Flower dream meanings


Beauty, sexuality bloom.


What will my beauty and sexuality to bloom?

In general:

Dreams of flowers can have a calming effect. In waking life, there are few people who do not associate flowers with joy and relaxation. We enjoy not only of flowers, we also use it as a sign of love, appreciation, sympathy and consolation. In one of these correlations are all kinds of flowers common in our dreams. The appearance of flowers in a dream could be significant: If they were placed carefully (perhaps even a self), suggests that perhaps point out that social life is planned too carefully – or ought to be put in order. In a garden growing motley mess – or scattered around the house – flowers would indicate that life is full of joy. But what happened in the dream else? Returned to the flowers away, or were scattered around more? A dream in which predominate the flowers in a garden could be (if not an avid flower growers) is to refer that life needs more color and there is less concern should be to make the bare subsistence. A dream of withered flowers is often depressing and says something about grief or danger. The destruction of flowers (perhaps by worms or grubs) has similarly ominous significance. If you worked in a dream with casting or fertilizer, that is perhaps, that we should work on a relationship. Flowers in bud or in bloom could symbolize the emergence of an idea or a new relationship – or that one is entering a new phase of life. Freud saw in the flowers a female symbol, because its flowers are cup-shaped, and it creeps into the bee to pollinate it. The flower could also stand for an idea that you have brought to bear. Wild growing flowers emphasize natural, simple beauty and disdain for artificial flower beds. Cut flowers are exposing instead of being enjoyed by them in their natural habitat, so they can be symbols for artificiality. If you dream of someone who can not identify it, give flowers or get from him, this probably means that you need his self-consciousness on its feet. A garland of flowers is more similar, but more formal symbol. Flowers in a dream make a connection to feelings of joy and beauty. Through them the dreamer is aware that something new comes up and that he will do with a new freshness. Flower can stand for sexual needs, which may be disregarded. In addition, it often has nothing to do with love and other feelings or the development of properties. Among the many possible interpretations, the following are particularly revealing:
– pick flowers can also promised happiness and success, but sometimes warn against risks that stand in the way or suggests a sexual wish fulfillment.
– A bouquet of fresh flowers suggests a love of adventure that makes us happy.
– Proclaims look fresh, beautiful flowers, health and success, especially in an emotional relationship.
– Flowers, blooming mainly can be viewed positively as an expression of beautiful thoughts and feelings and it is important also to the color (see below).
– Destroy flowers from you and throws it away, gambled away his fortune is probably through your own fault.
– If they wilt, wither a bit in the life of the dreamer.
– Wilting flowers announce failures and disappointments.
– You trample flowers, as you may trample on the feelings of most of the partner around, which one pretends to love. The Indian dream journal “Jagadeva” writes to a floral dream highest auspiciousness.
– Does the dreamer something with a bouquet, it means that he will be rewarded for something.
– The color of the flowers may be important (see “colors”). Each flower has its own meaning in dreams:
– Anemone: the current partners of the dreamer is not trustworthy.
– Buttercup: the business conditions will improve.
– Forsythia: the dreamer has joy in life.
– Honeysuckle: domestic strife will bring the dreamer out of balance.
– Geranium: an argument that the dreamer had recently is not as serious as expected.
– Bellflower: the partners will develop and pugnacity of the dreamer.
– The Camellia is associated with sensitivity.
– Clover: a person who is in need of money will get in touch with the dreamer.
– Krokus: the dreamer should not trust a “dark” man near her.
– Lily: it stands for an unhappy marriage or the death of a relationship. It is associated with elegance, coolness and detachment. They are usually impressively as an irritant.
– Mistletoe: the dreamer should continue in the relationship with the instantaneous partner.
– Poppy: a message will bring great disappointment.
– Myrtle: it symbolizes joy, peace, happiness and stability.
– Daffodil: the dreamer should be careful that he not be confused with the shadow of reality.
– Clove: a passionate love affair is pending.
– Daffodil: the dreamer has a friend act against unfair and should seek reconciliation.
– The orchid is associated with beauty, wonder and wealth.
– Peony: too much self-restraint can cause distress to the dreamer.
– Primrose: the dreamer will find happiness in a new friendship.
– Rose: love and perhaps a wedding within a year are arising.
– Snowdrops: the dreamer must learn to trust and not to hide his problems.
– Iris: it stands for hope and good news.
– Violets: the dreamer will bind to a person who is younger than himself
– Forget: the selected partner of the dreamer can not give him what he craves.


Flowers are a symbol of the feminine principle and for the child. The bud refers to the potential of an opening flower is a sign of an impending development. If a flower dream caused by an odor stimulus, then it is a simple charm dream. Otherwise, a flower is usually dream dreamed by young girls or young women with girlish fantasy. The dreamer is
full of hopes and expectations about love matters. These symbols are in a dream for the emotional level, they almost always have a positive meaning. The personal attitude of the dreamer are not relevant to the neglected flower, the color may play a role. The comparison between the growth and withering of the flower and the lives of the people is obvious and is often transferred to the dream life of the dreamer.
– The buttercup is associated with childhood.
– Crocus: Crocus The spread of the Orient, starting all over Europe. The fall in the yellow-flowered saffron is highly respected in the ancient world like the rose. Saffron was a symbol of light, as he also appears in today’s dreams. Certainly resonates with the dream symbol of Crocus also, that he belongs with the snowdrops together with the first flowers of the year. It indicates that the cold time of winter is over.
– Lily: the lily with white calyxes symbolizes purity. Starting from Persia to spread the symbol of the lily as a symbol of the birth of light from all over Europe and became a popular heraldic symbols. This is called the “royal lily”. As a dream symbol it usually occurs when the dreamer wants to purify himself. It also comes in front of a Christian symbol of virginity.
– Carnation: Conventional expression of emotion.
– Rose: The rose is named, not only the queen of flowers, it also occurs most frequently of all the flowers in a dream. Because of her beauty and her tantalizing scent it becomes a symbol of love, with their spines can not be overlooked. For the dream symbolism is particularly the aspects of the beauty of the rose and important on the other side of their spines and their short-lived. So she is a perfect symbol of the uniqueness of a person.
– Snowdrops: the snowdrops impresses with its white color, which symbolizes innocence and purity. In the dream, the snowdrop often refers to the fact that you can develop in spite of difficult situations, such as the snowdrop flower in a hostile time blossoms unexpectedly.
– Water lily (lotus): the water lily is one of the most popular symbols of the far east. Thus, the seat of an enlightened is represented as a water lily. The symbolism of the lily is particularly characterized by its capacity to close the evening not only many flowers their blossoms, but this retreat, even under water. At first light they appear again in the morning and set her cup to the east. Again and again it is stated that the beautiful lotus roots anchored deep in the ugly mud of the lake. This is a clear indication of the power of transformation. In the dream, refers to the water lily peace, inner beauty and often they display a positive personality development.
– Tulip: the tulip in a dream, it depends on what color the flower exhibits. For her, the meaning is entirely dependent on the color shown.
– Violet: because of its blue color is regarded as the soul of the violet flower. It is regarded as the messenger of spring. In the dream, symbolizes the longing that little flower. It occurs when the dreamer, who should turn more to their feelings or longer should rely on their intuition.


On a spiritual level flowers symbolize love and compassion.


European (Judeo-Christian)
– Beautiful blooming in the garden promises fun and profit;
– Pick: successes, good harvest for country people, profit, a harmonious feeling of adventure is in sight;
– See: you’ll soon be bride or groom;
– Fresh: health;
– Nice: success;
– Smelling good: many good things;
– Watch and enjoy it: find a lot of joy and happiness in life;
– Plants: do good works, money and honor;
– Wilted see: failures, predict failures and gloomy times;
– Wilt see: illness;
– Pour withering: suffering and discontent;
– Tear off: you spoil your happiness;
– Tear off and throw it away again: destroy his chances for happiness willfully;
– Get paid: true friendship;
– Bind: you’ll soon have a great pleasure;
– Adorn yourself with it: the connection with a loved one is deeper;
– White: announce sadness;
– To see a bouquet of fresh flowers: good luck in the promise of love and friendship;
– Decorated with white flowers tombs, urns: for pleasure and worldly pleasures of disadvantage;
– Standing in the barren earth blooming flowers or leaves: announce a painful experience, but with energy and serenity you will soon get back to prominence and happiness;
– In women’s dreams symbolize flowers great expectations and hopes of love;
– A young woman receives a bouquet of different flowers, then they will have many admirers;
– A dreamer himself picking flowers: your hopes will fulfill your secret desires.

– You can go through your determined stand a good connection;
– But must take care that they do not make you the neighbor dispute;
– Tear off: pay attention to your advantage;
– Get paid: we will show you great favor.
– Sow: improve your bad times;
– Bind: unexpected surprise coming into your house. You will be able to rejoice.

Arabian (Islamic)
– Looking great, fresh and beautiful: joyful experience things;
– Only rich: one will deal with a bereavement;
– Pick: your joy will soon pass, you should use every opportunity to offer one’s life;
– Plant: good deeds are your doings mark; financial blessing is coming up;
– Withering look, or have: your hopes will not be fulfilled;
– Thoughtlessly demolished: join his fortune with feet, you will miss a great opportunity;
– Collect and bind together: if you’re engaged or married yet, so it will happen soon;
– Get paid: it has to do with honest people.

* Please, see meaning of bud, individual names of flowers, colors.

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6 responses

  1. Last night I dreamed of seeing a pretty bouquet of roses . It was a nice dream. I have been going through some tough changes and believe its a sign of prosperity and love.

  2. I had a dream what I am thinking off tearing away tulip to fertilize my other flower. I can’t remember if I really wanted to tear tulip away, because I remember, that I also wanted to safe it. I saw it’s onion. And blossom was very weird – it’s begining is in onion, and blossom leafs are huge, like two palms. Collour was like an egg apple. It looked very juicy, I was afraid to touch it. It was planted by someone else, who kept planting tulips while I looked at that one. It was a young tulip. By the way I left tulip in it’s place. Could I get some interpretations, please.

  3. This morning I had a dream:

    I was in a class room (?) or office (?) and they were taking pictures and I was watching them. It felt like a happy occasion.
    One girl wanted to have her photo taken with a guy. The guy raises his hand and motions me to come over.
    I walk towards them and stand at his left side.
    He pulls me to his right and places me between him and the girl. He lays one hand on my left shoulder and lays his chin on the other.
    Right before I look up to the camera, I notice I’m holding one white calla lily. (I didn’t know what the name of was of the flower until a few minutes ago… which explains how I got here)
    I smile at the camera then I wake up.

  4. hi my names Michelle I find myself troubled by this dream. I made my own garden in the front of my home and planted all shorts of colored flowers but one night I had a dream of my bright yellow Astilbe flower/Plant falling apart but in my dream it had a dull yellow colored and felt as if I knew the flower was going through the seasonal transition but was very sad for me at the same time????and recently my pup went onto my garden and destroyed one of those flowers and felt sad