Get off dream meanings

General Meanings:

Desire of changes This dream indicates the character who wants to escape or to refuse the previous way of life. Sometimes this dream actually reflects your natural life desire to change something. But more often this dream denotes women concrete plans such as divorce.

Psychological Meanings:

New life The dream where the person gets off or drops out from somewhere, this marks that he seeks for a new path of self-realization. If we get off a vehicle, this signifies that we can not continue our path of life no longer. That we want to find a new power to change our lives radically.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Start new phase of life if get off a car or a boat – In the dream you get off a car or a boat, then this indicates that you have to start your new life, try to create something important;
  • Warning if get off in the wrong place – This dream marks that you will have hazards, you are moving toward risky place or you are making dangerous decisions which may bring you lots of worries.

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