Grave dream meanings

General Meanings:

You have to handle with the problems do not run away The dream of a grave is an indication that the dreamer must consider his feelings which are connected with the death. Grave represents that you edged out the unpleasant feelings such as fear and insecurity deeper into unconscious. But the dream prompts you to handle with these conflicts. Partly fear of own death or of another people is expressed in it.

Psychological Meanings:

Fear The grave as a dream symbol stands for existential fear and resignation, this is the last place of refuge, where he looks and at last finds peace. The grave may be interpreted as a sign of unwillingness of life.

Killed interests and desires The dream possibly signifies that the dreamer has killed a personality interest and has hidden from the exterior world. Who is dreaming of the own grave or anyone else’s shows that he buries an idea or a plan whose implementation promised much for the dreamer.

Buried problems Also the grave as a symbol may mean that you have buried a problem that has been around you for a long time.

Enjoy your life For older people, dreams of the grave are often a sign that they live more in the past then in the present. With this picture the unconscious perhaps remind, that even the older man has still a future for which it is worth to live.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual level this dream indicates that the person fears perhaps less the physical death than rather its consequences.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Keep secret if see a closed grave – In the dream you see a closed grave this signifies that you have to maintain secrecy of your friend;
  • Divorce if order one – This dream announces that you will have short marriage because you are not happy;
  • End of worries if digging a grave – You are digging a grave, this dream announces that you will end up with troubles, but also you have to be very attentive. Your enemies, again try to make harm to you;
  • Defense if dig or trench – In the dream you are trenching a grave, this shows that you will assert yourself against your opponents;
  • Better future if digging when sun is shining – When you are digging and the sun is shining, this signifies that apparent difficulties will apply to the good;
  • Recompense if see freshly dug grave – The dream denotes that you have to repent for the mistakes that you have done and try to ransom them;
  • Losses if seeing empty grave – Means disappointment and loss of friends;
  • if return to bury the corpse which is missing – The problems and worries will come from unknown sources;
  • Better life if lying in the grave – In the dream you are lying in the grave, this announces you glad events, which will change your life into better;
  • Changes in your life if be buried – You are dreaming that you are buried, this is a sign of a mental development and an upcoming change and transformation  of personality;
  • Disease if see damaged grave – This marks about misfortune and illness in the family;
  • Serious risks if visit freshly made grave – The dream threatens serious dangers;
  • Inner pain if set flowers on mother’s (father’s) grave – In the dream you set flowers on your parents’ grave, this shows that you want to find solace, because you still miss them;
  • Warning if see your own grave – The dream is a warning that you have to be very careful and attentive because your enemies wants to damage and make harm for you;
  • Pay attention to your health if see your name on the grave – In the dream you see a written name on a grave, this is a sign that you have to take care of your health;
  • Hopelessness if see your own corpse in the grave – Your body is in the grave in your dream, then prophesies misery and despair and you will lose hope in your life;
  • Marriage if move between graves – In the dream you are moving between graves, this indicates marriage for you;
  • Unhappy and short life if go on graves – This is a bad sign that predicts an early death or an unhappy marriage;
  • Welfare if inspect well-known deceased graves – Very good omen which announces rapid progress to wealth and honor;
  • Losses and problems if see full grave of buried people –  This person will get into difficulties and even threatens loss of assets;
  • Temporary worries and after that joy if you are in the cemetery and the graves are overgrown – Signals of sorrow and temporary despair. But if you master strokes of fate then you will be rewarded with bigger joys;
  • Worries and concerns if a woman is sleeping in the grave – A woman in a cemetery and in the darkness, she finds only an open grave to sleep, she will have many worries and disappointments through experiences with death or false friends. She has maybe even bad experiences in love.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Marriage if digging your own grave – You are digging a grave in the dream, this means that you will have a good and happy marriage;
  • Feast if see open  – This dream announces you cheerful party;
  • Health problems if shut a grave – In the dream you see somebody shuts the grave, then this is a bad omen. This announces you disease and your health is in danger;
  • Weddings if to be in a grave – You are in the grave in your dream, this brings you quick and desired weddings.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Conflicts if seeing a grave – In the dream you see a grave this announces discords in your family;
  • Misfortune if stepping into the grave – In the dream you get or step into the grave, this announces that you will experience falsehood and disaster;
  • Worries if seeing open grave– When you open the grave in the dream, this signifies that you will have lugubrious experiences or death;
  • Warning if digging a grave – You are digging a grave in the dream, this warns you that you have to be very attentive if you want to avoid misfortune and worries;
  • No worries if lying in the grave – In the dream you are lying in the grave, this denotes that you will not have any worries in the near future.

Contexts’ Meanings:

If seeing grave in your dream – This is a symbol for the life conflicts which are not solved yet. Also this symbol shows your personal feelings such as insecurity, desperation. It feels like you are imprisoned in your worries and this will never end. This may be the key to start resolving the problems and to move out from bad period of life.

The sand or ground is being leveled upon the grave or it is freshly buried – This symbol shows that you will gain money, because you have already solved all the problems from your past. Now it is time to start something new. You will improve your inner feeling, you will destroy your fears and now you have the reason to life.

The grave is closed or empty – This has the meaning that something is completed in your life. Now you can leave this in the past ant to start new things.  A grave points to personal growth as you discard negative way of thinking. Now you are like an empty box which can be filled with new experiences.

Digging your own or someone else grave – Digging a grave in a dream means getting married and home building. The dream shows that you are ready to commit with the loved one. Your unconscious sends you a signal that you are mature to build your own family.

To be or You are in the grave – In the dream you are in the grave, this is a signal of your unconscious that you have to look deeper into yourself. You can find the aims and issues of your life. You are the only one who can fight and stand up for yourself because no one else can do this for you.

* Please, see meaning of Monument, cemetery, gravestone, coffin, death, burial.

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  1. It another was a skip from another dream of mine, it was a pleasant one before this, before I knew what was happening I stumbled across the grave of a person I once had feelings for but has once and for all not talk to anymore (Just know that there was a point in time, I had a frequent occurrence of dreaming about this person). In that dream, I felt a bad omen and atmosphere when I met the grave, it was uncomfortable when I know and somehow sensed the grave belonged to them without looking at the picture or (potentially) the name. Beside their grave, there was a signboard writing about something in relations to death as if this person had done something to be like this.

  2. I had a dream of me visiting my boyfriend and my mom’s grave, they’re both alive. I even woke up crying. someone, please help me what does this mean? I’m really scared. (this was recent)

  3. I really don’t know whether it was a dream or something that happened live but, I was about 3-4 years and i was alone walking around in the neighborhood and I remember entering with a gate and I looked around and the place was beautiful I walked around and the was this beautiful grave which was so beautiful and had beautiful flowers. The place was so beautiful and i was not scared and the place felt peaceful. As i was a child I did not know I was in the grave yard. It was only when i got mature that I realise I was in the grave yard. The memory of me in the grave yard is one of those that always comes up and I don’t know why really.

  4. I often see the grave of my ex girlfriends dad. Sometimes there are holes in that grave. Sometimes just the grave without holes. But most pertinently, whenever I dream of her fathers grave there are some fears associated with me while dreaming. Im having such kinda dream since the last 6 to 7 months. Is this a bad omen or something else.

  5. I dreamed of my ex boyfriend standing infront of a grave. He is holding a letter asking me to read the letter in that dream i close my eyes i did not read the letter. When i sleep again continuation of the dream i see him again moving in gravestone.. i need opinions from others.

  6. I dreamed stand on the land but there was a girl tole me ” You are standing on the grave “. And I look on it I saw the date 1927. Around me there were many graves and toilets. I couldn’t go in when I need a restroom. Because there were a lot of Manures.

  7. Both my parents are late. I dreamed that my dad took me for a walk and we saw my mother’s tombstone. I sat beside it. After that my dad took me to visit an aunt who is like a mother to me. What does this mean?

  8. I dreamt about my
    Mother’s grave and it was wierd some1 moved the
    Grave and some1 else’s grave was on my mothers old spot…help plz it was an unpleasant dream

  9. A dream I had featured only the snapshot of a deep empty well dug grave that I had seen once at a funeral many years ago. The interpretations on this page were absolutely correct.

  10. I had a dream today that I was digging a grave with a girl for a guy that died last year, everyone was joking and laughing it wasn’t gloomy. It was in the day, and I was levellong the sand.

  11. . I dreamt about a flood in my old 0lace where I lived as a kid. However, this flood was more like a heavy rain, I took my younger brother and sister and older brother and we packed a few things . As we left out the door, the flood stopped, there was a strange symbol in the sky where the sun should be, and it felt like another world, in our heads we thought it was the end of the world and thus lead us to survive the end of the world, but we quickly made a realization that we found graves right in front of our old place where we once.lived. my older brother looked and I quickly said, ” those are our graves aren’t they?” And he just agreed with his head. Then out of nowhere my mom gets sucked in her grave, my younger sister starts digging her grave with a stick my older brother was helping my youngest brother not to try and dig his own grave as for me, I didn’t see my grave on the name, I saw my body laying there, half covered with dirt.from lower torso to about the ankles and was laying there with a beat up face (it was slight darker than my regular skin tone) I family try and stop themselves from digging their own grave, but then I woke up. Nowhere in sight did I see my step dad, but I only made.this last observation when I woke up.

  12. I was by a graveside in my dream. And in the dream, there were heaps of red sand and I was shoveling the sand away from the graveside. The grave was empty but has two empty bott in it.

  13. I dreamed I was trying to quickly dig to plant some plants at 3 different houses for some special event. Each place needed 2 holes. Then it turned into me digging a hole in an open box for my little dog to lay in while he kept his head out. I was trying to sort of make a bed for him.
    I am hoping the latter part was not a premonition of his death.