fire means professional situation in which you are struck right now. You have to be more diplomatic to overcome those barriers.

To dream of a fire brigade, means that you need a consultation with a professional, which might help you to find a way to overcome some obstacles. To be stuck in burning building means that you have no idea where to start with new project. But if someone helps you to get out, then it means that foreign influence will lead you to new heights.

Fireplace denotes complete happiness and content domestic joy. But if fire is out of control in fireplace, then this dream means troubled situation at home. Your relationship might be filled with uncontrollable emotions.

Cosy fire is good sign and portends that you are very optimistic and joyful with your life. But to dream roaring fire shows that you have been in difficult times and now it’s coming to the end. New hopes are on their way to your life.

To see a bush fire means rage and huge spectre of negative emotions. If bush fire moves quickly then it shows uncountable situation regarding your feelings. Also, if you’re far away in safe distance then those troubles will pass you by very fast.

To dream fire in hell means that you are going to meet destructive person, that might become destroyer of something important. If fire is spreading then the arguments are likely to become bigger in near future. You might need to become leader and to control others’ explosive characters and passionate emotions.

To dream of putting out a fire with water, means that you are the one who is in control. Your decisions are final and you shape affair of others. Also, it can mean that you are going to finish a fraud in family.

Candle flame denotes bright hopes for tomorrow. Many candles on fire mean family happiness.

Hiding from a fire means luck in relation to some important person, that you are going to meet. Also, hiding indicates self-sufficiency in relation to money.

Fire escape dream is a spiritual warning. It can indicate some financial risks that may become real danger to your freedom. This dream denotes that you must be more careful with your money and risks that you are taking, before they get out of control.

Fire engine is positive and fortunate symbol. Except when it returning from fire, then it means that you’re going to be disappointed with the money you earn. But if you are traveling in the fire engine, it shows protection that you will provide to someone in near future.

Other positive dreams that prognosticate fortunate changes: building bonfire or starting a fire from scratch, putting out the fire, saving something or somebody or escaping from one.

Some dreams with negative meanings about future events: inability to escape a fire, awakening in a dark room where you are surrounded by a fire, seeing roaring bug fire.

If in real life you experienced serious fire, then in your fire dream you may have been scared a lot and worried that the fire may hurt you or someone else. Also, you may be unable to speak or warn others about the fire.

Other feelings which can be encountered during fire dream: contentment, energetic, strange, respectful, emotional, creepy, inescapable, trapped, unfulfilled.

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