Gravestone / Sepulcher dream meanings


Monument, Memory, Recollection


How do I want to be remembered? What will I leave in this life?

General Meanings:

Welfare The dream symbol of Gravestone stands for prosperity and a happy marriage. New beginning and old friends Dreaming a new gravestone, means that you have good opportunities to begin new and interesting things. Old gravestone announces that you will renew your relations with your old and forgotten friends.

Psychological Meanings:

Eliminate typical properties In the dream you leave an inscription on the grave. The name of a person that you know. This means that you think of his typical qualities / features, because in such cases the dreams say to us that you have to eliminate these qualities in yourselves and change them to better ones.
Change your attitude The inscription is sad on the grave of the person you know, this means that you have to change your attitude to that person and to be or to become more considerate, more gentle or more thoughtful.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

    • Loss of a friend if see epitaph on the gravestone without name – In the dream you see and epitaph on the gravestone, this announces that you will loose your close friend or a relative;
    • Welfare and happy family if seeing a gravestone – You are seeing a gravestone in your dream, this signifies happy and blessing marriage and prosperity;
    • Illness if see crumbling or broken gravestone – This dream is a bad sign that you will have disease and some difficulties in your family;
    • Meeting lover if admire the gravestone with other – You are dreaming that you are standing and admiring the gravestones with other people, the dream shows that you soon will meet the right partner and will be very happy about that;
    • Getting back important things if see burial mounds – You are seeing burial mounds or gravestones on the hills, this denotes that you will remember something what was forgotten long time ago. Or you will get back something what had been taken or lost. The thing which was very important to you;
    • Help from an old friend if see a tomb – In the dream you see a tomb announces that your friend who has great reputation and was absent for a long time, will come back and he will help you to reach your goals;
    • New family member if seeing a gravestone or a sepulcher or a tomb – These symbols announces a good news about birth.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Long life if see a gravestone – In your dream you see a gravestone, this is a good omen that announces that you will reach a great age;
  • Warning if standing and falling down from the tomb or a gravestone – Very bad omen about upcoming difficulties and mortal danger. You have to be very attentive.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Seeing a gravestone, headstone, tombstone – These symbols have very positive meaning. These symbols announces prosperity, marriage, happy family and birth in your life.

Seeing or reading name, an epitaph or inscription on the gravestone of the known person or your friend – Such dream shows that you admire this person attitude and feature that he has. So the unconscious marks that you have to follow his model and and try to change and eliminate your bad features to better ones. You have really good example and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Seeing broken, damaged or crumbling gravestone (tombstone, headstone, sepulcher, tombs) – Signifies about upcoming difficulties and worries in your life. In some cases this also may be a warning about health. You have to take care of your health if you want to avoid serious disease.

Dreaming a gravestone (headstone, tombstone) with your name – This dream doesn’t mean the end of your life. This is the sign that you are now in the new phase of your life, the new beginning, radical changes. You have left the old life behind you and don’t look back you have to move forward and reach the new goals.

In the dream  the tombstone (headstone, gravestone) of former partner (ex-husband, ex-wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or partner) – The unconscious shows that you still miss one of them in your life. You have to forget and keep moving on without them. You have to throw away him/her from your heart, because this will disturb you to find your soul mate or love of your life.

Seeing nameless gravestone (tombstone, headstone) – Such a dream is a bad sign. This is a mark of death and the end of life. The nameless gravestones announces loss of relative or a close friend.

* Please, see meaning of grave.

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  1. I want to make a correcting, I had been there I rember saying I don’t want to go here again. And I wad like a land above land.when we seen the stones it was then like we kept going and at the end we were meeting up with some one. And the grave stones kept going in a perfect seemed foggy but dim darkness.

  2. I dreamed that I was with my sister in law and her ex and my son. We were in a horse carrige like Cinderellas. My sister in law had a white purse. And we went up on this landscape. And I felt I been there before. I didn’t want to go it seemed dreary. I saw two or three unnamed stones. And saw one with a name but can’t recall it and my sister in law was with me looking at them.