Greyhound dream meanings

General Meanings:

Be wise and fast In the dream the greyhound often warns against breaches, sometimes it requires a quick decision, because otherwise an opportunity will be missed.

Success and fortune Dreaming about a greyhound is a fortunate omen for every dreamer. Greyhound in the dream symbolizes fortune, pleasant surprises, and friendships. The dream of greyhound as symbol announces fulfillment of the wishes in the future.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Success if dream of greyhound – This dream of greyhound usually promises good future and you will win more than once, despite strong rivalry;
  • Love if see greyhound – The dreamer falls in love with a person, who is not very faithful when in your dream he sees a greyhound;
  • Support if have a greyhound – In the dream you have a greyhound then this means that you have to help to a friend;
  • Extra property if girl dreams of greyhound – If a girl is dreaming of greyhound then you may hope for an unexpected inheritance;

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Be fast if see greyhound – In the dream you see a greyhound then this dream signifies that you have to decide fast, because otherwise you’ll lose your income;
  • Luck if see running greyhound – In the dream you see a running greyhound then you will make your fortune.

* Please, see also meaning of dog.

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