Five (number 5) dream meanings


– Quintessence; change; celebration.


– What can I display in me? What abilities do I have?

General Meanings:

Success – If number five (5) appears in the dream, the success is not so far. All your skills which you develop can bring you luck.You have to trust yourself and your potency.

Nature gift – Five is the number of natural, fresh life. Everything comes from you as a nature gift which you have inside you. You should trust your inner feelings. The person has five senses and shaped with stretched arms and legs as a pentagon. That’s how it can be explained why a Pentagon, a five-pointed star or a Pentagram in the Numerology, pointed out on the natural human.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Success If you write it or see written – Number five in the dream shows that you are on the right way, the success is near you.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Trust If see number five – To dream of number five then your body, conscious, feeling and heart will show you what is better to you. All the senses will attract you to the right point.

* Please, see meaning of numbers.

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  1. Last night I dreamed about my health issues ,on my dream it saids that i go on hospital and do some check ups lots of test made and then suddenly the doctor came out from her room with a smile on her face and says “hey! it’s 5 months earlier” i got confused and i replied what about it ? she answered back and continously saying the same sentence that she said earlier. i asked her again ” i don’t know what are u talking about ? ” she handed me a paper it was just look like a result and i don’t even have an idea what is written there but behind that paper RESULT : 5 months earlier . i am wondering what does it really means .

  2. The other morning I woke up it was 5:55
    . I went back to sleep and had a dream I had to pick up someone from an address of 55 (im an iber driver) my daughter’s birthday is May 5th my neighbors address is 550 and after five and a half years of being at my job I quit at the end of the year and I now work at a restaurant and I Drive as my income. I started meditating again in the last week and doing yoga ..once I read this meaning it all makes sense. And instead of looking for the meaning the other day I immediately play the number 5 on the daily 3 pick numbers which I didn’t win, but that’s okay because according to this meaning everything will come together and everything will be fine and that puts a big smile on my face thank you