Fly (insect) dream meanings

General Meanings:

In General flies are the insects having very annoying features, because of their desire to bite or to eat, however the attention of this dream must be paid more closely. The dreamer who had the dream about fly must look closer and deeper into his life. Maybe there are some factors in your life that do not have to be looked at negatively, because the dream is the suggestion to try to get rid of those negative aspects in your life. Maybe there are some things in your life that do not let you move forward, keeps annoying you, but you are afraid to be apart from them. Try to absorb the situation and make sure you pull yourself together and get rid of what is not necessarily.
External stimulus and flies
There is a possibility that during the sleep the dreamer gets actual physical contact by wind, fly or any other stimulus. Maybe there are some external stimulus which stimulates you during the sleep, therefore you dream of the flies at any circumstances.
The fly dream explanations depending on circumstances:

  • Will achieve success if see a fly – to dream of the fly may have a positive meaning for those who usually get the things easily. Alternatively, the dream might be an indication for the dreamer to grow the patience and do not be so annoying towards the others;
  • Problems within your family if see many flies – to dream of seeing lots of flies in the room or any other area, denotes to misunderstandings, hardships in your family;
  • Beware of troubles if see a fly in the drink – to dream of the fly that flew into your drink, warns about lurking danger.

Psychological Meanings:

  • All kinds of insects, make the dreamer to pay attention to the disturbance, therefore leading to his instincts he does everything to survive. At this point the fly is killed or simply chased away.
  • The dream about flies also show irritation the dreamer suffers from. There is a possibility that he is annoyed by something in reality or feels rejected by others.
  • The flies may also indicate the things in your life you wish to get rid of. Consider, what makes your life less comfortable and make sure you fight off those factors.

Spiritual Meanings:

On the spiritual level, the flies symbolizes dirtiness, pollution, illness, disease and the war.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Will get offended by someone if see the fly – to see the fly from the distance, signifies that you will get insulted by someone in your life. Beware of it and protect yourself;
  • Will be surrounded by enemies if see many flies – to dream of seeing lots of flies, signifies to be aware of people you are surrounded by. At this time of your life, many people will have the desire to do a harm to you;
  • Will remain the winner if catch or killed the fly – if you were dreaming that you catch or killed the fly, then such dream promises the achievements at anything you do;
  • Will confront naughty people if the fly flew into your mouth – to dream of the fly, which flew in your mouth, suggest to prepare yourself to deal with wicked and nasty people;
  • Success without any effort if the fly is glued to flypaper – such dream promises luck, fortune and easily approached achievements.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Will get into trouble if can not catch the fly – to dream of the fly that is impossible to catch, denotes to the problems and troubles that you got yourself into;
  • Disputes in home if see fly that flew into the house – the flies that are flying in the room, denotes to anger at your house between you and your relatives;
  • Danger if see flies in a drink or food – to dream of the flies that lying in the food or beverage, denotes to lurking danger;
  • Success if killed or catch the fly – such dream promises the state of the winning.

Arabian (Islamic)

In general the flies are associated with the evil, diseases, illness, sickness and jealousy.

  • War against your people if the emperor dreams of flies – for the leader to have a dream that has flies in it, suggest to be aware and prepare for the grief, sorrow and bitterness;
  • Poverty if poor man dreams of flies – for a man that has none richness to dream of flies is a bad sign, because it means he will get a disease from which will suffer a lot. The dream also foretells about the poor life;
  • Big troubles and disappointments if see many flies – for a dreamer to see lots of flies, warns about many different problems he will have to solve;
  • Enemies will go away if see many flies far away – to dream of the flies that are seen from quite big distance, has a good meaning, because the enemies will not reach you;
  • Will overcome your opponents if catch the fly – to catch a fly that’s been flying around you denotes to your power to win against others;
  • Will be the leader if kill the fly – to kill one or more flies, symbolizes to your ability for being the winner no matter what you do.

Medicine Wheel Meanings:


Annoying, toughness, persistence, discomfort.


Flies are the group of insects with the pair of transparent wings. Some of the flies such as mosquitoes have very unfavorable relationships with people. Because they are very annoying and makes you feel disturbed, the mosquitoes is one of the most unpleasant insects for human-beings and other animals too. Some of the flies bite and trying to eat human flesh, therefore it is very common to destroy them among people. Flies have very large eyes which allows them to absorb the surroundings very well, therefore it is very hard to catch them.

General Meaning

The dream is a suggestion to look deeper into yourself, especially at the part of you which is stubborn and annoying. Make sure you accept and recognize the aspects of yourself which are troublesome.


The desire to move forward no matter the circumstances; The image of your patience and how you are coping with it.

Transcendent Meaning

The dream is the test of how you are related to earth, nature and everything that is natural.
* Please, see meaning of insects.

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  2. I had a dream someone had given me a glass of orange juice and i drink it. While i was drinking it i suddenly looking at the 2lt bottle of orange juice that they had given me it’s look so fresh and then I notice that there is heaps of died flies floating inside the bottle so i suddenly spit out and saw some flies come out , out of my mouth. Please explain the meaning of interpretation of dreams. Kindly Wilma

  3. A huge fly landed on my keyboard of my laptop and stared at me. I swatted him away instead of killing him because I didn’t want his guts on my keyboard. I’m so practical in my dreams.

  4. I had a dream their was like a drain hole in my kids bathroom, and when I walked to to see if clean their was a fly color greenish and yellowish and I got disgusted because I hate flies do I msde a screen small holes and drilled it to cover the hole. What does this mean?

  5. My cosine dream of seeing my mother in a dreaming, she sit with her and later get up and sit with me, she said she does it repeatedly. 3 days later my mother died. Please what is the meaning of sitting with her and get up and sit with me, continuously doing that. Until she wake up.

  6. I dreamt a ghost took the form of a giant, fuzzy fly and flew after me. I caught it between my shoulder and ear and crushed it like that. It was quite disgusting and I threw it at my couch. The fly’s carcass then turned into a stuffed animal, plushie if you might. It was quite scary for me.

  7. I “dreamt”or imagined a black fly was walking on my left wrist on top of my yellow rose tattoo. When i looked closer i couldn’t see it! What’s the interpretation please.

  8. I dreamt that I wanted to go and bathe and was taking water from a big container into my bathroom bucket and I found myself in a coming out of a dry field but there were plenty of housflies as I was passing. I drove them with my hands as I moved out of the place.
    Please what is the meaning?