Full moon dream meanings

General Meanings:

The image of the full moon promises luck in all life situations. The dreamer has to be careful and doesn’t overestimate himself and to be modest of what he has already achieved in life.

Spiritual Meanings:

Symbol of wholeness and female magical powers.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Satisfaction if see full moon – In your dream the full moon appears then you may have advantages in your life, which will bring you satisfaction of your life.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Good life if see full moon – The dream of full moon will give you an ability to find your own life destination and will reach what you desire.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Good period if see clear and bright moon –  You will get bless from above and all affairs will run smoothly and successfully;
  • No clarity if see darkened moon – In the dream you see darkened moon then your perspectives are clouded because you do not have clear vision of your own life;
  • Blush if see in red light – The moon is in red light in your dream, then you may expect blush because of love affairs.

Medicine Wheel Meanings:


Perfect disappearance of the shadow side, the opportunity for a thorough investigation of the feminine, sensuality,  sexuality, emotional energy, intensity.


Full moon is clearly seen and visible in the night sky as a perfect disc.

General Meaning

Ready to be influenced by the moon and the investigation of the feminine. Willingness to explore the shadows within you, understanding the emotional sensual nature.

Transcendent Meaning

A gift from grandmother moon.

* Please, see meaning of Thirteenth Moon, crescent, menstruation, moon, lunar crescent, new moon.

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11 responses

  1. My dream started off with me looking up in the sky and seeing a normal sized full moon in front of a more enormous full moon. I love to take photos, so I remember in my dream trying to take a perfect photo of this, but the normal sized moon began to dissolve and the bigger one started to move really fast. I also remember my dad telling me that he got pizza, but I was so fixated on getting a photo of this giant full moon that wouldn’t stay in place. I don’t really remember how it ended, something along the lines of me capturing a photo but it not being good enough, and I was still trying to capture one.

  2. hello, I was in some place and there was some perso, we didin’t like each other in start but when everyone (other people werelike shadows … didn’t have really collor or resebeled somebody) left we stayed and we talk and we talk really long time, and stared at the moon reaaaly big moon, the weird part of the moon was that it has “sign” of gemini on it… what does it mean ?

  3. Hi i dreamt a bout a full read moon what duse this mean could you please help me i beleve in my self also i belive iner spirit & soul & mined i bleave you can get what you want if you use your mined i am triying my best to yous my mined please let me no what this dream is as sap thank you

  4. I dreamt of the full moon just risen from the horizon looked like the moon was resting on the fluffy clouds, the moon was very gold. Every thing looked so defined. Just then my daughter woke up crying when I checked the time at was 4 am.

  5. Hi i dreamed that i was with a girl and that the moon was so close that we didnt need a telescope to see it and in that dream they where talking about all the pyramids and what they meant it was weird because at the end the girl left and that girl is engaged what dos it mean?

  6. In my Dream I see 4 Full Moons and I’m amazed by them even though my friends aren’t, I say to them that on such a rare occasion I will meditate in their presence, than everything blurs and I wake up in the morning, I move a hundred feat in one direction where I meet my friends, who don’t believe me that I saw 4 Full moons even though they were with me.

    • i had the same dream. 4 full moons .they were huge. almost like i was in an invisible box. one on each side,front and back.i was with someone and i was the only one who was amazed.

  7. many years back in my teen. I dreamt where I saw myself at a close range in my dream in the air moving in the same direction as the moon moves or rotates. what could that mean?