Globe dream meanings


Ideas of expansion.


Where I want to go? Or what I want to achieve?

General Meanings:

The sign of development Globe like the ball, may be often understood as a rounded, harmonious personality. Sometimes it refer to further life planning and the desire for more self-development and outlook for the future. Also the dream of globe may indicate that you need a trip to relax.

Psychological Meanings:

This dream stands for longing or nostalgia or desire for wanderlust. You would like to receive the knowledge of the world.

Spiritual Meanings:

Your spirit is free to reach something new and very fresh. New start or further spiritually development of yourself.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Plan for future if terrestrial globe – Terrestrial globe in dream stands as a symbol of extensive planning;
  • Marriage if dream of globe – The dream of globe will bring you happy marriage or you are already married then a beautiful journey;
  • if floating globe – To dream of floating globe in bright and beautiful space, this is warns that you have to be cautious in relation and health;
  • Surprise if try to find something on a globe – Try to find something on a globe in the dream but without success, then you will receive an anonymous letter which will bring you surprise;
  • News if study globe – Dreaming of studying a globe means that you will get to know a great knowledge.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Journey if dream of globe – Dreaming of globe may be a sign that you will do a world tour;
  • Travel if see terrestrial globe – This dream denotes that you’re standing in front of a great journey.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Travel if globe – Dreaming of globe announces a beautiful trip.

* Please, see meaning of earth or ball.

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