Fountain (Water well) dream meanings


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General Meanings:

A fountain symbolizes the access to the most hidden feelings and emotions of the dreamer. Water well may represent the accumulated experience of life, which rest in the depths of the unconscious. This dream symbol requests you to take advantage of this wisdom for deeper self-knowledge and try to reach the inner harmony. The following special meanings of the dream:

  • Water poured off the well – This shows your fear of selfish motherhood and shows inhibitions against the female gender.
  • Broken fountain – Something is wrong with the fountain in the dream, the water can not be reached, then this symbolizes the inability to come up with the most valuable talents and qualities. May also express the feeling such as inner emptiness and loneliness.
  • Dried fountain – Such a dream symbol warns of dangers because the dreamer rejects everything what is new and does not want to get new experiences;
  • Water-filled wells – This dream indicates the fullness of life, you will experience success and this dream encourages you reach your goals and plans. You are strong and clearly know what you want from life;
  • Run around the fountain – This indicates emotional exuberance, but also shows that you have too many activities and you should learn to focus on the essentials.
  • Drinking from the fountain – Symbolizing the relationship with other people, clear water that you can trust your friend or partner while cloudy and dirty water warns of deceit and disappointment.
  • To see your own reflection in the water well or the fountain – This warns of disaster and death. To see other, you will soon feel deeply sorrow because of him.

Psychological Meanings:

The dreamer has to trust his own intuitive, self-conscious and to open up the path to healing and success. This is an archetypal symbol of rejuvenation, the spiritual rebirth.

  • The water of fountain is clear and sparkling, indicates spiritual strength and joy and gladness.
  • A fountain without water describes the jealousy that you will meet and which will bring troubles in your life.
  • To fall into a well, this means that you will fall back into old bad habits and will lose all friends.

Spiritual Meanings:

A fountain symbolizes the access to the depths of the unconscious. The “fountain of knowledge and vision.”

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Pain if see water well – In a dream you see a water well then this may show that you will have mental anguish;
  • Bad sign if dried water well – The dried water well in the dream is a bad omen for all personal affairs and development;
  • Passion if see a fountain – The fountain in the dream marks that an initial flirtation turns into a deep passion;
  • Good period if well with clear water – To dream of well with clear water then this dream has a positive meaning which announces good speculation, good results, good vitality;
  • Loss if see the water run over – The well of water with too much water which runs over then this denotes that you will have loss of money, strength or health;
  • Love if drink fresh water from fountain – You drink fresh water from a fountain then this announces the fulfillment of secret desires, love to another person;
  • Warning if give to somebody -To give another person to drink from a water well, this goes as a warning, because not every person is truthful enough to give him full confidence;
  • Luck if fall into a fountain – To dream when you fall into fountain then you may get unexpected good fortune.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Good life if see clear water well – In the dream you see a water well with clear water then you may expect wealth and good life, luxury and pleasure.
  • Be attentive if see dirty water – The water is dirty in the fountain then this stands as a warning to take care of health and have some rest.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Good life if see water well with clear water – Dreaming of a water well with clear water then you may expect to meet your soul mate and will have a wonderful life with lots of students;
  • Good sign if fountain with clear water – Such a dream is a good omen, you have good prospects in your future;
  • Bad omen if water well with dirty water – When in your dream the well is with dirty water then you have to be attentive because now it is a period which may bring worries and sorrow;
  • Bad period if fountain with murky water – The murky water a s a dream symbol announces poor prospects for the future;
  • Difficult period if fall into a well – In the dream you fall into the water well then this denotes libel, reckless conduct and a nasty, murky future;
  • Good time if drink from fountain – To dream of drinking water from a fountain then you may expect prosperity and good business;
  • Loss if see overflow of water well – The dream is a sign that you will have loss of important things in your life;
  • Troubles if fountain without water – The fountain in the dream is empty without water then this is a sign of worries and troubles;
  • Present if see a fountain with beautiful ornaments – The dream shows that you will receive a gift.

* Please, see meaning of spring, fountain, water.

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6 responses

  1. I hardly dream and if I do, I mostly will not remember the dream. Two nights ago, I dream I got some to dig a Well around my home. At completion point, this Well was full with water. At the top of the well, there was some natural water purifier. Two little children were around whom I could not recognize. I was careful that one of them who came closer to the well should not full in it. I was very happy to have water because in real life, I has wanted a Well be noticed that my surroundings was rocky and we could not dig a well. What does all of these mean?

  2. In my neighbourhood where I am leaving, I decided to go and fetch water to bath before going to my office. As I got to every houses where there are well waters to fetch, I found out that there is no longer water to fetch in those well. I went to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th houses where there are wells of waters, there was no water to fetch inside any of those wells again. I then decided to go and take my bath in my office where is provision to take bath. What is the meaning of this dream?

  3. My son was little again(about 12)his face was beat up and had a little blood on it, he was playing outside in the snow with other childen and looking for his slead,the other children were not standing real close to him.There was a small hill with houses and at the bottem of the hill was a cematary,the chldren were playing almost at the bottem of the hill.I was there and started walking up the hill to a water well and as I walked I could hear several voices saying”some people never learn” over and over again.I knew this was ment about my son.As I got to the well I had a overwelming felling of my son losing his son(who is just 10 months)as if someone took him from my son.Then I woke up.

  4. My mother who passed away 9 years ago, feel into the well. I searched desperately for a street name so i could call the police for help to get her out but was unsuccessful. When i.finally reached her, she’d turned into a mermaid

  5. My neigbour wanted water and he pleaded i should help draw water from the well for him. I waited for but i didn’t see him coming out from their house. I then went to where the well was but it was very deep and wasn’t good before my eye. Sudden i saw i man who showed a better well for me to draw whose water according to him tasted much better than the previous i saw. Please what does this dream mean?