Gasoline (gas) dream meanings

General Meanings:

Gasoline in the dream may be interpreted as a form of energy and recognized as a sign that the dreamer needs to move forward with his own development. Gasoline as a dream symbol usually indicates an energetic, slightly, passionate nature of a personality.

  • When you dream that you refuel a car with gasoline, then this might indicate that perhaps you should more take care of your body.
  • Gasoline is highly flammable and dangerous, so this means that the dreamer’s energy is used on a risky way, then it can easily lead to injuries and problems.
  • When the gasoline burns in the dream, then this is a favorable sign for an emotional relationship but this will not exist for long.
  • A gas explosion in the dream signifies that you have to curb more the excessive high temperament, and only then this will not make any hazard.

Psychological Meanings:

The energy and determination with which the dreamer makes decisions is a good basis for his urge. Gasoline in the dream stands for motivation and energy which you want to use.

Spiritual Meanings:

Gasoline can symbolize spiritual energy and spiritual force.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Much efforts and warning if dream gasoline – In a dream you see or smell gasoline then this dream means risk of fire or disputes. You have to be wary of both. Also this dream indicates that you will have to put lots of efforts while dealing with new tasks;
  • Very spontaneous if see gasoline – The dream denotes that you can very easily inflame yourself, but also very quickly calm down;
  • Party if see burning gasoline – The burning gasoline in the dream announces that you will have a fun entertainment with your closest friends and family members.

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