Goats dream meanings


– Lustful force relentless energy & omnivores.


– What am I determined to do?

Medicine Wheel Meanings:

omnivores; hair; collide; horns lust; horned gods; earth-religion.

Goats are four-legged, horned mammals that are occurred worldwide. The goats in some parts of the world are also useful for its milk and meat. They can be relatively easy to tame and prefer to live in community with other animals.  They eat almost everything and it is difficult to keep them in a fenced area.

General meaning:
Your freedom-seeking part; feels constricted by the pressure of the conventions; one aspect of you is willing to fight for everything you want.

A lustful person, an old man, a horny man image, a man who has to play the role of scapegoat; grumble; derogatory term for a woman.

Transcendent importance:
An ally who can help you with the safety of his movements to find what you are looking for.

Artemidoros Meanings:

Neither white nor black goat brings good luck, but all show without exception an evil, the white less, the black more.

General Meanings:

Persistence Goat is generally understood as a symbol of frugality and perseverance, sometimes as a help, especially for the successful management in difficult situations. It is sometimes and obstinacy, intransigence and aggression to the fore, which is less useful.

Scapegoat In individual cases, it displays the circumstances, the attempt to shift fault and responsibility on a scapegoat or is abused themselves like that.

Psychological Meanings:

In the interpretation of a dream, which is about goats, the attention must be paid to the gender of the beast, for female and male (billy-goat) there are different meanings.

Male goat in a dream is a symbol for male stubbornness and aggression.

Female goat, however, embodies skill, modesty and adaptability. When she is bleating in our dreams, we have to do something in the real life with someone, which can not do anything right, the criticism is justified. To see jumping and funny goat means, that you should pack the arrogance or recklessness.

Spiritual Meanings:

Symbol of a careful eavesdropping, knowing creature.

Traditional Meanings:


  • Negligent If Seeing in flocks – When in the dream you see goats in flocks, then this dream shows you that you have to deal with careless people;
  • Earnings and Weepers If Seeing white goat – This dream announces you good income, but you also have to deal with disgruntled moaners, which want to use your success;
  • Worries If Seeing black goat – Black goats in the dream shows that you have to deal with moaners, the bargain with an evil character who wants to inflict a large damage;
  • Illness If Eating goat meat – This dream is a warning about a disease, according to the amount consumed, disease is more or less dangerous. Pay attention to your health;
  • Richness If Seeing goat’s hair or wool – Such a dream means wealth, material prosperity, opulence;
  • Hard work and Earnings  If dressed in goat wool or hair – To dream, that you or someone else is wearing a dress made of goat hair, there will be a lot of work and effort to irregular income earning.


  • Uncertainty If Seeing piebald – This dream shows you that happiness is unpredictable and is not reliable;
  • Modesty If Seeing milk or milking – In the dream you see milk or the action of milking (no matter you do this or someone else), you have to be humble. Modesty is now for the wisdom, you will soon endure in extreme caution;
  • Gladness and Recovery If Drinking goat’s milk – This dream promises healing and joy in your life;
  • Great harvest If Seeing running goats around on a farm – This dream is a good sign about your awesome harvest (in business, personal life);
  • Warning If Seeing jumping – This dream is a warning that you should avoid any mischief or carelessness;
  • Signal If Seeing elsewhere – That points to reckless transactions which you should avoid through increasing wealth;
  • Inheritance If Seeing the herd of goats;
  • No doubt If Seeing a kid of goat – In the dream you see an yeanling of goat indicates that you have no scruples, when it comes to business or pleasure; also this is going to hurt a loved one;
  • Complaint If Listening – You are dreaming that you hear or listen to goats’ bleating, this shows that you will work so hard and someone will constantly complain about you;
  • Stubbornness If  Seeing a male goat (billy goat) – This dream shows that you are either yourself rightly “stubborn” or make unnecessary resistance, or a bad person makes a stubborn by his behavior;
  • Be careful If Seeing a male goat with horns – This dream is advisable to beware of spies;
  • Contempt If a woman is riding on a goat – The woman dreams that she is riding on the goat, she will be despised for unseemly behavior.
  • Pickings If a woman drinks goat milk – In the dream woman drinks goat’s milk she will marry for the money and will not regret her decision.


  • Wayward If Seeing – You are very capricious;
  • Worries If Seeing Black – This dream announces you about hardship, your concerns are grounded, but you’re not alone;
  • Joy If Seeing White – In the dream you see a white goat this shows that you get a success, happiness, good business, but you need to detect some vicious people and avoid them;
  • Disease If Seeing goat’s milk or drinking milk (or to see someone else is drinking) – In the dream you or somebody is drinking goat’s milk, this is a warning about an  illness in the family;
  • Troubles If Seeing the slaughter – This dream indicates that you will get in troubles by dissolute economy;
  • Wealth If Having many goats;
  • Stubbornness If Seeing male goat – This dream shows that you are a stubborn man.

* See also dreams about pet, stable, animal, goatherd.

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  1. I Was carring a big female black goat from the maket to home in my dream. The goat refuse to follow me easly then i tai rope on its nec now the goat started moving with me obediently, pls can u help on interpretaction

  2. In my dream I saw a black goat with small white colour under the belly and black dog with small white colour under the belly in a pit, they have given birth to six each with the same colour as their mother’s in that pit then I quickly told my parents and brought food for them at the same time looking for a way to bring them out of the pit because they happened to be mine in the dream but I only succeeded in bringing out one of the puppy’s before I woke up.

  3. I saw a goat in dream, the goat is of two colour, black and white, the was our own before but we gave it out to our neighbor, the returned to our house, I tried to chase it out but it continue coming back, I understand that it don’t want to go back there, but it is female goat

    • I dreamt of a male goat, brown in colour mating with a white female cat. They were doing it atop a haystack. The whole affair lasted a few minutes then the both animals rested next to each other; the billy goat behind the cat (forming an L shape or V shape). What does it mean???

  4. 3/5/2017
    I keep traveling back and forth from a house to a work place, neither of which I am familiar with. The place I walk into has a large living room and past that is a large kitchen. The kitchen has old appliances like my grandmother had back in the early 60s. I don’t recall any other rooms. The place is old and outdated.
    I had been to work. (I’m not sure what kind of business place this is) A large silo type structure is there, only it is somewhat short with fencing around it and some sort of machine along the side of it which resembles the housing of a set of big scales and feed augers. The company goat (large white goat) somehow gets in the enclosure and winds up inside the machine. I try to get him out, but have no success. I try to find Caleb (co-worker I have in real life) to let him know and hope he can figure out what to do. I can’t find anyone to help. I go home all the while thinking I need to go back and make sure that goat is freed. He is eating the rubber belts and wiring in the machine and he could get hurt or get someone else hurt. I open the door to leave the house when I wake up. I’m still thinking, “What happened to the goat?”

  5. In my dream I was carrying a small white goat and was being chased by people who wanted to take the goat from me. I was alittle afraid because i was trying to save my goat and didnt know why these people where chasing us.

  6. I saw a white male goat with short pointed horns, and solid black eyes in my dream. It just stood there staring at me intently like it was saying something. All I know is I got this really deep sense of dread and then I woke up. What does that mean?

  7. I have a dream where I was sitting on a couch and there is a healthy white goat beside me and the goat is licking my hand and biting,moreover in a loving way . In the beginning i was happy but later i was not,and trying to escape but still it continued and started bitting if I move when it is licking.

    • I dreamt as i layed on the bed a black goat quietly started licking n chewing on my right hand. It wasn’t that hurt I just couldn’t move my other arm or body to ward it off. I struggled and woke up
      Pls respond

  8. my duaghter had a dream once she said thet she was with the power rangers and they went down to a rivir and found jesus dead in the water and the she looked away and then he was a goat with golden eyes she said she tried to look away but when she closed her eyes she still saw him even when she bloked the veiw of him.

  9. Today in my dream i saw four she goats,three black one brown we call it hausa goat. 2 blacks and the brown one gave birth and the brown and the other black were feeding on the 2 other tiny black goat. I separated the 2 tiny ones and keep them one side and took the brown one holding and petting her. that brown one was very big the other black one also big. What does it mean pls inbox me on my email.

  10. I had a dream that my mom and my brothers left to go out of town and left me and my sister and our very close friends at home that night. It suddenly got very foggy outside and we all just had a weird feeling about that night so we locked all the doors..or so we thought, and went upstairs to my parents bedroom and all four of us got in the bed and tried to go to sleep but we heard noises coming from down stairs and they were all asleep and i heard something come into the room but i didnt want to look because i was so scared but it was a white goat trying to get onto the bed and get me and i remember screaming so loud in my dream and for these past days i cannot get the dream out of my head.

  11. Mine was not a dream but a vision during meditation of a man with white hair and dark cloths, when his eyes started to glow a bright Amber &turned into a two legged goat with white fur and long Gazelle like horns! I have been trying to figure out the meaning for three or four events years now & found references ranging from Satanic meanings to a Voodoo spirit called Obatalla. Can you help answer this?

  12. I dreamt that I ws walking past some goats others were real and others were fake goats since they were all standing still n the real goats pretending to be statues I was looking at them as I was walking pass them then I saw young boy kneeling next to a kid goat I came bit closer n noticed the kid goat was alive and it jumped at me n was trying to bite me right under my skirt I could feel my self trying to close my legs I got such a shock I woke u gasping for air

  13. I had a dream last night that I was in a black hybrid car, sitting at the back. I had just woken up at the back seat. My mom who looked liked my aunt was driving. We were on a highway when I noticed a black goat suddenly appear at the back seat with me. I was surprised and wondered how it came there. It was a friendly goat, and it’s horns were covered in wool and were inverted and down, like ears. It was a silly strange goat that made bleating noises and weird funny faces. It tried to eat my mom/aunt’s jacket, so I tried to feed it the window screen covers since there were like three in the car. It ate it. Then, it puckered its lips in a funny way with it’s eyes closed and tried to kiss me! I didn’t want to kiss it, so used the palm of my hand to let it kiss that instead. It fell for it. Though, it also wanted a kiss from my mom/aunt, and my she let the goat kiss her… Ew… At the end of the ride, we ended up going to this beautiful amusement park which was still opened even though it was late at night with beautiful lights all over.
    Anyone have any idea what this dream means? XD

  14. My sister had a dream of grim reaper and a white goat. She was in a car with my grandfather and from far away they saw a white goat but then it started transforming into grim reaper with his gaint knife thing and it was just staring at them and the setting was in a very dark cloudy place and it was in the day. Does anyone know if this is bad?

  15. In my dream I walked down stairs looked out side and there were goat everywhere some where eating and destroying my dog my step sister was crying and I glanced over then turned around trying to avoid looking at it then I woke up

  16. hi,
    I dreamt that I went to a place to eat like an restaurant, I ordered chips, I tasted it and it was taken from me as if they wanted to calculate what I had just bought but I was getting impatient because they were taking too long in bringing the food back. so I wanted to get into the restaurant to ask for my food but male goats started coming to me unbelievable wanting to have sexual relations with me and the numbers of the goats starts increasing with the same reason of wanting to have sex with me. they were pressing against and blocking my way to go ahead. please can you send the meaning to my email. thanks

  17. I had a dream that I went to see my cat at an animal shelter only when we got there she was a tiny black goat. She was still the same and I felt that she was my cat but a goat instead.

  18. I had a dream of a white billy goat blocking my path. It was soliciting sex from me with its voice desguised as a female. As I tried to walk pass it the goat backed its genetals into me causing me to retreat and move back. Stoping me from reaching my destition. There was also another creepy deformed goat watching.

  19. Last night I had a dream of a goat family whom I am protecting from wolves. In the family, there was a male goat, his wife and their kid. They came in my house to protect themself and I took their full responsibility as it was dark and unsafe for them outside, the wolves were hiding at waiting for them to come out. The male goat even bit me. But I didn’t bothered much, as my first priority was to protect them. What does that exactly mean?

  20. I had a dream where i saw a white bull chasing the kid of a goat. It ran towards it’s herd and its dad, a large billy with large horns, started chasing and ramming the bull. The bull seemed really small compared to the goat and it felt as if i was riding the bull.

  21. I had a dream last night that I was almost late for school drop but I wasn’t at home, so I jumped into my car and I noticed there were two goats in front of the car, one bigger than the other and I think the smaller one was black and the bigger on brown. Anyway I start the engine and they both run under the car, I start driving carefully but I end up crushing ones leg, I was traumatized, I come out screaming and both of them just lie their and then they get up an ones limping but next thing, they are being tied to a motorcycle and then I wake up, strangest dream ever

  22. I had a dream lastnight that there was a big black goat on my bed he had big horns and his eyes were red and i stabbed him 3 times and he made disturbing noises and he was violently rolling around my bed and i dragged him to the living room and i had his blood everywhere but when i first walked in my room it was like as if the goat was breathing heavy and his eyes were glowing im trying to find out what it means also i dream about black snakes trying to attack me and black dogs.

  23. I had a bunch of goats on a ridge suddenly stand up and appear. They were as stones before, suddenly they came off the ridge in a herd and were bent on attacking me and my companion whom I couldn’t see or recognize other than it was a she. We fought the goats among some large boulders and rocks and managed to kill one and then we ran to a large old house. When we closed the door they were butting it and trying to get in the kill us. I ran and bolted the front door and then went to the back door to bolt it and a goat hit the door as I was running to it and I managed to push on it and close it but he hit it again before I could bolt it and it knocked me back into the room. I sprang forward and pusshed on the door and was able to get it closed and bolted even though he was hitting and pushing on it from the outside. I ran to another side door and managed to get it closed and bolted even though a goat was pushing strongly from the other side. Then I woke up.

  24. I dreamed that I had to kill this black female goat. I didn’t want to but I felt a force making me do it. So I held it down and said I’m sorry and time to sleep.. then I shot it in the side of the head with a nail gun. There was no blood it just breathed really heavy. On it’s last breath I woke up. Who knows what means

  25. i had a dream while driving i saw a goat at the beack sit of my car,was surprise and wanted to return it immediately while looking the place where i might find the goat,suddenly my husband was already driving the car and we found who was the owner and gave it back.my husband was nicking his head returning to the car and smile telling me, the owner said it is a woman, maybe our car has a hole in it thats why the goat was able to go inside..i jst smiled back.then i woke up

    as i read all kinds of meaning of the goat,which some is good and some its bad..hmmm..

  26. I have a really good friend of mine. Whenever she’s at my house she would knock out on the couch ( sleeping of course) or at her house taking a nap. But she’s been dreaming of her suffocating and she would wake up out of breath and she would see a Ram’s head and she said to me that it would sometimes move around at her house& she can’t move or “paralyzed”. Please help me. I’m am trying to help her as best as I can. I would appreciate if you could respond back.

  27. can anyone help me interpret my dream? it was like this. i was inside my parents’ room and when i opened the door i saw three white goats. 1 was right in front of my parents’ door, the other one was inside my room and the last one was in the living room. i was shocked and i tried to cast the goats before my parents arrive but they pooped in our house and i had to clean it.

  28. Hello To whom it may Concern please help me interprete this dream , I had two dreams last night , The first one was me falling into a deep pit but before i fell a passer by was trying to get get hold of me by helping me but unfortunately i still fell into the pit , while i was falling i screamed for help but no one could help me all they could do was just watch me , now the second dream was an unknown creature choking me while i was in bed sleeping i struggled to shout the blood of jesus firstly my voice was fainth but fortunately i shouted the blood of jesus more than 4 times and pushed it away from me all of a sudden the unkown creature turned to a Goat and went over my bed side i quickly stood up and grabbed it strangled it , Hit it with an object until it started bleeding to death , i quickly ran out of my bedroom i had a voices saying they are looking for a missing goat etc thats when i woke , this is very scary and not simply a good news , can any one please help me interprete this night mare Thanks

  29. I had a dream that I went to go look outside my backyard to see how the weather was and our small dogs but instead of seeing them, I saw a huge buffalo and a average size goat with horns standing around it. What does this mean? I NEVER have had dreams about other mammals besides cats and dogs.

  30. Idk if I should be doing this but, I’ve had a dream about a boar eating the skin off of a goats head it was intense it jumped on the goats back bit the goats head and and skinned the skin off of the goats head, anyways the goat was still alive and walking around with it’s brain out and all then I remember the boar eating the skin and watching out do this after that I went back and saw how the goat was eating little green worm-like bugs still with it’s skin off there was no bleeding at all but I do remember saying”so that’s the BS that they eat.and the boar was black and the goat was mostly black and a grey patch on it’s head.. Prior to this dream I’ve asked the most hig.h for guidance, please help me interpret this dream

  31. I dreamt that I was wandering down a long, unknown road, where I came upon a couple men I did not recognize. They had an old fashioned hand cart filled with dead animals and they were about to approach a goat laying on the side of the road. Once they saw me, they offered me the goat. I attempted to field dress the goat with my folding pocket knife, but the goat was frozen solid. I do not recall the surrounding area reminding me of cold or of feeling cold, but the goat was frozen, none the less. I am not sure what the dream could mean, but I remember it vividly.

  32. I saw my wife brougth in a she-Goat with a young man I knew very well. My wife tied it to a corner in the house with a rope by its neck. I was provoked for buying the goat and been accompinied by another man. So out of vexsation I loose the goat and it ran away. But after few munites we chased and cought it and I was holding it by the rope while I woked up.

    • HI,


      the goat symbolizes “Homosexuality” and that it hit you means that you have been face with this issue or that it will be bought up to you, if it has not already and you will run away from it or you have already ran away from it. You just wont deal with the issue!

      • Goats like all animals, mammals, birds and insects come in both sexes. I don’t think that any particular animal etc is the symbol of Hommo-sexuality. I’m afraid you may have got your wires crossed somewhere. At the same time, you are entitled to your point of view. I just don’t agree with you.

  33. hi sinhu,
    I sense some anxiety around your “Spirit, but that is to be understandable after having a Dream such as this. However, let me remind you that nothing in this World or in any other World can harm you when you are protected by “Christ Jesus”! Please consider accepting Jesus today as your Lord and Savior –if you havenot already…

    The Dream Interpretation: You are in Danger of an Infliction of Sickness. Someone has “Cursed You”.
    The woman by the river means that a Voodoo Priestess or A Teacher of this Evil Practice is sending out a Curse upon You. And the black goat that had been sacrificed is a symbol of Black Magic. The blood that was shed into the rice means that you are being “Poisoned through ,FOOD”…
    You are surrounded by EVIL….

    I pray that I have helped You.
    Love You and God Bless You!!

  34. hi sindhu,
    I sense some anxiety around your “Spirit”, but THAT is to be understandable after having a dream such as this… However, let me remind you that nothing in this World or any other World can harm you when you are protected by Christ Jesus. Please consider accepting Jesus today as your Lord and Savior..IF YOU HAVENOT ALREADY!

    Dream Interpretation: You are in “Danger” of an infliction of Sickness. Someone has “Cursed You”. The woman by the river means a Voodoo Priestess or A Teacher OF THIS EVIL PRACTICE is sending out this Curse upon You. And the black goat that had been sacrificed is a symbol of Black Magic. And the blood that was shed into the rice means that you are being “Poisoned through FOOD”.. YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY EVIL…

    I pray that I have helped You…
    Love You and God Bless You!!

  35. hi marla,
    as a Prophet of God I am here to tell you of course God loves you– for he gave his only Son Jesus to be Crucified for You, Me and the “World”. And all you have to do is believe that Jesus is the Savior. Acording to the Vision you had of that Goat and that it turned away, that means that there is Stubborness in your way that is blocking your connecting with the Lord..That Goat is a symbolic “You”. (Prophetic)
    I see that there is Paganism around you…Anything that is not of God and of Christ Jesus, you must not have no dealings with….Or, it will separate you from God, not his Love but a relationship with him….And remember, that it can only be establish through his Son Jesus the Christ….
    I Pray that I was Helpful!
    Love You and God Bless!

  36. Back in 2008 I had asked God for a sign if he still loved me or something like that in terms and a moment later I saw a goat come up to me in my back yard
    and then turned and ran away it just disappeared what was that! This was not a dream either!

  37. one lady is sitting in front of river in front of her very big banana leaf with hot rice and man came with black goat and cut the goats neck in front of rice and blood shed into the rice and the goat was taken by him. please say the meaning of this dream

  38. Hi, that Goat is Satan and the dark room with him standing on his legs means that he was summoned from a Satanic Ritual. That someone holding him back from harming you is JESUS CHRIST. The Lord Jesus is protecting you from the EvilOne. I hope that you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior…..

  39. Hi, that Goat was Satan. He is after you and that it stood on its back legs means that he was summoned from a Satanic Ritual. The Someone that is holding him back is JESUS. I hope that you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior because only He can save you from the EvilOne….

  40. I play poker professionally but ATM my biggest win is 20k…

    I had a dream where you could actually keep your last cards if you didn’t play them and take them to another table and/or stakes…

    Ie when you get aces at low stakes, take them over to the high stakes table. Lol would be nice but not gonna happen in RL… Much too exploitable

    Anyways, two goats on this little farm were guiding the higher stakes tables I found..

    I drove by in this little golf cart and one looked like it wanted to ram us.. I wasn’t too scared but we kept going …

    I’m up for a job interview this morning which I’m conflicted about taking. Would be the highest paying job I’ve taken paying about 10$ more than my last but so far I’ve managed ok for almost the last year playing cards and have mixed feelings on taking the job…

    Ideas on what the dream denotes? Thanks

  41. okay i had this dream last night that i was in a dark room and a black goat or beast was tryin to get me but a man or something was holding it back but it kept coming at me oh and it was also on its back legs and had horns someone plz tell me what this means

  42. My dream about a goat is not very happy. It was no doubt a nightmare. I was a baby in a crib when I had this nightmare. I dont know how I can remember it, but I do. In the “dream” I was in my crib in my dark room which looked exactly like it did in real life. Only difference was there was a scary black goat in there with me. I remember it started attacking me.and I was crying. What’s even stranger is that my brother had the same dream as a baby that took place in his crib. Only difference is it didnt attack him.

  43. My dream was that i asked my dad for a goat and he told me he only had 40 dollars to waste and he needed it to buy more fishing supplies and i said it was okay then and then he told me that he was going to but it so then my mother and stepmother and grandmother took me to buy one and it was a baby goat it was completely white with some black on the top.

  44. I dreamed of a white male goat, it was in my dinning room, it was licking the face of a pragnent cat, this cat was grey and white it had hanging breast and at first this cat wanted to scratch me it looked angry but I stopped it, that is when this goat started to kiss and lick this cat all over

  45. I had this dream where this animal that resembled a goat attacked my family. It ws a very viscious animal, it was a male goat i think. It attacked my family and i was the only one who could fight it, luckily no one dide and we escaped. I dont look into these things too much, but somehow i lnow my dreams mean something

  46. I was in a lucid dream and there was a white goat just standing on my porch. It is three days later and this image will not go away. I cannot figure out the meaning. Any help would be appreciated.

    • I just had the same dream last night, the goat rang my door bell, and I opend the door. It wasn’t a normal goat, it was evil and talking to me. I closed the doo but it continued to stay and laugh saying things, I wish I could remember what. The dreem was insane, I wish I could explain it to you. The strangest part was I woke up at exactely 3:15. I’m not sure what this means….

  47. I dreamt where i was carrying a goat not really matured for eating but not a kid either. I was petting the goat my people wanted to slaugther the goat for meat but i refused telling them that the goat is too beautiful to be killed. The goat was wearing a jacket

  48. I had a dream that I was in a dark maze…I was really scared…running around…and even though I didnt see it I just knew a goat was following me…I woke up very very scared…with a pain in my chest and all. It creep me out! In my culture/family a goat is the devils form or the symbol of it…so I really want to know what would it mean…I do not want to believe that it was actually the devil following me…

  49. I just had a dream where there were 5 black goats in a barn. Two were dead. I picked up one of the goats and was carrying it around hopeing it wouldnt die. I turned around and the two alive goats were gone. The two dead goats were still there. I was walking in a mist outside the barn. Then i woke up startled and wondered why i had such an odd dream.

  50. I dreamt I was walking down the road and I seen this black goat wearing a trench coat and a hat the goat was walking like a human and I started to pray to God and it fleed away . stupid creepy goat was a demon.

  51. I was getting chased by a black goat. But then I took my coat off and started waving it and it would make the goat turn around. But he kept coming back to me and I would do the same thing. But it would not leave me alone. What does this mean?

    • i also had a dream like this but not so much the same the only thing diff was that the goat kept trying to come at me but a man was holding it back…. what have u founf out about this dream plz let me know

  52. I dreamed of a grazing white goat on a grassy hillside. Did not notice gender but IMMEDIATELY the message thought “Get Some Balls” came with the image…like a photo caption, contemporaneously.

  53. Please help!! I recently had a dream about my boyfriend having sexual intercourse with a black female goat in a bathroom an when he was done the condom was left inside of the goat , and you could see it it inside of the goat with everything else! This creeped me the heck out what does this mean!!!!?????

  54. Black Goats with their feet sawed off

    Deng am aware of this shit…its now about 0130hrs and I just woke up from a terryfying dream. I have just came from the living room to get a towel cos I like sleepin but azz naked…lol

    Anyway tha dream ends a lil something like this. We r in a sorta slaughter house, Alan n I. Alan is holding this black goats by their horns, one goat at a tyme, and someone(I can’t see his face) is using s chainsaw to chop off tha goats legs, when I look around there r hundreds of these black shiny goats without legs and brite red n thick blood keeps oozing from where the legs were b4. I need to point out that the goats r alive and keep tryna move around.

    I keep praying for this ugly moment to pass, Alan is freakn out cos he don’t like what he is doin either. He is now holding a baby goat. And he freaks out as soon as tha legs r sawed off. Maybe cos this is the first goat to scream out in pain. He jolts off running n I follow closely….what a shocker…@

    • Hi i am a young female adult and I had a dream of a magic white goat man. It was half human half goat. He had a curly wooly coat all over his body and he was very tall with two magnificent horns. In the start of my dream I was in some village in the woods and it was very dark outside. The goat came to the village to bring me a message, to tell me to come with him or We would all die in a pillageing. I tried to tell the village to come with us but they all laughed at me, so I left with a male friend and the magic goat man.. We traveled some way until we spotted the bad guys.. I thought we were doomed until the magic whit goat man turned me and my friend into two harmless old people.. The goat turned into a normally billy goat on a leash that we were holding ..I then could see myself through the bad people’s eyes and as them i could see them pointing a flash light at us, i could see myself as the old person with my old friend holding a regular white billy goat. After they just moved on.. Then I went into a few other crazy dreams.. I drempt that I was with the person I love, it was a great dream.

      • wow…. i had the same dream. at least the first part. i was in a yard in the dark, and i saw light over a hill, like rainbow colors, i wanted to see but i was scared and started to walk away, and the half man half goat came over the hill. i didnt know if he was good or bad. so i chose to leave and not take a chance. but that goat fits your description, except for i dont remember if he had horns or not. and this goat has socks on his back hooves.

  55. In my dream I geve birth to a white femele baby goat, she was very very cute and both my husband and I was very happy. I told my husband or I was thinking to myself, how nice to have a baby girl after having two boys!I am above my child bearing years. The dream was very detailed and clear.

  56. I dreamt my house was filled, wall to wall with black goats. Interestingly enough, there was a party going on and nobody was really aware or bothered by the goats, except for me. They were pooping all over my rugs and dragging in dirt and hair. I was the only one at the party that was upset that these goats were ruining my house. Eventually, in one room, the weight of the goats was too much and the floor gave away into the basement. The goats had ruined my house, yet, I was the only one who was upset about it.

  57. I saw flocks of white goats in a locally fenced place made for keeping goats. All with ropes on their necks so as not to move away from one place. They were all white. Another thing I noticed is that they were looking hungary due to insuficient feeding. Please what does it mean ?

  58. I had visited my mum and it was late into the day that it was time to lock up the goats,then i asked if anyone new were the goat was but no one seemed to know or answered,suddenly my late sister appeared in the dream.i went to the stream to bath but when i had started bathing a next door was passing so i ran into abush for cover my mother too,i ended up not finishing bathing dressed and went to the house so my mum in law drunk cooking and her daughter was there getting ready to take a walk she had our son;daughter and two other kids she took them all and was going for her walk thats when i saw my late sister who told me the goats had not been opened for days i went to tha kraal untie the two goats which didnt look hungry on there stomachs but were too much as iwas taking them to the fields tied on ropes and was right behind my wife on her way taking a walk. She stood for a while and tried to calm one of the two goats but it bit me and ran loose it looked now like a white and brown dog jumped off and it went on the other hand was another goat when i looked at it it was a black cat with fear i bit its head which crushed in my mouth i through it to the floor and i spet blood in my mouth it was disgusting it lay dead on the ground for a while woke up and it went awa someone said u gonna have bad luck and i refused as i argued i woke. What does my dream mean?

  59. I dreamt last week dat am hearing a voice of new born black goat thru my window side & I look outside & I saw the little goat but maybe with the mother, I can’t remember but this morning again around 4am I dreamt of feeding a black female goat. But before I slept last nite I did a special prayer to asked GOD about the new girl I just met that am trying to ask her for marriage,that GOD shloud show me a sign if I should marry the girl & tru out that nite I didn’t wakeup @all until this morning wen I want to pray & b4 I wakeup to pray, I quickly add dat dream of feeding black female goat.is this my reply from GOD. Pls if anyone knw the meaning kindly email me @ [email protected]. Am also using blackberry & my pin:2148CBFA . Thanks

  60. Saw goats baby and pregnant once that belong to and old woman. The goats calm down when the old woman was beating them because the goats misbehaved and portrayed the woman bad.

  61. I dreamt that a goat was fighting me,we were in a dark room and strangling me and i could fhardly breathe.I uttered the word Jesus and suddenly it was over and i woke up.It happened twice in one week.I am a born again christian.please give me a christian interpretation…

    • I don’t know anything about goats but blessings to your decision. I know it’s been about 4 years now since you’ve re-dedicated your life to Christ (I may have to too lol) but I just want to share with you Psalm 91 (God is your refuge and fortress) I had a dream earlier this year (’16) that the enemy, i knew it was him, running towards me. It was dark outside and all I saw was eyes. I figured I could take this animal running towards me with a fight, well the closer it got (I never saw it’s body) the footsteps got louder/heavier- too much for what I thought I had, but to the right corner of me I just knew to step back and behind this refuge under protection. You know ‘it’ whatever it was stopped puzzled cause it didn’t know where I went? I stepped out when it went back but it saw me and came running for me again…then I stepped back in. I usually read Psalm 91 at night & 5 in the morning. Jeremiah 29:11 is what God says about your life, it’s beautiful and He will come to your rescue everytime you need him…anytime. He’ll always be available to you.

  62. Hello, I had a dream that I got a baby girl goat as a pet, my boyfriend who is in the marines is currently deployed and ever since then I’ve been having weird dreams, I would just like to know what this could me. Thankyou.

  63. I dreamt a herd of white goats (not many though). I was with friends and one, oldish and had some long white ‘beard’ seemed to pee on me. It was a long stream though, that jetted in my direction. What does it mean?

  64. My dream was about a herd of goats they were each a riddish color with big white pattches and long beards..at first they were hosstile towards me.they became friendly as i walked with them.

  65. I dreant that i was walking with a close friend whom i was not able to recognise.The friend suddenly disappeared! When i looke behind me i saw a black goat that was reaching to bite my bum then i got scared and woke up. Please what could this dream mean?

  66. I didnt dreamed it i was driving back home at night and i saw three white goats one next to the other on the same position they were all looking at me i got a lil scared because it was right before you get on the freeway i wasnt drunk or anything but i keep thinking about it

  67. In my dream there was a little white goat standing in the hallway looking very curiously at me. I walked passed it into the bathroom then returned to the bedroom. It was small around two feet tall and standing like a human on two legs. I felt as though it was a female. The eyes were very light brown and they felt very gentle as it stared. I was not scared in anyway. It felt as though it were a pet. I did think it odd that it was on two legs like a little human.

  68. Am female living in Nigeria Africa. We eat goat meat here very well but I particular dont like it as such. I dreamt that I was given a goat to rear and eat but I keep forgetting about it and left it in my car booth. After some days when I opened my booth it was almost dying its hairs was almost all off. I then gave it fodders to eat and water to drink. It tried to eat but am not sure if it died cos I woke up.

  69. A female & I on a farm & two guys trespassed then they were trying to rape us. We are fighting them. The guy & I stopped, I looked at the girl she had no pants on but was still fighting, rolling around then she was on her back. I could see her virginia (weird) but I then saw her get her back legs to grab her what looked like her virginia had goats beard. I remembered thinking to myself it’s a goats beard then saying some think to do with horoscopes in my dream.

  70. Hello there. My dream was that I had a male goat as a pet and he was in my bed playing and pushing me with his horn, which I believe it was only one horn rigth in the middle of his fronthead, but indeed everything else indicated that he was a goat. My actual dog was not very happy about it in the dream, she was trying to take him out of the bed. Thank you.

  71. I had a dream where I saw a herd of white wooley goats…and somehow i knew they were gonna be in a parade to celebrate Prince Williams marriage… and then I saw the same goats come out of “goat house” (as the house was big enough for one goat) one by one.

    • I remember there was this big monster type of animal and he had long white finger nails, and he ate this goat. I was very concerned for the goats well being, so I looked into a room, hoping that he might be in there, but I am sure that this big monster type animal had eaten him because he was nowhere to be seen.